Maynilad Water Servicesref 2533606 reconnecting water supply

J May 27, 2018 Review updated:

Our line was cut May 22... I paid MAy 24 at 8am and reported at 9:28 am that I already paid 955.00 consisting the whole balance amount of 711.73 plus the reconnection fee of 238.63 total of 950.36. the issue is I called 1626 hotline to request for immediate reconnection as I have a kid who needs the water supply. they told me they raised the concern to do it immediately.. NOw the next day still disconnected so I called several time with them telling me the same they raise a follow up... not even update or feedback they told me.. and keep telling me that standard time of reconneecting is 24 to 48 hrs. NOw its may 28 more or less 96hrs have passed still no connection. nobody do it and we dont have a choice but to wait.. why is that so.. if we cannot pay on time you cut our line without any consideration even my bill is just less than 1k.. now you cannot do your job on time how we could get even.. plus the fact for what does the reconnection fee is for if you cannot do it on your standard time.. sino ang pwede nmn murahin na lang to just get even for suffering for 3 days. or can we get our reconnection fee back? really pissed off!


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