Maaco Franchisequality work/customer service

Sd Sep 29, 2019

We went in and received a quote from Brett who stated he wanted our business as they were slow right now. We were promised quality work done in a week. We decided to go forward with them. I have a basic 09 sonata and the hood and lower body had paint that was faded and peeling off and only a couple small little dings. They promised to fix all of this. We got a call on wed that they had to do more sanding on paint and would take longer so they wouldn't have done by Friday. We then called on mon and were told it was still in body work and wouldn't be in paint till wed. I called on Friday to see about it being finished and ready for pick up and was told it would be ready but to come as late as possible as it had to be detailed still we got to location at 4:30 and still had not been detailed and we looked at car, the paint job was not good quality at all. My decals were not on car, Lots of air bubbles in the hood, you could see a cloudy look in hood. You could see the areas where the paint had started peeling previous so they didn't sand it down and prep the body like they should have. Other areas of car had paint that was over sprayed so paint had dropped down and was dried. The manager said lots of paint jobs had trash in paint as it was normal. We asked if he had approved this paint job and he said he trust his workers, but how when this is the work they put out. They had over spray all over my wheels and tires and on black trim around the windows. I saw areas where they had tapped it and painted then when tape was pulled off you can see the paint pulled from body. The manager kept saying this was quality work and you would get this type of work anywhere. 2 weeks in and car was not done, poor paint job, communication was horrible and they weren't honest when we spoke to them multiple times in that 2 weeks. My husband argued with the manager Brett for over 20 minutes. Needless to say I am still without my car. I'm beyond furious, unhappy and don't know that I'm going to get the quality paint job they promised.. Now to carpool all week due to Maaco not delivering. One week has now turned into almost 3 weeks.

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