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Lobos management should not be allowed to rent to anyone anymore. They will not fix anything in your apt. or take care of their premises. The only time they ever fixed anything for me was when I called the health dept. after repeatedly calling lobos about not having heat for a week in the middle of winter (it was 7 degrees outside!) only then after the dept. came to my apt. & said it was 'inhumane living conditions' & called lobos telling them if it was not fixed in 24hrs. They would get fined, the man came 20mins after the dept. left to fix my heat.

Not even a week later my heat broke again,& I tried for another 3 or 4 days with a lot of rude employees (hanging up on me, telling me I'm not the only one w/out heat) giving me the run-around.Finally they came to fix it, most likely because I told them the health dept. was coming to do their follow-up. The guy came & said the unit needed a new fan, & it would be in no later than three days. Well, he never came back! I called about getting money of my rent,(the least they could do was reimburse me for the heaters I bought to keep warm & give me half off seeing how I was w/out heat half the month), but they always said they would call back& never did. When I wanted to talk to the manager, she was not in her office. (how convenient).

So about three weeks later my heat broke for the third time. It took about 2 or 3 days this time. I've been calling to still get my rent reduced, but it seems that they are told to always say we'll call you back' Well they must think I'm a dumb little girl who doesn't know my rights, but they are in for a surprise! I know that under new law--implied warranty of habitability- if a landlord doesn't make necessary repairs the tenant can break the lease before it runs out. I've heard they do not return sec. deposits either,well I took pictures when I moved in (dated of course) so they can not send me a list of damages. They must send the sec.dep. to the tenant or they can sue by going to the district justice's office and sue for it back and the landlord cannot counterclaim, or if they want to be a B**ch, tenant can sue for double the money, but landlord can try to counterclaim.

Also my mother fell down the steps on the side of the building & ended up having blunt trauma,and contusion of arm.I've called repeatedly months ago about the light being burnt out, the railing not even in the ground,but they did nothing. they don't salt the walkways nor plow the lot. It's supposed to be a secure building,but the door is on the ground! When they try to fix it he will drill a few holes to make it last a day or two, then it's back on the ground for a few weeks!

I could go on & on but I'm wasting your time.The favor I will give you is run! This is the worse place I've ever lived in! Don't ever even think about renting from these selfish ###! I bet if I didn't pay my rent the manager would be calling me asking where it is... HMMM... maybe I can get them on the phone after all :) If anyone has a petition I will gladly sign it, probably most the tenants will as well!

Update by Valerie
Feb 04, 2008 12:00 am EST

After reading others reports, I was so irritated, I wanted to write my own! When i think about it, i guess it did all start when I moved in. I signed my lease in june 06. when looking at the apt. then, I could see the door to the balcony didn't have a lock (I live on the 1st floor!) some kitchen drawers were missing & the bedroom window doesn't have a screen nor does it have a lock. When I asked about these problems, the landlord, VINCE, told me not to worry they could have them fixed before i move in. HAHA I'm still waiting! I had my dad come fix the balcony door for me.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 05, 2017 7:30 pm EDT
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I am being evicted from this apt. after 14 years of living in these peoples apartments. I've had but trouble from these people. They come in unannouced all the time. They don't fix anything. If they do, it takes FOREVER. We still have stuff like our buzzer and bedroom closet that still haven't been fixed. Whever we called about it, they told us that none of the buzzers work. That was just one of the hundreds of calls that we made about a great many things. Of course, "There was no record of any calls from us". Like we're stupid or something. They came in when we weren't there for a surprise inspection, (which of course is against PA state law) and didn't like that it was very cluttered, and the bathroom vanity was broken. It had been broken for 9 years. They never came to fix it. They sent us a letter that said they inspected the place and that we had to tidy up. It also said that they would be back on Fri Jul. 21. They showed up at 11:00 on thursday trying to just get in. We were both sleep and naked. This woman Nicole started yelling at my girlfriend, about us changing the locks. We had to change the deadbolt 10 years ago beacause they wouldn't. We called for 3 days. They didn't do it, so we did and gave them copies of the new keys as required by law. But she had "the wrong key"? She said she saw weed out on the desk. I always put my stuff away. It was way less then a gram by the way. She called the cops. In court when asked why they came a day early, the lawyer lied and said that we had called them. We all know They don't come right away for anything. They used the cops to evict us with only 30 days to leave. They have had almost no complaints for 14 years. If there is a class action thing going on I want in. Let's not mention the 25 diiferent forms utilities have put on our doors saying they were going to shut off the water because Lobos hadn't paid the bill.

