Menardssell defective carpets! do not stand behind their products!

Review updated:

Carpet purchases was defective. Menards sent someone from the carpet mill, (shaw industries) to inspect the carpet, who said there was nothing wrong with it. The twist was coming out of it in less than three months & dents from tables & chairs do not rebound. Menards never sent a rep from there own company. In my opinion, they do not stand behind there products.


  • Ma
    Matt Glassley Feb 01, 2007

    That is how manufacturer's warranties work. If Shaw says it's fine then why would the perceived problem fall into Menard's lap. If they (Menards) offered you a refund on the carpet then they would just be buying used carpet from you and tossing it out because Shaw wouldn't take it back as defective.

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  • Ti
    tim coffey Jul 30, 2007

    I was also treated this way by Menards with the purchase of MAAX AEROSENS bath tub.

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  • Bo
    Bonnie Gregory Oct 15, 2007

    Shaw has a big problem with their Soft Back carpets. They may not come loose, but how long before all the fibers come out?

    Excessive lint, fibers pulling loose, excessive wear...

    We have over 100 sq yard in our home that Shaw has agreed to replace after they sent private testing, but we never got to see the results.

    It takes three bags to vacuum one 12 x15 room, return air filters on our HVAC were alway full of carpet lint.

    One can only image what health issues are presented in that our family has been breathing carpet for over a year.

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  • Di
    disgruntledex Nov 02, 2007

    Why would menards take back something that the manufacturer says is ok? Any product you purchase with a manufacturers warranty is exactly that... warrantied by the manufacturer. Not by the retail store that sells it.

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  • Do
    Doug Elliott Nov 15, 2007

    Menard's like many companies have deals set up with their vendors. The deal Menard's has with shaw wont allow them to take this item back or replace after it has been installed. This complaint is directly with shaw. It is not that Menard's dose not want to take it back but if they do they could lose shaw as a vendor.

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  • Me
    Menards Guy Dec 04, 2007

    Sorry to hear of your experience. I assume you filed an Installed Complaint Form through Menards that resulted in a Shaw rep coming to your home. Menards must listen to what the vendor analysis is otherwise risk accepting responsibilty for a product that they did not produce or install.
    You also mentioned about the rebound of the carpet. This is directly affected by the quality of underlayment pad used. There are over 5 grades of pad ranging from shredded newspaper to mold resistant tempur foam that is also used in high end mattresses. Shredded newspaper will not rebound as well as a synthetic foam.
    Try asking the store manager for a discount on your next purchase.
    -Menards Guy

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  • Ch
    christine hutten Feb 11, 2008

    Shaw carpet (bought through home depot) - the carpet was beautiful and we paid a lot of money for it through Home Depot. It immediately started shedding fibers at an alarming rate - to the point of filling a vacuum bag daily. Right after vacuuming, by just walking on it once, the fibers were everywhere, floating in the, dusting the floors, windowsills, table tops. We called home depot and they stated " that it should stop within 6 months" - meanwhile we were afraid to have guests due to the fact that the fiber were obviously airborne (especially babies in our family). Shaw sent a rep out who was obviously clearly only concerned with making us pay for the carpet and said he was "independent" but was clearly not. He told us there was nothing wrong with the carpet. It is looking very bad now, only six months later. They have since "discontinued" that line but refuse to address the health issue. I will never purchase Shaw carpet again and am now afraid to buy carpet at all. We are still not sure what to do with this carpet because they will not compensate for moving the whole house and taking closets apart, repacking, etc.

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  • Valerie Apr 13, 2008

    I can't believe all the whine going on here get over it and move on with your life somewhere else if you don't like Menards, you will live longer and feel much better too!

    I like Menards and choose to shop there when the product is what I want and the price is right. You should do the same. If you have your shorts all in a knot then just go somewhere else and quit *** and moaning..and wasting you life on this goofy hate site. Good luck and consider counseling or anger management.

    Best wishes and chill.

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  • Da
    Dawn Dec 01, 2008

    What I don't like about Menards is; when they have a sick employee, and they won't let them go home! Or they tell them they need a doctors note if they do leave. Not everyone runs to the doctor for having the flu. Especially if they have no insurance. Come on Menards, have a little bit bigger heart!!

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  • Sh
    shill6789 Dec 14, 2008

    this is so dumb, first of all Shaw isn't exclusive to Menards, so to say that Menards alone sells defective carpet is ignorant. everywhere you go your going to find a defective carpet order every once in awhile, so sorry for your misfortune, but get over it

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  • Mi
    Minnesota May 16, 2009

    I bought carpet at Menards. This is a Mohawk product and it is shedding very fine fibers. They clog the vacuum and fill bags. In other words it's not just the install refuse, it's the actual fiber of the carpet disintegrating. 2 months ago I filled out a complaint with Menards who claims NO RESPONSIBILITY for their vendors products. What? You sell them but you get off the hook if there's a problem? I called Mohawk and they said now Menards will call you. I said, "So you don't come and look at your products problems? No Menards will do that. Now it's been a month and no one from Menards has called me. Can someone say Class Action Lawsuit?

