Metro PCSnew phone doesn't stay charged

I went it to buy a charger because my charger wasn't working, they didn't have any so I asked about an upgrade. I ended up purchasing a Good Miro. It was dead so they had to charge it to continue with activation. I though no big deal. So went home put it on charger. I later checked on phone it wasnt even on. It took a second to power on but it did. It was fully charged so kept it off charge rest of night. Went to work still had charge but by my lunch time it was drained and keeps draining. Got of work and headed back to metro where they were no help at all telling the phone is crap and they can't do anything but to do upgrade and seen if that helps. So I did. Let it charge. Next day same BS. So went in store telling them I don't want the phone I want to pay difference and get a new phone they told me no they can't. They said I have two options to either get a new service and switch it over in a month or file warranty and receive the same crappy phone. I am not out $ for a pos phone that don't stay charge and stuck paying for a service I can't use

Oct 06, 2019

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