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To whom it may concern
I am so disappointed in your branch at Tyger manor

I like your branch a lot so much I had my son's first birthday there a year ago.

Your manager Jacobs putrid managerially qualities.
I visited your branch Saturday afternoon and was have a look at the board as to what I wanted. I decided on the chick spicy deluxe meal which on the board showed 39.90 for the meal the associate asked at the monitor a medium meal or a large me and I say medium as that is what we always order mind you I am a regular at all McDonalds not specifically Tyger Manor branch. We come to payment and the bill is 51.00 it says medium on the slip so I tell my partner maybe we looked wrong at the price as we proceed to the last window here we get a large meal and we tell the associate but we ordered a medium why was a large charged and slip says medium.

The next part had me lost for words.

I was told that for about 3 months now mcdonald's has changed there sizes so what was a medium is a large and a large is now an xl? I was shocked as I have been ordering from McDonald's Brackenfell regularly and never have I heard this however McDonalds Tyger Manor is saying this had been in play for a while. Jacob the manager come to the window and tells me this and I asked him to logically explain to me how asking for a medium meal and then getting billed for a large meal and getting a large meal make any sense. Now this man was extremely arrogant when speaking to me first secondly while his speaking to me another minor dressed the same as him come to stand behind him to look in the car to hear what's happening on other words he was bis! Your staff has no etiquette and absolutely no customer service skills how are you so arrogant with an irate customer?

Your staff needs additional training and I and I want this matter dealt with and to be compensated for your ignorant staff attitude especially your manager and mind you is will never step foot in your store again.

I'm all about customer experience and fairness and this was a putrid customer experience.

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