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Upon moving into our new home in march we were blinded by the fact we are now moving in yes their was still a lot of work to be done because our home was vandalized. We were assure these problems would be fix. 3 days later the door bell rings and it turns out to be the insulation guys tell me we have no insulation in our attic i told them this must be a mistake for we have just moved in he assured me we needed insulation and proved it to me by opening the attack and showed me that 60% of the insulation had blown out. The blew some more in. I believe that would be the end of it. This took place in march of 2005 now almost 3 years later i had to call an independent contractor to rectify the problem. I brought this to mattamy homes attention and the choose to come out and inspect the work they told me excellent job but they will not take responsibility for not doing the job right in the first place.

I will never buy another home from this builder for they don't listen. for on many occasions i told them the house is cold and my children were suffering from nose bleeds do to the excess use of the furnace. Also the quality of insulation was the poorest of quality the stove exhaust was also backwards creating cold drafts in the home.

I must say i very disappointed by their treatment of me and my family.


  • Oa
    oakvillehomes Jan 28, 2008

    I am not surprised with what you have stated. Mattamy Homes sold me my house without electrical power and, to make matters worse, they illegally (code) connected my furnace to the house next door. I didn't have access to this house and this illegal wiring certainly put my family at risk. The Town of Oakville inspector passed this - the same town that has received large donations from Mattamy. For some reason, Mattamy and the Town don't find this sale unethical (you can't sell a house without a working furnace). From this and other complaints I certainly recommend that a building inspector be hired and the contract state they have access during construction. This might have prevented the problem you face as his report would be made at the time of construction. $500 is a good investment considering what it costs to repair things down the road. Good luck

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  • De
    Deo Mar 08, 2008

    Ever since I bought a townhouse from mattamy homes back in 2004 the ceiling over the living room leaked water from melting snow. My neighbor's townhouse is also leaking since we share a common roof. Mattamy homes sent two repair men.After they sand,filled and painted where the water damaged they said "everything's gonna be ok" and left. But they never repaired the cause of the leak.My ceiling still leaks today.I don't know what to do about it.I
    I don't know why mattamy homes is called the "number one builder".I think they're using their old reputation which they had from the seventies but no longer live upto that standard which set down so long ago.I'm don't think I will buy another house from mattamy homes.

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  • An
    Anees Khokhar Apr 03, 2008

    I have now purchased my third mattamy home, and can assure you that their service is excellent. Maybe you were an isolated case and just maybe your negative attitude may have cause someone to show less attention to your needs. Were you rude with any of the representatives? I am now looking forward to closing me new mattamy home in Milton and would recommend there homes to anyone. Considering they have built thousands and thousands of houses and to see only two complaints...thats not bad. Mattamy Homes rules.

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  • Jo
    Johnny Pavacic Oct 10, 2018

    @Anees Khokhar You're absolutely full of crap. Mattamy is garbage. 3rd world quality. Negative attitude? Gimme a freaking break you must work for them. I can't believe you bought 3 Mattamy houses. No one makes the same terrible mistake twice.

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  • Ne
    newhomebuyer May 17, 2008

    I also just purchased a townhomes in Milton with Mattamy. Since the second day from the agreement I got a problems with them. But I sensed that MATTAMY DOESNT REALLY NEED A CUSTOMER as they have a good strategy in opening a new lot in good & strategic area. Conclusion is, Customer need them, not them.
    I believe they have an unspoken term "Take it or Leave it" in their interm marketing strategy.
    Based on that, no wonder even there's a lot of complaints its still consider a very small amount. Especially because Mattamy is the best in selling homes in Canada.

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  • Ly
    Lydia Feb 11, 2009

