Milk and Chococlothes

E May 15, 2018

I ordered a dress from Milk and Choco on 4/20/2018, which I saw advertised through facebook. I received my item on 5/7/2018. It came straight from China and right away I could tell it was very cheaply made and not like the picture. It was extremely small (I ordered a medium and am often a small, yet I could not even get it on to try it on. I tried to initiate a return right away. It says to respond to their email if you have any questions, or contact them through their contact page to make a return. I tried both multiple times and they have not responded at all, even though they state that they respond in 1-2 business days. I wish I would not have authorized the charge when I got a message from my credit card company double checking if I wanted to. Disappointed that Facebook was advertising this 'company'.

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