Massachusetts Health Connector / termination without warning/not following through on files and procedures

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I have been utilizing MA health connector since Aug. 2018. They received all of my eligibility requirements (proof of residence, etc.) no problem. Once open enrollment came up, they asked for all of this information again. I faxed over proof, and heard nothing about it since. I assumed everything was fine, and I came up as covered under my health insurance on the portal. Out of nowhere, Feb. 2019, I received a letter stating that I had been terminated for my insurance due to not getting proper proof. I spoke to customer care over and over to finally be assured they had received my proof and would be restarting my insurance. I received another letter in April 2019 stating they were terminating my insurance for no reason. I spoke to the customer care and they assured me this was not a letter they had filed on their end, despite it being in my notifications on the portal, and that I would be ok. I tried to make a doctors apt today and when entering my insurance information, they expressed that it was inactive. I contacted Tufts and they too said it was inactive. I contacted MA health connector who said it was active, and they will send confirmation over to tufts. In the meanwhile, in order to be seen, I will need to pay out of pocket and keep receipts to be reimbursed. I am extremely frustrated with the MA Health Connector, as they appear completely disorganized and have found it impossible to get consistent information. I hate that I have to get insurance through them, and that they are the only option. I want an organized, clear and concise way of obtaining health insurance. Not with all of these run arounds, and they finding out that I'm not even covered when I have been paying all year!!! I don't know where to go from here. I'd love support in finding out what to do next.

May 13, 2019
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      May 20, 2019

    The same thing here. I used to do the payments monthly. And o April I received a bill $1800. I called the girl Linjuel did not have idea. She gave me 3 different reasons without any sense. After she opened a new case. Since beginning of April until now May 20, 2019. I keep calling everyday spending hours and hours with them. Everyone give me different answers and requesting more money. I keep paying and in the same time they sent letter of termination and new B
    bills. I have to cancel my daughter's surgery for 3rd time. No insurance yet. They terminated. I hope God give them what they deserve. I wish from the bottom of my heart. As my daughter suffer they to suffer more. They play with people's life.

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      Jun 13, 2019

    Similarly with me (I have a complaint here on complaintboard).

    They actually didn't cut my insurance, but switched it on 6 days notice, completely unpredictable to me. They switched from an on-exchange Health New England Plan to a MA Health Plan.

    The problem is, I could have been in the hospital, or on vacation when they did this. If in the hospital, I would have been at a hospital, using surgeons, etc., in-network for my old insurance plan, pre-approved procedures for my old insurance plan.

    Then, finding out afterwards that it was all not covered under the new insurance plan.


    Further, the observation that agents give incorrect information is dead on, and they won't get you to anyone who can get correct information, or straighten things out. (In fact, there do exist small ombudsman staffs for both MA Health and the Health Connector, of people who do seem to know what's going on. But the MA Health and Connector agents themselves will only direct you to a multi-week "fair hearing" type process.)

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