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On 5th jan 2017, I called maybank customer support to get information on how I can get my vehicle registration card. Miss renuka informed me to call my home branch which is in rahang, ns. Unfortunately the number given to call sounds like a fax machine number. [protected]). I cannot get through. So, I got another contact number from the website [protected]).

Mr rahman attended to me, he confirmed that my grant was there. I requested him to send to pj branch for collection. He immediately made arrangement the same day and told me I can collect by friday afternoon, 6th jan at pj branch. Very happy with how mr rahman handled my case. Tq. He even provided me with phone number of pj branch (03 [protected] / 03 [protected]) to contact for collection.

On friday, 6th jan 2017 I called pj branch (Jalan shook lin) at 3pm to find out if my document had reached the pj and ready for me to collect. I was attended by ms saliza. She upon checking told me the document from rahang branch have not arrived. She asked me to check again with rahang branch. I immediately called rahang branch to check on the delivery status. Mr rahman confirmed sending out the document via gdex and gave me the consignment number to track. Upon checking, e-tracking status showed delivered on 6th jan 2017.

I once again called pj branch and was attended by ms saliza. She once again told me they haven't receive any documents from rahang. And asked my to check again with rahang. At this point, I was starting to get annoyed with the way my case is being handled. Ms saliza showed no concern in finding my document. She merely said, it could have been delivered to incorrect branch. I am worried now on what has happened to my document! As I was talking, the line got disconnected. It felt like she hang up on me. I immediately called back and was answered by mr isack. When I requested for ms saliza, isack told me she is handling another customer. I got very angry at this point. I raised my voice and demanded they solve my case at once. He again tried to explain that I must go back to rahang branch to check. I could not stand it anymore. I told mr isack that this is not my problem. I demanded that he call rahang branch and track my document. Mr isack took down my contact number and promised to call back.

After a short while, mr isack called me to check on my registration number. Followed by 2nd call from mr isack, he said they had found my document. If I had not insisted them to find my document, I wonder what will happen??? The excuse given was, it was sent to another maybank branch which is at the ground floor of the same building. I need the document urgently to get a reprint of my roadtax at jpj.

If I had not made an issue, they wouldn't have bothered to look for my document and keep saying not received. This is so irresponsible of maybank staff and unacceptable level of customer service.

1st of all I wish to thank mr rahman of rahang branch for his prompt action. Keep up your good job.

2nd, I hope ms saliza will improve her customer service responsibilities, and be more courteous. She is not a customer service oriented staff at all.

Lastly I would like to thank mr isack for finding my document.

Please improve your mailing room operation. Do not give excuse such as sent to incorrect branch, because as a customer I should not be affected by operational mistakes.

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