MEM Property Managementcontinued unethical behavior & threatening responses

MEM Property Management has been managing our property for several years. They do not follow the bylaws put in place and in our opinion only take direction from one member of the board even when that board member has been found guilty and exposed for not following documented and filed bylaws. That member appears to direct management as to who they should or should not respond to even when legitimate complaints come from several different owners. Our property manager is not a "property manager" but an "operations manager" and is never been seen on the property doing his job. Although both the operations manager and the President Martin Laderman are included in email requests, questions, photos of problems and/or complaints they do not take control and handle the situation. The property has visually deteriorated and continues to go downhill. Instead of Martin offering to speak to this "group" of dissatisfied owners with the same complaints, he simply ignores. His legal counsel responds with the paragraphs listed below threatening the person who files a simple non-threatening negative complaint.

"Response from the owner 13 hours ago
Please be advised that this Law Firm is legal counsel to Martin H. Laderman and MEM Property Management Co., Inc. ("MEM") and in that capacity your tortious and illegal conduct of impugning Mr. Laderman's good character and reputation by making statements rises to level of actual civil libel and slander. To make your tortious conduct even worse; you made this slanderous statement on a Google web posting. Your slanderous and reckless comment was made to not only sully Mr. Laderman's reputation, but also to tortiously interfere with MEM's contractual relationship with its client Whitehall Manor Condominiums

You must immediately Cease and Desist from your tortious and illegal conduct of disparaging and libeling Martin Laderman and MEM's good corporate name and reputation. You must also send Mr. Laderman a written apology for your tortious conduct and remove your negative posting.

Please be further advised that your failure to comply with this formal Cease and Desist Directive and the demanded corrective measures will result in the filing of a civil action. Please provide a written response to this Cease and Desist Directive Your failure to respond or your failure to comply will result in the filing of the aforementioned lawsuit without further notice to you. Guide your actions accordingly.

I strongly suggest that you refer this matter to an attorney of your own choosing so that you can obtain competent legal counsel as to this very serious matter that you have created.

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