Jun 15, 2017 1:59 pm EDT

Don't let your loved ones be fooled by lobos reality from Pittsburgh north Versailles, it's not worth it trust me google them they are a nightmare, scam liars, they do not keep buildings up to code that's why I was attacked! and all I got was screamed at by the owner ! Also black mold is illegal and as you can see black mold everywhere, this matter was addressed in the same apartment in 2010 ! they keep flying under the radar so people have to make them take responsibility for there actions I was given 200 dollars for being attacked and laughed at by there [censor] of attorney she thought it was funny so did I think sobol was in there but I will post every single day so will my husband they threatened us

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Nov 01, 2010 11:24 pm EDT

oh my...these comments prove what I had suspected. I filed a complaint to the BBB only to have Ron the owner I guess call me on my cell phone screaming at me asking what happened when I tried to explain he blasted me threatening to call my place of work. I am scared to say more for fear of this crazy man. He said I am clearly the problem not the rental company. I do not think so!

Aug 10, 2010 3:52 pm EDT

I agree with everything that has been said about LOBOS they are the worst management of all time! i have lived here for one year and the list of things that have gone wrong is just insane! here's a lil list of what has happened

*I have been with out a bathroom ceiling for about 4 months

*we have black mold in our bath room and under our carpet where it leaks in under the sliding glass door when ever it rains and it is also around the sliding glass door where our up stairs neighbors a/c unit leaks into our apt. the paint is bubbling all around that door

*the person who lives right next to us, his bathroom also leask into our apt and make our carpet soaked, thats two places where are carpect is consantly smells awful

*our door is swollen from all the water and humidity we have to slam it shut, doing that has broken 3 door knobs but shattering the locking mechanism, so by having to replaice 3 locks lobos has said that they cannot get into our apt to fix anything there is someone home at all times of the day almost every day, and they have not attempted to come over and fix anythig. now our door will not stay shut b/c the door has spit even when locked you can just push the door and it will open, what if we were to get robbed, who would be to blame?

*we have no screens in our windows, and for our sliding glass door.

* our a/c rarely works

*we cannot controll our heat in the winter its on full blast and we cant turn it down

i could go on and on about the ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE experience we have had with this company, VALERIE is the one of the many awful employee that work for this management company

May 29, 2010 4:24 pm EDT

I totally agree about Lobos being nothing but a bunch of slumlords. If you are reading this to check them out, please hear me: NEVER rent from them!

I lived in one of their apartments for almost 3 years. The ceiling caved in twice and they took forever to fix it the first time and blatantly refused to fix it the second time. I called the health department who sent them a notice. Then they sent one of their workers to screw the soaking wet drywall back up into place and paint over it. That was what they considered "fixing" it. The whole apartment smelled of mold and mildew after this.

During the time that I lived there, I collected several water shut-off notices and we had our water turned off about 5 times.

They never shovel the parking lot. My mailbox door always came off when I tried to open it. The washer and dryer each cost $1.75 to use and that's a small load. THEN you have to use the dryer twice because it doesn't actually dry the first time.

