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Hudson agreed to do a job for my mum who has Alzheimer's. (It's a very small bathroom)
He quoted nearly £2000 for this (Mum to pay for all materials including tile adhesive and grout) and he insisted she pay him 50% up front and told her ‘cash only'. He told her he had a plumber ‘friend' who was cheap and very good.
Despite our asking several times - his plumber did not visit the job until 24hours before it was due to start - the plumber also quoted nearly £2000 (just to plumb her very small bathroom).
Thankfully, a family friend who was a plumber stepped in and did the work in two days. Hudson was clearly not happy - and it showed.
He later demanded another £400 from my Mum before he even laid a tile. She paid for all materials (on top of the extra £400).
I came home from her ‘Alzheimers respite centre' to find water pouring through her ceiling.
We called someone out as an emergency and they showed us that he had screwed through the pipe - he had used at 3" screw to fix a 1/2" board. We contacted Hudson and sent him pictures - No apology - he simply sent a message telling us the bathroom is cursed!
Accidents do happen - we know that, but just feel sad that this one could been avoided with a little bit of professionalism and ‘shorter screws'... But worst of all - there has been absolutely no apology since - that's all it takes. He's a pleasant enough young man and we've given him so many chances to simply apologise.
So naturally we asked him to leave the job (very politely). Very fairly agreed to pay 3 days for ripping out the bathroom and laying a chipboard floor - No request for damages either (more than reasonable).
He has now also refused to return the balance of Mum's money!
We're left wondering... Who advertises as a ‘Local Hero' and then takes advantage of a lady with Alzheimer's? This is not an angry review - it's written with sadness and sincerity as we really liked him to start with. Mum's very upset and still has no bathroom!

Local Heroes
Local Heroes

  • Local Heroes Customer Care's Response, Oct 04, 2019


    Thank you making us aware about your experience with Local Heroes. The Hero's account has been disabled while we investigate this issue.

    If you could please get into contact with the Local Heroes team on [protected], with the job details and your issue we can keep you up to date.

    Many thanks,

    Local Heroes
    Operations & Change Manager

Oct 04, 2019

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