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OK. I just happened to be scrolling through my TV guide, just now, and starting at 1:00 pm, going all the way to 3:00 am, here is the lineup on this network: 1) Wrong Stepfather, 2) Wrong Stepmother, 3) Evil Stepmom, 4) Killer Stepmom, 5) Beware of Mom (which isn't about mom, per se, but a neighborhood mom), and then these movies repeat, to 6) Killer Stepmom, and 7) Beware of Mom.

Evidentially, this network felt it could captivate audiences everywhere for 14 hours with nothing but the Evil SP stereotype, with Evil SMs being the bulk of course.

So, when I hear there is an unabashed negative prejudice toward SPs (SMs in particular), here it is! Out there for all to see!. Wow!

I mean, maybe they've done 14 hours of Killer or Evil Grandpa or Grandma movies? I don't know. But, Grandpa and Grandma don't have the stereotypical burden of being thought of as evil right-off-the-bat, either. Apparently, this network thinks nothing of perpetuating a stereotype, especially if they can make a dime off of it.

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