    I live in a Mattamy home in Jacksonville, Florida (unfortunately they're now infiltrating the US with their shoddy workmanship) and it is the WORST and MOST EXPENSIVE home I have ever owned. It makes me sick to think of how much this brand new house costs and the all the problems it has. The company helps when you first move in but makes out like you're the one creating the problems and they have no idea how these things happen. This house is in a new subdivision and Mattamy will throw a house up in a few weeks and put a sign up that it's for sale. Our home was built two years ago and as soon as we moved in, we began to have troubles. The electrical plates were screwed on the walls crooked and a few of the outlets aren't even usable because when you try to plug something in, the bulb explodes. The heat doesn't work, we put it on 85 degrees and the highest it will get when it's 14 degrees outside is 69 degrees inside. The heater in the garage is not sealed which is probably where the air is leaking out. We've had the hot water heater replaced twice. The master suite stays frozen when it's cold more than any other part of the house and usually it is more warm outside on a cold day than inside leading me to believe that room in particular has no insulation at all. There are also intercoms, and strange buzzing sounds will randomly start coming from them and you can't stop them no matter what button you push. They'll also turn on and off by themselves and many times we've found that the outside intercom would be on so people outside could hear what's happening in the house. Also the dimming lights will suddenly come on leading me to believe our lights are somehow hooked up with a neighbors. Our water and electricity bill has had months of enormous expense, once $700, which caused the electric company to come to our house and ask us what we did to make the bill go so high when we had done nothing different. They read the meter and said it was accurate. Our phones also crackle when someone will pick up in another room and we've replaced the phones with new ones because the man Mattamy sent assured us that would "fix it." There is currently a large crack that has appeared in the stucco of our house and as wet as Florida is, will probably rot the frame of the house if unfixed. Our lawn service rang our doorbell and asked us to come look at our front porch this week because when he walked on it, it moved up and down like there was nothing underneath it. Our driveway is beginning to crack as have many other driveways in our subdivision that have had to be replaced. What has happened so far to us, and as I've read in other complaint stories around the Internet, Mattamy only sends people contracted with their company to fix complaints. We've had all their people and they always claim nothing is wrong with the house. If that list of problems isn't exhaustive enough to convince someone not to buy a Mattamy home, I don't know what is.

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  • Ly
    Lydia Feb 11, 2009

    Oh and I forgot a couple of other things. Our built in, over the stove microwave light is blinking and it will probably go out soon, and the wood paneling that covers the wiring for the range cooktop randomly fell off and we have not been able to keep it up since. With the heat problem, we've seen other houses in the neighborhood having all the vents ripped out and thrown on their lawn because they had to get bigger vents. The heater was working badly when we first moved in, so we checked the air filter and Mattamy put in a filter that was too big for the slot and it was crushed up preventing air from circulating through it, so we had to replace that. Dust collects every couple of days because the air circulation is so poor. A weird thing about the heater is we found that if we aimed a space heater at the wall where the thermostat control was, it would raise the temperature it was heating the house. Today I pulled my car in the garage and as soon as I turned my motor off, I heard a bang on the hood and when I got out and looked, a bolt had fallen from the fixture holding up the garage door. All I ask is that if anyone else in the states or Canada is having similar problems, please speak up and make someone pay attention to the monopoly Mattamy has on building poorly built, high priced homes. It's sad because one of the high-ups in Mattamy has recently been appointed District Manager of Construction in our area, and with all the positive media hype about how wonderfully built Mattamy homes are, on the Internet, nothing will be done to resolve this problem unless more people speak up.

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  • Ar
    Archayan Apr 15, 2009

    I bought a home with mattamy 2.5 years ago and now when tried to sell my house, found out that roof attic is 15 where the building code says it should be 32. When i spoke to the builder about this all they said is that the warranty covers only upto 2 years. Now i am in a position of not knowing what to do. Any advise is welcome.

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  • Up
    upset buyer Jul 04, 2009

    I am in Jacksonville, Florida and if Lydia ever reads this comment, I would love to speak with you. Mattamy is my worst nightmare at this moment and would like to see if my problems are the same and if you dealt with the same people. Please leave a comment, and I will then add my email address or something for us to speak personally.

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  • Vi
    victim of deception Jul 21, 2009

    For my list of complaints with Mattamy is far too lenghly to put into writing. I do not recommend to anyone to buy a Mattamy home.

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  • Ad
    Adicerni Oct 04, 2009

    To date Mattamy Homes has not had a single reconciliation through the Tarion Warranty office. This means that Mattamy has never had anyone go to Tarion with a legitimate complaint. If your complaint is warrantable it will be addressed by Tarion. Follow your PDI and 30 day warranty schedules and then repeat anything that wasn't fixed on the one year submission. This is your responsibility, not Mattamy. Mattamy is one of the few that has this record.

    We also had many issues with Mattamy about our new home in Ottawa Ontario but they do make every effort (not always at the most effective time) to remedy the problems. Of course you need to address the problems yourself at the first sign of trouble. Why wait until you've hired several contractors to fix Mattamy's issues then call Mattamy to fix it? You should have called Mattamy the first day someone told you that insulation was needed and let Mattamy address the issue.

