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I was admitted in July 2011 for malnutrition and dehydration. They were decent to me in the ER, realizing that I wasn't a danger to anyone. They gave me 2L of fluid immediately, saying I was lucky I had gotten there in time.

The first week I was there they had a heart monitor on me. I was not suicidal and had not indicated any danger to myself. However, they used 1:1 monitors on me. These "sitters" varied, some were very abusive. Some were physically abusive, violated my privacy by staring at me while I went to the bathroom, and wouldn't leave me alone for a second. I kept asking why. The weekend doctor wouldn't let me leave because, as he said, "I know you aren't suicidal now, but you might change your mind." To restrict a person because "you might change your mind" isn't even legal!

I was then transferred to the psych ward. This was one of the worst experiences of my life. I have a medical condition called diabetes insipidus which means I need to drink much more water than most people. Even going a few hours without a drink of water can make me dehydrated. The idiots on the psych ward claimed that their "protocol" was that I was limited to only a quart of water a day. Most people can live on this, but I cannot due to my medical condition.

Two days, three days of water deprivation caused me to start to beg and plead with those "staff" for water. The nurse (named Sheridan) grabbed me and yanked me around rather cruelly. They also listened on to my phone conversations and wouldn't let me talk to my friends in private. One time, I was talking to my friend on the phone and Sheridan did not like what I was saying, so she slammed the phone down and yanked me away. All I wanted was a drink of water. I was afraid I would die of dehydration there.

Because I was scared for my life, the hospitalization left me traumatized for a long time. MGH did not want my story to get out. They tried all they could to silence me. All I want is an apology. I want an admission from them that they were wrong, and that they will change their policy and stop the unnecessary, abusive 1:1 monitoring and water deprivation.

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