When we moved out (two months after our ceiling caved in the second time), Ron told me that we could get out of our lease without having to pay the last two months of rent but then Mindy called and said she'd sue for rent. Luckily, we were able to settle out of court and didn't have to pay them the rent that they wanted. I had documented everything with pictures and kept the water shut-off notices as they piled up. They even tried to keep our security deposit for "not defrosting the freezer." It was just too bad for them that I took pictures of the apartment after we moved out and cleaned it showing that the freezer had indeed been defrosted and cleaned thoroughly.

Please listen to the people here, we've suffered at the hands of Lobos Management and hope that no one else will have to.

May 19, 2010 1:06 pm EDT

Oh and there mold in every apt here at 506 3rd street in North Versailles!

May 19, 2010 1:05 pm EDT

I hate LOBOS would not refer them to my worst enemy! The door that r supose to be suvure r broken and do not lock! They never fix anything! Leaks everywhere.. washer and dryer dont work and havnt in a year and they keep sayin theyre gonna put new ones in but have have and most likely never will! And they lie! Ive heard Shawn the property manager and Corey tell people that the washer and dryers work and they dont and havnt in a year! They r horrible landlords! I agree that they should nott even be allow to rent ever again! Oh and they never shovel the parking lot when it snows they never keep up wit anything!

Feb 19, 2010 4:42 pm EST

I am sadly moving into one of Lobos properties and I went over a few days ago to bring some things and the parking lot is an absolute MESS. My car got stuck and it looks like they have not even shoveled it since the first big snow we had 2 weeks ago. I called three times yesterday and 3 times today and was told it would be taken care of. I will keep calling until I get results!

Dec 01, 2008 2:02 pm EST

ALL LOBOS RESIDENTS. Contact the Allegheny County Health Department and file a complaint. It takes a couple of weeks to get it moving but it will end up costing the Sobol family in the long run to correct the deficiencies. A little bit of pay back for all the misery they have caused people over the years.

Nov 30, 2008 12:36 pm EST

These reviews are undoubtedly true. I have lived in a Lobos unit for a mere three months and this list of problems that I've encountered in unfathomable; here are a few:

- Mailboxes (which are located in unlocked lobby off a main street) are left opened and unlocked
- Window has fallen out and has never been replaced (despite numerous attempts)
- Washers and dryers in building never work and Lobos will not refund money spent to use them
- Both sink and bathtub have chronic drip (that hasn't been fixed despite months of persistent complaining)
- Manager (the guy with the feminine voice) is extremely rude and unapproachable
- Carpets are filthy
- Doors to "secure buildings" are never locked
- And I am currently processing a complaint that would shock readers; however, I am waiting until it is handled before disclosing it publicly


Nov 28, 2008 8:09 pm EST

These people are truly wicked. The crazy thing is they keep buying more buildings. They must be stopped!

Jul 15, 2008 12:46 pm EDT

I agree on what you guys said. This is indeed a worse place to rent it off from. LOBOS Management. They really dont care about how many times you call them. Yes, Ron as an ###, and yes I agree Mindy is the biggest ###. word of advice is dont rent it from LOBOS.

Jul 01, 2008 8:50 pm EDT

As a former employee of Lobos I can tell you it's worse then they say.
I actually got fired for fixing an a/c for a tenant who wasn't late or a bad resident in any way. They were more worried about an unready unrented unit then a good resident.

Jul 01, 2008 8:41 pm EDT

The owner fired my husband because he fixed a residents A/C (and no this resident wasn't a bad resident or late on his rent). The management was more concerned with an unready vacant unit then they were an actual resident.