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  • Ma
    Maddamee Jan 25, 2010

    I bought a Mattamy home 2 years ago and have lived a nightmare ever since. I have had to work as the forman on my own house just to ensure hat everything was getting fixed. It is now over a year since we have taken position of our first home, and last Mattamy. To list the issues we have had would take too long, and the customer service and business practices that Mattamy has have to be considered the worst in any industry. From 8 leaks in the last year to having to deal with the inept employees and managers that they have hired, you cannot seem to keep your head above water, literally! If there were a way to stop this company from ever building another home, and buying back all of the disastrous homes that they have left defenseless families with, I would. It has been a long and arduous year, and it is still not over. I wish anyone who buys a Mattamy home, that they are able to sell it.

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  • Ca
    Call Collect Oct 05, 2010

    Mattamy once was a good builder, but since they started hiring unexperienced contractors to work on their behalf their service and quality of their workmanship has gone down the drain. They need to hire the right contractors to get their service level up again. I would not advise anyone to purchase a home from Mattamy based on my experience.

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  • Da
    danadamon Feb 15, 2011

    When I decided to build with Mattamy I was excited - their customer service was amazing and they seemed to really care about the quality of the home! Soon after closing on my new home in the Summers Walk subdivision in Davidson, I realized what they said they stood for was not true or accurate. Since closing on my home I have had issues with the electrical, the wood floors, and a number of other items. Mattamy has turned a blind eye. The most shocking is the wood floors - which are poor quality - and which they refuse to fix. Do NOT be tricked by their up-front service - because once you buy from them the trick is over and you are left with a home with which they do not stand by!

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  • Un
    Unhappy In Ottawa ontario Mar 05, 2011

    It's a shame that mattamy hires brutal contractors that stand you up every single time they say they're coming to fix it. We've been in our Ottawa Ontario mattamy home for a year now and our basement leaked from day 1. Mattamy fixed the leak right away but their contractor has yet to insulate a full section of our basement. We've been stood up 5 or 6 times.
    Our livingroom ceiling has leaked and everytime someone comes to fix it they tell us, it's not a job for them and someone else will cone fix it. It has never happened because if if we aren't stood up they certainly keep sending the wrong ' department'.
    Our home is extremely cold. We're paying extremely high heating bills every month.
    Our dryer vent ducts are completely useless. There is a severe problem with accumulation of lint in clumps and clumps which is building up behind the laundry room wall all the way through the attic. This is a serious fire hazard. I've read all these problems from others as well. Mattamy has great service and seem to answer our calls but they send contractors that are so horrible and are defamating their reputation. Mattamy is not helping by telling their customers that it isn't their fault and there is nothing they can do. They're responsible for who they have to represent them as a sub contractor.
    Stay away if you want to avoid disaster.

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  • Lm
    LMCB Mar 18, 2013

    We just signed up a contract with mattamy, and we already see some problem with the house, the patio floor have already a long crack i asked the agent and told me its normal:) which i doubt so i will address that with the builder, the roof is uneven and some of the bedroom door ( thanks to my 1 year old baby)don't latch, the patio door is cheap that it wont even lock smoothly the screen is already tore ants already build a house in the garage where they have the foundation all of these was already addressed to them and yet they still haven't fix it.. i love the floor plan of the house so hopefully they will fix our problem before closing. i know all builders will have same issues just like above comments but heard a lot of good reviews from mattamy homes owner in jacksonville so keeping our finger crossed that we wont be affected as bad as the people here

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  • Mattamy is the word builder or business I ever has seen in Canada. In Salisbury, Brampton they took extra 50, 000 from customers and did not give any upgrade.There customer care, CEO and entire management is careless.I am not writing this because I dont like but after all they take our hard earned money for no reason.I swear to God and Mother Nature, never buy Mattamy homes.They are useless, better live on residential apartment inspite of Mattamy homes.They will trick you one or another way.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Yoo Sep 18, 2018

    Today is the closing day of my Mttamy Homes.
    But they are not cleaning inside and outside, not install bath doors, slide door, basement entry door so i did'n t get keys...

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  • Mi
    Mitch858 Dec 21, 2019

    Mattamy has been brutal to deal with. I've had all the windows and doors in my house leak and my basement flood. They're never organized and consistently miss their own deadlines. Avoid this builder at all costs.

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