Milk and Chocoboho style dresses

L Aug 01, 2018

I agree that this company is actually based in China selling what appear to be beautiful clothes, but are actually sewing up cheap knock-offs. The advertised prices of the two Boho style dresses I ordered were $119.00 but sold for $39.95 USD (I am Canadian) because they catch us dummies with the "save 66%" gimick. After three weeks without any more word from them I began to believe this was a fly-by-night scam. I emailed them and did receive a reply that my order had been shipped and that I would receive a tracking number within two days. Never received a tracking number but did receive an email stating that my order had been delivered. When I unpacked the dresses, there was no invoice, just each dress in a celephane bag with no info. on it. The dresses do not have a brand name sewn or stamped onto them and only a small tag near the bottom to indicate the material and size. I do like one that is tye died, but the colours are much duller than advertised and it does fit nicely. The sewing is very well done and I will wear that one. The other one is a mess. The material is not as advertised, is weirdly shaped and fits very large and way too long. It is narrow and the ankles and is difficult to walk in. This is the Anthea Boho Maxi Dress in burgandy - but is actually red. I am not going to bother attempting a return as it's just not worth the aggravation for the price point. So, buyer beware, there are a lot of knock off factories in China that are just trying to get a piece of a multi billion dollar market. Also beware of any company beginning with Rose in the name. I had a worse experience a few years ago with an online store named RoseWe. Those clothes literally fell apart and had to be garbaged. I couldn't even donate them to our local thrift store.

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