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N Nov 02, 2018
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As of 10/1/18 my husband and I started our plan with Fallon. about the 2nd week of October I called to change my plan from Fallon to tufts, to start 11/1/18, I paid my husbands premium ( for Fallon) on Oct 18, in the amt of $84.00, I am told the payment is not seen although I have printed the paid/credit info from the Massachusetts Health Connector website. As of 11/1 his plan was cancelled, what was to be my plan was changed his was also. I was not told that we both needed to be on the same plan because we enrolled together, so my husband now does not have insurance. I am now told in order to have my husband's Fallon plan reinstated for 11/1 I must pay both of our premiums of $186.00, then it has to go to Fallon for approval. My husband has an apt for a very important prescription on 11/7 and is not going to be able to get this.

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    So on Nov 2 I went into the walk in center to get this resolved, I was told to pay 2 mos, Nov and Dec before a retro request can be sent to Fallon, I refused to pay 1 month in advance for a mistake the Health connector made. My husband decided to pay the amt of $ 252.00 for Nov and Dec on 11/5 he was told the retro would be sent in. As of today the retro was never sent in and I had to call to get this expedited to Fallon, on top of this I signed an Auth Rep paper in the office on 11/2 and it was never given to my husband on 11/5 when he went in to make the pmt and was told he could not get info about the retro when he called today 11/6 because he is not authorized. I get HIPPA but it is ridiculous that he cannot call about his own plan because I am named Head of Household on the enrollment. This is the first time I have had to deal with connector for insurance and it has been the WORST experience as well as the Customer Service, no compassion or ownership for the Rep's mistake of not explaining that anyone on the same enrollment must be on the same plan. I was very clear that I did not want to change my husbands plan and it was done without my consent or knowledge. I have spoken to 7-8 people in 2 days to deal with this and am still waiting to get results. It is horrible tht I have taken 1.50 hrs of my work day on 11/2, on company time and having to punch out of work to deal with this another 40 mins today. The people who run these call centers need additional training!

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    As of this morning I have received a call back from The Health Connector from Courtney. She has informed me our plans are active and backed dated to the first. I appreciate it has been resolved and the call back but there really needs to be some additional training, compassion and empathy. The Health Connector needs to be more responsible for their mistakes and stop making them and being incompetent to do the job.

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    Ok so now I am told the money that was paid to a cancelled plan was not transferred over and my husband is right now at the pharmacy trying to fill his script and I am again on the phone with these idiots...I think I need a lawyer for all this aggravation and loss of income and time.

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