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life alert emergency response device and service

I purchased the device for my 86 year old mother who lives in florida. After several months she does not want to use the device anymore. She has very bad knees and is in pain much of the time. She spends most of her time each day with my step father at the memory care facility and he is in the final stages of (7) alzheimer's. I do not want to continue to be forced to pay $70.00 per month for a device that is no longer being used. I feel like they are not being reasonable. I have paid for 15 months so far. So I asked them since my mother can no longer use the device can I transfer it over to another family memory who would be able to use the service. They said "appropriate" paperwork would have to be completed and I would have to purchase another 36 month contract and start all over. If the device can not be used I think it's reasonable to seek another family member rather than to be forced to pay for a device that's not doing anything. I feel i'm being taken advantage of at this point.

harassing phone calls

I called to request a life alert brochure for a family member. Now I am getting multiple phone calls from 800 numbers. On the voicemail it states that if I don't answer, I will keep receiving multiple calls a day because they just want to verify I got the brochure. I would have gladly answered had I not been threatened in such a manner. Very unprofessional and I'm probably going to take my business elsewhere now because of it.

current life alert commercial is offensive and feels unethical

The current commercial is extremely distasteful, offensive and seems to be aimed at terrifying susceptible, older citizens into buying their dubious service. It does not seem to be ethical to prey upon senior citizens in this manner. They should stop showing this commercial immediately, or at the very least remove the overly dramatic "buy our service or you could die a horrible death (paraphrasing)" parts of it. Just based on this commercial I would tell my own mother to never, ever use this service under any circumstances as the company seems to be in the business of manipulating vulnerable populations.

life alert contract

My Daughter from California set me up with a LIFE ALERT emergency system out of my concern for having to live alone while having significant heart problems and severe...

cancellation of service

On or about 10/26/18 life alert came to my house to plug in their system (that's all they did was plug it in and hit the button). Included in the shipping box was a contract that they wanted signed and returned via UPS. When I read the contract there was an item on line 17 that stated they could assign my account to any other alarm company they wanted and I had no say. Needless to say I crossed that language out and made a note by my signature to see the changes on item 17. UPS picked up the envelope on or about 10/30/18. On November 2nd I received a call from
Life Alert legal stating they would not sign the altered contract. At that point I advised them that since they would not complete the contract they were canceling the sevice as of 11/2/18. It took multiple phone calls to finally get some one to arrange for a UPS pickup. The pickup took place on or around 11/14/18. I again waited two or three days and called them to make sure they refunded my money. Of course they wanted something like $300.00. I refused to pay and had my credit card company place both charges in dispute. They waived the yearly service but still insist on the $96.00 setup fee. My opinion is since THEY refused to sign the contract all charges should be canceled. I can see this winding up in small claim court here in Pa. Which is another item in their contract that states all court actions must be initiated in California. Thank goodness they never signed the legal document that would have placed that language into effect. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. If you do deal with them get them to send you the contract before agreeing to any sevice.


Please remove your add.
I find your commercial with the fallen women at bottom of steps very upsetting.

My mother fell and laid saying help, me help me in a hospital.
It triggers my anxiety. I must change the channel immediately.

If your add needs a previous printed "trigger warning" you should reconsider how your choice will cause others to react.

I cannot watch it or worse even listen to it.

Surely you can come up with a better advertisement campaign.


So I called life alert for my 87 yr old mom. Talked to sales man who made it sound good. Paid my 198.00 for equipment. He told me they would ship it right out and it would arrive on Thursday and a service tech would be out on that Friday. 3 weeks later after I called twice and the same guy said he didn't know why and would call me back. Never happened. Then it's was suppose to have gps but it was not there. So I called back the same sales guy and he says you have to send this and that! Bla bla!! Anyways I live in Vt and my mom in NH. I said Look I just want to cancel. I told him my mom is not going to do all this she is 87 Do Not call her. That man the minute I hung up called my poor mom and walked her through exactly what I told him I was not willing to do. I am just grateful I called my mom the next morning before she had a chance to send. She was very upset. Now they refuse to give me my money back for the equipment. 198.00 for nothing. I feel very much scammed.

