Massachusetts Health Connectorimproper accounting practices

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the first error that was made by the health connector was when my premium for january was not deducted. I had no insurance coverage for january, which meant that I had to change doctor appointments, plus I could not afford my prescriptions. In september the statement I received from the health connector had an increase to my monthly premium and a large adjustment amount. i called numerous times to find out what the adjustment was for, no one that I talked to new why there was this adjustment amount. it took from 9/14/15 to 10/05/15 for the health connector to figure out that the adjustment was for january. When I told them that i had no insurance coverage for january and did not want to pay for nothing, they said they would check with my carrier. i got a call on 10/15/15 from lisa saying that my carrier OK'd it. I told her i wanted the adjustment amount applied to the november premium. i thought what I said was understood, but it wasn't. instead, more money was deducted from my account. i asked for a refund, that still has not happened. i have made numerous calls and no one seems to know what's going on with my account. it's impossible to speak with the same person twice, and even though they say someone will call you, no one ever does. i have documents that I can mail to you if you can give me your address, or i can fax them to you. i have no way to do it on-line


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    Nightfall Nov 06, 2015

    Hi Jean. Did you know that the Health Connector now has an Ombudsman Program that can help assist you? You can contact the ombudsman through the online form at You can check out the press release about the program at Hope this helps!

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  • Ch
    chanou Oct 10, 2018


    I have been trying to get my insurance activated and I paid what I was told: $1172.85. It has been 3 weeks and still no activation. I have called daily and have been placed on hold by Brandie, Sheila, Amber and Ashley Id 0533. No one could find me except Ashley. She finally gave me my reference number and after 45 min stated that I should have paid another 390 and then call back and asked them(who ever them is) to activate the account. However no one knew even my self that they need one month ahead to reinstate the insurance.

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  • Be
    beckywiththegoodhair Oct 10, 2018

    I was very disappointed to learn that "health connector" is not a dating agency for people with medical issues.

    False advertising? I think so!

    Come on health connector - get it together.

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  • Ya
    yaqub jr Aug 11, 2019

    My wife & I pay the health connector 88$ every month then every 2 or 3 month we always get our insurance canceled. We then have to argue over the for at least an hour getting the run around & excuses till they reinstate our insurance. My question is for the 2 or 3 month that we paid for thinking we still had insurance where was that money going?

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