Ja Oct 01, 2019

Okay so I'm not the type to normally complain or write reviews, in fact this is the first time I've ever complained about service but when it happens constantly than I think something needs to get done. Being that said I'm pretty much a regular at this location. I go in every morning before work to purchase 4 which is a sausage mcmuffin, a burrito, a hash brown, and an a large ice water. Well this hasn't happened just once but too many to count but I'll go thru the drive thru and get told they have no burritos to sell like there all out. Like really no burritos. Well there excuse was the guy in the kitchen hadn't showed up to work yet. Okay so whose cooking the rest of the food. Like I didn't know mcdonalds had one person that makes burritos. So what can the other guy making food not make a burrito or what. Well that's happened several times. The other thing is which really ticks me off is when I order food I expect to receive it. I paid for it with my hard earning money so I should recieve it. Well once again it's happened way too many times I'll order my food and take off to work. Of course I don't check my bag because I assume and expect my food to be in the bag well i get to work and my order is wrong or I'm missing food out of it. So now I've paid for food I never received. Im not just gonna drive back to get what I didn't get cause now I'm at work. The first few times I let it go you know no big deal but when it's happened so many times a person gets frustrated. What is with this location that they can't get there [censored] together. There's times I get stale or cold food. I mean it's always something every morning. Lately I've been going somewhere else for breakfast because of this and figured this morning I'll try McDonald's again cause maybe they got there [censored] together well boy Was I wrong. Because once again I didn't get the food I paid for. So all that being said I will start keeping my receipts and recording everytime I something happens. The more I keep paying for food I don't recieve the better it's gonna look in court. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS LOCATION OR I WILL!!!

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