MetroPCScharging my debit for an unapproved amount

On the 29th of September my husband and I went into the Metro PCS location at 4921 34th street suite 200 to change from Boost mobile. We were helped by an employ by the name of Nelly, she was very nice and helpful. My husband and I switched over 3 lines to Metro PCS and while Nelly was completing the process she began to tell my husband and I if we were interested in getting some headphones, free of charge, my husband and I declined and said no thank you. Nelly then began to say "come on guys i can get you it for free" again me and my husband declined and then Nelly stated "what about a speaker?" she said pointing to a speaker "do you like this one? its more so i cant give it to you for free but i can give it to you for $10" my husband and I said it was a good deal and said yes to the speaker. we checked out and when we arrived home i looked at the receipt and the speaker was charged $50. I called the store which was by that time closed. The next day was monday so i then called again and was able to leave a message with Savannah for the store manager to call me in regards to the speaker. No one ever called me, so then on the 2nd of October around 530ish i went into the store in hopes to resolve this issue. I spoke with the manager by the name of Casandra who began to tell me she was aware of the issue, she stated that the charge on my bill was not for the speaker but for a "sales cost that we manually put on the receipt" i told her if that is sales tax so what is the cost at the bottom that states sales tax, Casandra then stated "well i have already wrote Nelly up about this so its been taking care of" i began to get upset with Casandra and told her she did make sense to me. I told her if this charge is something yal are suppose to do then why did she get wrote up and no the issues has not been taking care of because i am still out $40. I told Casandra the employ Nelly charged my card for an amount that i did NOT APPROVE, Casandra began to be very rude and stated "i dont know what you want me to do" i told her i wanted a refund for the amount Nelly was not to charge. Casandra stated "im not giving you a refund" I told her it was ok then for the company to have employees tell customers one amount only to turn around and charge something else. I told Casandra i did not want to speak with her anymore and i wanted a different manager. She gave me the general manager number, Jennifer. I have called on 09.30.19 and left message about this, on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th and not one person has contacted me back. We were with Boost mobile for 5 years and never had any issues and we change to someone else and not even a week goes by and already having issues. I am very displeased with the service we have received from Metro even more so since it seems like no one will address this issue. If we would have known we would be taken advantage of we would have never left Boost. I am seriously considering switching to At&T because of all this. I hope someone does get this complaint and it is addressed.

Oct 07, 2019

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