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  • Fl
    Flooring Guruess Jul 13, 2009

    Staple fiber will shed for 6-12 months depending on how often the carpet is vacuumed. This is completely normal for this fiber type. Staple fiber is made to mimic the look and feel of wool. In other words- all of the reasons that you choose this carpet type (the look, the feel, etc) you can not get from continuous filament fiber.
    In addition, carpets are tested for indoor air quality (Green Label & Green Label Plus). While this shedding is annoying, it is in no way dangerous to the occupants of the home. In fact, the fiber will have a very hard time getting past the little hairs in your nose.
    If an inspector is sent by the manufacturer and a claim is denied, the retailer is given a copy of the inspection report that details why the claim is being recommended for decline. Untwisting of the fibers is generally caused by improper maintenance. This can be from lack of care to the use of a vacuum cleaner that is not appropriate for the carpet type. This would have likely been indicated in the report.

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  • Mr
    Mr Carpet Jul 30, 2009

    t sounds like your carpet was a "Staple" carpet, there are 3 types of carpets, "Staples" "BCF" and "Berbers"

    So the way a berber is made is it a fiber that is one long thread really that is Continuous Filament that goes through, it is the most durable of carpets but you can have some issues with pets.

    Next is "BCF" also known as Continuous Filament, the way this is made is same as a berber, but the top of it is sheared off, (also known as a cut pile carpet) this is a type I would recomend to most pet owners, it will shed for about the first week you have it but after that you should not have any issues with it.

    Lastly there is "Staple" carpets, a staple carpet is a carpet that is each tuff is stapled into the backing. it is normaly a carpet that will sell for less then a BCF and looks more "fluffy" but it will shed the intire time you have it.

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  • Mi
    Mike Aug 20, 2018

    They continue to scam people with the rebate game. You complete the paperwork and send it in only to get a rebate check returned half the time. When you try to find rebates sent good luck! Year's back they were searchable by name. No longer!!!

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  • Ke
    Kelly Cassandra Aug 20, 2018

    Was the worst paint I've ever used . Wasn't easy to use . Was too thick, sloppy and didn't go on very well . Thought we'd try Menards but we was disappointed. Ended being a nice color when done though .

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  • Ma
    Mayra Arroyo Oct 21, 2018

    The product didn't work us they told they follow all the products instructions they follow all the steps we purchase all the kits that they were needed we purchase Rs Polycuramine coating the sku # 5512418. Rs CLR System sienna Sun sku #5512430. Rs 9" Dualie Roller kit 5612400 wen it dried it started to opened and as you can see in the pictures

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  • Ar
    Ariel Endresen Oct 22, 2018

    I work for the Tippecanoe County Health Department and I received a complaint on a can of peanuts with the best by 11/11/2018 and 11k5 934 n 19:50. It was purchased at West Lafayette Menards. Consumer has gotten sick multiple times eating this can. Have you received any other complaints on this item?

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  • Be
    becky pantelin Nov 12, 2018

    i bought these feb 19 2017 they have best buy date of 8/28/2017 they are suppose to be good and chewy but they are hard and crispy i believe i should be able purchase a product and have to worry about the product not being good i would like a refund please

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  • Dp
    DPL3 Nov 14, 2018

    I have made many visits to the Wixom Menards store and I will not return due to the poor customer service I have experienced on multiple occasions.

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  • Hk
    H Killin Dec 12, 2018

    I am applaud my the no Veterans discount at Menards in Warren Ohio. I will never FORGET and my days of shopping at Menards are OVER.

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  • Na
    Natemaxwell Feb 12, 2019

    The product didn't come with good directions. There is nothing easy about easy click. If you don't get everything clicked into place, you have to tear it apart at that point and start completely over again. Once it is down some pieces come apart. In order to replace or repair you have to take the floor apart. This a terrible product. Low quality.

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  • Mi
    Mik Mag May 22, 2019

    I would like to file a complaint against Assistant Manager Craig at the Maplewood Minnesota store. He was extremely abusive and disrespectful towards me last night

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  • Bo
    Bob not the bilder Jun 09, 2019

    The vinyl siding is less then 7 years old, you can see the difference in the part that was recently added when we did the addition less then 3 years old, was told that's it's a 10 year warranty, does that include installation? This is just a few pics of the badly faded now almost now white siding I will get quotes for a contractor to replace it,

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  • Jo
    Joey Dean Barnett Jul 18, 2019

    I have been shopping at Menards for 2 years and it filled out for rebate forms totaling about $300 I have not seen one yet so if you shop at Menards do it because you like the employees or it's a clean store but don't come here because of the 11% rebates you will not see them.

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  • Sc
    Scline82 Jul 30, 2019

    I bought the headphones I went to return them and I get a receipt stating I have to email corporate. They took product and left me with a receipt I need my cash back now. This is second time this has happened and first time I was just out the money cuz corporate never made it right. I don't have money to just keep giving to y'all. For nothing .

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