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I need some help. I have been on hold twice today and can't get in touch with a representative and says no one is available for "chat". Also it seems I have a 53-67 minute wait. To expect customers to wait that long is unacceptable. I have also tried to communicate with you online by submitting a request, but as soon as I selected "topic" it wouldn't allow me to submit a request for help, it rerouted me to a phone number that I've already called and was put on hold. I'm reaching out today because I would like to see my sons' pictures and possibly place an order, however, no proof packages have been made available at my sons' school so that I can view the pictures and place an order. Pictures were taken at least 3-4 weeks ago. I'm not exactly thrilled with how this process is going this year. I've never experienced this from lifetouch in the past. Picture proofs should be made available for parents to see and decide if they want to place an order or do retakes, just like they have been in the past. When I type in the number from our school, it states my picture is unavailable. I've not been given a "private" number for each of my sons as stated on your website, either. Frustrated momma, here. The whole process for ordering hasn't been made very clear to parents this year either. We're dealing with little kids in an elementary school setting and we can't expect them to relay information back to parents clearly if at all. I'd appreciate a phone call back today if possible (10/21/19). I am available from now until 11:44 am. I won't be available again until 12:30pm to 1:12pm. I am open at 2:45 and afterward. Thank you.

Oct 21, 2019
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  •   Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Melissa, I'm sure that someone will call you soon. I'm sure you understand that nobody is available to chat. Please be more patient. Thanks!

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