MacKeeper / Kromtech Alliancecustomer service - premium technical support with mackeeper

A Feb 08, 2018

I was just on the phone for 1.5 hours with "tech support" from Mac Keeper. Each person was pushier than the last and spoke to me with little to no respect. They each talked over me and interrupted me. Spoke condescendingly. I asked to complain to a manager and it's like they didn't even listen. All three people were men, with extremely heavy Indian/Persian/? accents. Spoke quickly. Could barely understand half of what they said. They pushed and pushed and pushed to get my credit card number and I had to repeat myself several times, letting them know I wasn't comfortable with them having my card. The first guy I could barely understand at all, so he transferred me. The second guy was a complete [censor] and was absolutely the rudest person I've come across in customer service. The third guy was a mix between those two. I eventually had to end LogMeIn Rescue because that guy was being so snotty and pushy! Terrible customer service!

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