Metro PCSpoor customer service

Mo Oct 03, 2019

When I contacted Metro about horrible reception and not being able to use my phone, it was suggested that I should buy a new phone because Metro felt that their signal was strong. I bought new phone at Metro on 09/28/19 and returned it on 09/30/19, just 48 hours later because, the new phone also did not work where I lived. The issue was a Metro signal problem, not a bad phone issue. This Metro store refused to refund me for the unnecessary phone purchase. Their reason was, because I had cleared personal information from the phone, they had no way of knowing how much usage I put on the phone in the 48hours I had it in a location where I couldn't get a signal. Although they could check the Metro system to find out if the phone had been used, they did not. They refused to refund me. I advise anyone NOT the do business at the Metro store, 5938 w Roosevelt Rd Chicago IL.

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