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Went through drive-thru around 5:40 on April, 6th 2022 and was told the system was down and could not order. As I’m pulling off my autistic son (mind you we go to Macdonald’s daily to get a happy meal, he loves the toys!) stars crying because he doesn’t understand why he can’t get a toy. So I pull back around to ask if I could pay for a toy and explained that my son was autistic. The worker was very rude (I’m guessing she didn’t like that I was interfering with her conversation with the car who was Parked by window and had been parked there talking for a while) and made the smart remark “ if my system was down how you gonna buy a toy?” Then went back to talking to her friends before I could ask any more questions. During this time there was a car pulling up like it has order so I went to ask if the system was working and was rudely cut off and told that she wasn’t talking to me that she was talking to the people in the car who she had been talking to. The worker was very rude and unprofessional! I understand customer service is not an easy field to be in and can some times be stressful but that is still no way to treat a paying customer. One who was not rude and who comes daily (sometimes more) to your store to purchase a happy meal for my autistic son. I am disgusted with the service I received today!

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