Maybankmaybank car loan service


I would like to make a seriously complain about the maybank singapore, car loan service.

They are unprofessional and unreasonable bank I have ever seen in this world. Who would like to do business or loan from them please consider and be careful.

In jan 2013, I was in oversea and made late payment for the car loan. I have called and they agreed for me to make payment on 28th jan and I have requested to pay every month on 28th every month due to my salary only come in on 28th instead of 26th. But on 26th feb they towed back my car without any call or letter to inform.

I call the bank and this number 6593 1438 is the person in charge, she asked me to make payment urgently for 1 month first and she will hold back the car. I have already made payment and I have kept the receipt for the proof. Then she asked me to make payment for 2 months plus credit card bill 5k plus on 22nd mar. I was surprise but I said I will get back to her shortly as big amount is not easy to find. Then next day she sale my car without any notice.

This is very unprofessional way to service people. This bank is not look like other bank, they just want to sale your car and make the profit even you make payment for them, they just want to suck blood like loan shark.

I write this just to let everybody in singapore knows that how this bank such of service and they will give you the ### when you make late payment for them just even 1 month.

Thanks for reading.

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