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Litton Loan Servicing LLP Loan Modification

Airan Pace told me not to pay mortgage a year back Nov 2008 to now, We paid to Airan Pace for about $1974.84 fee. They work so hard with my mortgage company and it was unsuccessful and Last summer July 2009 we recieved summons a foreclosure complaint from the mortgage company. I called to Airan and Stacey Montecelo that we are facing foreclosure. They said dont worry they can not do that to us.. My mortgage company told them that the loan modification was unsuccessful and denied. The investor from the bank said "NO" with no explaination . I called to Mortgage company why turned us down? The default counselor said that we and Airan Pace did not followed their guidelines. What guidelines are they talking about?. I told the mortgage can I re instate the payment again? They said We owe $ 15, 000 to $22, 000 for down payment for payment plans and I said to them sorry we dont have that kind of money . They said sorry foreclosed sale on Feb 2010 I was so upset and I did contact my own lawyer where i live not Airan Pace. I will call Airan Pace to give us refund back. I have so much copies of what they said to us in a year back. My mortgage company asked me why are we not paying a year ? i told them that AIRAN PACE TOLD US NOT TO DO so I listen . I was asking to my mortgage company for lower payment request instead of paying so high we paid 2800 a month we are choked We never go any vacations since my husband has been laid off so many times or let him go due to his disability deafness. that why we behind the payment.
so is it my fault for not paying mortgage for 1 year when Airan Pace told me to ? huh?

They said they can not help me with foreclosure because they lived in Fla and I am in NJ so I have to get my own Lawyer but I got one.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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