May 04, 2008 7:20 am EDT

I have lived at the Waverly Street Apartments for 1 1/2 years. Why I renewed my lease I will never know. The building is currently under citation by the Allegheny County Health Department for over 20 issues ranging from electric to water to safety. Too many concerns to list here. HOW THESE PEOPLE STAY IN BUSINESS IS A MYSTERY TO ME. I have already acquired the services of an attorney to set the stage for when my lease is up. I can kiss my security deposit good bye as I know 4 people who have moved out in the past year and did not get it back. I have in my possession a shut off notice from the water company for Lobos failure to pay their water bill. We get them, along with the same from the light company on regular basis. I have been without a bathroom ceiling for over 4 months, the Health Department came and cited them, Lobos has not addressed the repairs and filed an appeal (go figure). I called maintenance for the repairs, got ignored for months then was told they could not get into the apartment, the keys did not work. Here's the story. 6 months after moving in my deadbolt lock broke. I called for repairs and called for repairs and called for repairs. Frustrated, I switched the lock myself. I mailed a key with my check. They cashed my check but claimed they never got the key. How is that possible? After calling maintenance to report an electric fire in the laundry room (which took 2 weeks for them to address) I received a call from Ron Sobol wanting to know what my problem was and why was I being so difficult. I suppose I should have been more understanding of his situation of collecting my rent check on a regular basis but ignoring water pouring in my ceiling. I guess his legal practice keeps him too busy to address the issues associated with the buildings he owns. I am writing this to forewarn people of the potential problems they will face from renting from these people. Also, my mother did not raise a dummy, I am doing this to leave a paper trail for when the upcoming litigation with Lobos begins. Hopefully Ron and Lori are excellent attorneys as I am not going away quietly. I have even set up a security camera in my apartment to document who is coming and going as I DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE.

Mar 18, 2008 12:46 pm EDT

I strongly agree with all about Lobos Management. I worked for these slumlords for a short time as a leasing agent; they are the biggest liars I've ever encountered. I couldn't live with myself, it wa that bad watching the way they lie to all the tenants, but you see these people the Sobol's are beyond rich and wealthy, they own thousands of apartments in Allegheny County, they make so much money and they answer to no one, including the Health Department or THE LAW!

They do what they want with absolutely no consequence. It is just the reality of their status, and believe me it was hell working for them, they even try to ripoff their employees paychecks, yes they do.

Mar 02, 2008 7:48 am EST

I have had nothing but issues w/ Lobos Management:
On 3 occasions they have threatened me w/ court notes and late fees for not paying rent when they cashed my rent check the day it was due and then didn't file the paper work.

Twice, water periodically pours from my entryway light fixture. The first time took 4 days to fix and a month to patch the ceiling, this time has been a week and still no sign of maintenance and its been a week and 3 phone calls.

It took 4 days in the middle of winter to get the heat in my bedroom fixed when the highs were hovering around freezing.
Maintenance staff left my front door wide open and all the lights on when I was out of town. Nothing stolen, nearly a dozen mosquitoes killed.

Outlet in the living room shorted causing the entire wall to short. After 4 calls to a maintenance, I gave up and use extension cords.
They do not de-ice my front walk, including the steps with no hand rail (which is also a building fire egress). It currently has about half inch of solid ice on it.

The two washers and dryers are constantly broke (one was been removed and never replaced 4 months ago). About a third of the time, there is no operable laundry facility.

Do not under any circumstance rent from Lobos Management.

Feb 12, 2008 1:08 pm EST

I Completely agree with everything said about Lobos. I must tellyou all this . I used to work for these people and they treat their employees as bad as the tennants. I Used to take calls reguarding repairs and maintenance whenever i would call a maintenance person to give them a repair order i would be told " I will try to get to it im busy" then they would forget. and I would be the one taking all the abuse from the tenants and more so from Bernie Sobol the owner. If they wern't so friggin cheap they would hire a few more maintenance people. The 3 managers Ron Lori Mindy are the rudest people ever. One reason many security deposits are not returned is because when a tenant writes a letter stating they are not renewing their lease Mindy loses them or throws them out and they say they never got it. She is the one who will tell you "We'll sue you for your rent ' then hangs up on you .They think because Ron and Lori are lawers they can do whatever they want to people. My only regret about quitting there is i didn't SPIT in Bernie and Rons faces before i left .

Feb 04, 2008 7:43 am EST

They are terrible people. I had some problems with them too. They don't fix anything,only if you are consistant or threaten them with the health department they address your problem.


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