Massachusetts Health Connectorhaving to pay overdue charges when it isn't my fault

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I have only had health connector since January and every month my payments have been different. Every time I call each person tells me something different and then say they don't know where the other person came up with that. I called to check coverage a few weeks ago and the lady told me that I needed to send in paperwork or I was going to get cancelled within the next week. I received no notice of that so we rushed our paperwork in. Once received they decided we could afford more and instead of telling us I just got a bill. It went from 200 to 400 a month and I called to confirm this was why and they said yes. Although I didn't agree with it I had no choice. I was told that on April 23rd my new payment would be $415 not the month before that. My paperwork indicates that. I went to pay online last week and it was $623. I called and the lady told me she didn't know where the extra 200 came from but she had all of my new employer info in. I explained I have work for the same company for 5 years and she proceeded to tell me they input my document in the computer wrong. I also said I thought my income was wrong so she changed that too. When fixing it she told me my payment is now $314 this month. I didn't know online doesn't update so I called again today to ask why it was still $623. I was then told that I owe 200 from last month and I said that was impossible I paid you. But apparently they decided to add the 200 into last month and not notify me at all and just put me as past due and tacked it on to this month. I said that was completely unfair they can't do that and asked to speak to the manager who also said the same. I explained that I have made all my payment and how wrong it is to not notify someone of changes to their account. That I didn't have the extra 200 so then he says I STILL have to pay the 623 even though they Inputted my information wrong in the system he cannot "make a bill just go away". And just kept saying sorry with nothing to back it up. So you are trying to tell me that not only did YOU mess up my paper work but I still have to pay for it even though it was YOUR mistake not mine. I also was asked how much I thought I made and I said 15, 000 and the guy on the phone said I made them change it from 20, 000 and I said put whatever my taxes are you just asked me what I thought I made. I don't understand how something that is so important for everyone to have is so completely disorganized. I am a waitress and now I have to come up with another 300 that is your companies fault on top of all my other bills. I have to pay the price for someone else's mistake and thatsnot right. Oh and I was told that since I'm past due you won't cover any of my prescriptions until I pay up. So not only did everyone I talk to there lie to me but you now have my account past due and over 200 that I should have never been charged in the first place but now I can't fill any of my scripts at the pharmacy. This whole experience is completely mind blowing how poorly run this company is. If anyone could help me that would be amazing. All I want is to get a consistent bill in the mail for the same amount every month and pay you. That's literally all I want. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to pay you and drain me of all my money. It's unfair now I have to struggle the next few weeks to come up with enough to pay you because someone messed up.


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    HealthConnector Apr 20, 2017

    The Health Connector offers an ombudsman program to quickly assist members who have experienced difficulty resolving their issue through customer service channels. You can contact the Ombudsman Office through the online form. Just follow the steps at

    You can also learn more about the Ombudsman program at

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    Smrobt Aug 22, 2017

    @HealthConnector The Ombudsman office simply routes you back to customer service. I've attempted to escalate issues with them on two separate occasions. The response in each case was to provide the customer service contact info with no indication that my issue was even read.

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    eyekahlo Jan 29, 2018

    Yes I completely agree with the fact the Ombudsman's Office is of no help. They will assign a case # and delay and then close your case with out your knowledge. Then if you request a supervisor all they do is re route you back to the customer service reps. The ombudsman's reps lie, delay and are of no help. If you point out the contradictory info they give you on one call and then different on next call --they deny it. Governor's Office of Constituents will call or email for you but the Health Connector's ombudsman's office will not do anything different. The billing dept at the Health Connector is unreachable. Contact the Attorney General's Office by filing a complaint online and then follow up a couple of days later. Keep complaining to anyone you can find until something finally happens. Call and email all the agencies. AG, Gov, Consumer complaint websites, State Reps, Sate Senators, etc etc. Do not let up. Be prepared for a long haul. The Health Connector does not care. I have 12k in medical bills due to Health Connector 's incompetence.File a grievance with the insurance company. I am not giving up.

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