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Ha Jun 15, 2019 Review updated:

I made a complaint the 12th of this month and it still isn't fixed. Brandon Lee Lovell is still employed. Why?
1. He and his girlfriend Cassie are cohabiting as husband and wife and working at the same store. They have 2 kids together. I wouldn't doubt that he goes home to watch the kids while on the clock.
2. He enjoys rubbing against young girls even with his hands. Police report done.
3. He sent picture (s) of his genitals to one female employee. His girlfriend Cassandra told him she didn't like her So he fired her.
4. He quits and comes back as manager all the time Why.
5. Conflict of interest and nepotism between him an his girlfriend. Not allowed anywhere else so why there. Casey's nor any other business allows this conduct.
6. Send him to the store in Cedar Rapids on 1st Avenue an 15th Street if he doesn't want to go then fire him no more conflict of interest or nepotism.
7. I'm not allowed to be in that store. Because the last 3 store managers didn't like me Trask Brandon and the New store manager.

Thank You for your time.
Harold E. McCormick

P.S. Brandon likes wearing size 15 shoes on size 6 feet at work. Notice this the last time l filed.

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