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I'm a student at London School of Business & Finance, student I.D A4030648... I am so frustrated with this school. I'm an international student and the family i live with moved from London to Chester. I requested for a campus transfer and then i was advised to pay some fees with the assurance that my transfer from London campus to Manchester would be done swiftly. It's been almost three weeks now with no response, the semester already started and I'm missing lectures that i paid for with my parents' hard earned money. When i call for my student adviser, they are always making excuses why she can't come to the phone.
It feels like i'm wasting away, my account has been deactivated for no reason.
These people are very very very inconsiderate. They don't care about the massive costs i have to incur commuting from Chester to London, and yet Manchester is only 40 minutes away from Chester.
This is not the first time LSBF is frustrating me, two years back, they didn't issue my CAS on time which led to my visa refusal, i returned to my home country and was begging them for over a year, then they issued the CAS.
Lesson learned, not all that glitters is gold !!


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    HeatherCampbell Mar 10, 2014

    I have a similar problem. I have been trying to transfer to Manchester from London since Mar 2013. After 12months of using their online ticketing system, and 6months since I paid them the transfer fee I believed I was due to start a course tomorrow. I have had to fight to get communication from the ticketing team all the time - I believed that on 24th Feb my registration had finally been sent to Manchester and I would be registered, however after receiving no official documents I started to get very concerned and unsurprisingly no help was offered by the person supposedly dealing with me online. After numerous attempts I finally got someone to talk to me in Manchester admissions and according to them, they have received no transfer form for me. I feel disgusted that I have paid them money and been chasing for weeks, and yet they still have not organised me registering for a part time course! What annoys me the most is that this course starts later than all the other ACCA providers so I have missed my chance to move to a reputable college such as Kaplan or BPP, as well as losing my money and the opportunity to continue studying this term. I will certainly ensure that no other student I know registers with them.

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