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Hello, My name is Adam. I have been using for several years. I believe since 2014. I had over 300positive reviews which has been removed from my profile and only left 5 but that's okay I can get over that. I went for vacation recently so I ended my subscription. When I got home I found out my credit card was used by someone else and I had to get a new card. Masseurfinder had that card on file. In order to re -start my subscription I had to add my new card to their system. I provided the card information but they requested a picture of the card for proof. I took a picture with my iphone, sent it to my computer and tried to attach the picture and uploaded to their system. Some reason I could not upload the picture. I got an error message saying file format not accepted. I tried to use another card, another picture. Did not work. Then I realized that Iphones don't take pictures in JPEG format anymore, so I took a screenshot of the picture I took. It solved the issue and I was able to upload the picture. My subscription was good again, but a few hours later they suspended my account. I had no idea why. Then I read a complaint here. The person who left the complaint ( Thomas) had the same issue the same day I had it because he uploaded the wrong file by mistake. In my case: I filled out the bank card information but I attached a picture of the other card. Now they have 2 cards on file, both card on my name but I mixed up the pictures. Because of this mistake they suspended my account. They don't have any kind of customer service anymore. Which is ridiculous. I can't login. I can't find my ad in search but I can open my profile through an old link I shared with someone in the past. So my profile is still exist. They took my $188 but it does not appear in their search. I am not sure if anyone from masseurfinder will ever read this but I still wanted to post it.

Sep 05, 2019
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  • Zb
      Sep 15, 2019

    Adam I’m having them investigated by fox 2 news they did the same thing to me I’m
    Going to make them put customer service back and we should sue them. I’m sure with 20 of us we could get a lawyer to take a case and spin it

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