Limos.comaffiliate work is a company that calls affiliate (limo cie) to effectuate work all over the u.S. They collect the customer and don't pay us the the money that is owe to us. Several people in the limousine industry is complaining about there methods it is scandalous and it needs to stop I tried to reach them several times and each times the accounting department is never available they ask you to send an email and you always receive the generic bs answer that they will pay you in the next schedule pay. I even reach I out to the owner directly mr. Gary bauer [protected] and you get a voice mail that tells you to text it will be easier to get an answer. First time I called I didn't do nothing the second time I called I received a text back that he was in a meeting and to text him instead when I did and told him the reason for my call he never answered back of course certain cie. Out there are apparently known for running such a scam they need to be punish hard so others don't feel that they could do the same

Oct 02, 2019

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