Milk and Chocoaria dress

C Aug 11, 2018

Took almost a month to receive a dress that is in my opinion an absolute piece of garbage! Unfortunately I should've read all of the negative and poor reviews on this company. Clearly their reputation is questionable. I have written two emails now requesting a refund and to date have not heard back from anyone in the customer service department. The dress is made of a very poor quality material, does not sit or flow the way it does in the ads that I saw on Facebook. Obviously those are made up reviews, because they completely contrast with the reviews that I am reading here on this complaint board. I would like to know how I am going to receive my refund. Unfortunately, this company is based out of the United States of America, so I am sure it's going to be very difficult to track them down in another way. Absolutely disgusting representation of their products and their customer service is terrible.

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