unethical behavior

If I could leave less than one star I would. It is less about the service and more about the hoops that they make you jump through when you need to cancel. I was the account...

commercials and customer service

I'm sure Life Alert is a fine company, however their commercials have much to be desired. The original commercial with 2 elderly women and a man who had fallen was on air for so long, I'm sure the handsome customer service rep, most likely is on filing for Medicare by now. The newest, really? It's like a bad Halloween spoof. Well, I thought I may just call Life Alert customer service and mention they may want to consider hiring another ad agency to produce their commercials, I didn't feel I was being rude in the suggestion, that said, the rep hung up on me. So much for that.

the new life alert commercial

Please discontinue the current ad. It is very upsetting to me. I found my wife passed away a couple of months ago laying on our bedroom floor. Your commercial punishly and painfully reminds me of my traumatic experience. Your old commercials were bad enough. But this latest one is scary and upsetting like a horror movie. I am considering contacting a lawyer to get Life Alert to stop airing this commercial. It is truly way beyond civil. It should be given an R rating

  • Updated by Ysrebob · Jul 22, 2018

    The pain I feel when seeing this add is almost unbearable!

  • Da
    David Smith Sep 04, 2018

    Take down this ad. please.

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  • Lv
    lvmealone Jan 26, 2019

    I agree this commercial is awefull and disturbing not to mention it comes on every commercial break and on every channel. It disturbs my kids and even gives them nightmares. Take it down

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cancelling of contract

My Father fell and was taken to the Hospital in March 2018. He then entered a Rehab Facility eventually becoming a permanent Resident of Cavalry Hospice Hospital in NY. Even though the social worker from the Rehab Facility sent a letter stating he would not be going home and would become a resident of the Hospital, they did not like the verbiage so will not cancel the contract. They are not even willing to provide a letter that needs to be signed! Talk about making a horrible situation worse!

unauthorized credit card charges

To Life Alert:

For the most part I have been happy with your company. I have used it to support my mother for over 2 years and had one of your representatives do an exemplary job in locating my mother in a local hospital when we did not know where she was. I do have to inform you that the last 2 months have been enough to sour my opinion of the company. My mother went into the hospital at the end of March 2018. I called on March 1st to inquire about closing the contract because the prognosis was not good. She was being helped to breathe at that point as she was unable to breathe on her own. I spoke with a young man who was nice enough, but in a matter of fact way explained that the contract could not be cancelled without a death certificate. He stated he would note the account so that the billing would not happen for the next cycle once you had the certificate.
I called again at the week of May 1st and was instructed to fax the death certificate to stop the billing. I did that same day and the representative emailed me back saying she did not get the attachment (which I did not send because there was a scan of the certificate in the body of the email. I made a separate attachment and emailed it back to her specifically and got no response. I emailed it again to the main email and got no response. I called again on the 4th and finally got the right department after 4 transfers and a being dropped in some persons voicemail box. I got a young man who saw the document and the previous conversations and set up an appointment for the equipment to be picked up. I explained my situation to him and wanted to ensure no further payments would be withdrawn. He told me a payment had been attempted to collect on the 3rd of May, which was after my conversation with your company and the receipt of the death certificate. I explained that I wanted to avoid any more billing and he advised since the status of pick-up was pending the billing would be on hold.
The next day May 5th my account was billed. It is difficult enough to be making arrangements for the loss of a loved one and the last thing we need is for a company we have depended on to appear greedy and uncaring. No provision to suspend billing until a death certificate is provided is a morbid enough way to end a contract, but to continue billing and frustrate a customer during this time is completely unacceptable. Now I must get back with your company to recoup money which is exactly what I told the young man I spoke to on the 4th who assured me that would not be the case.
Unfortunately, you have turned a satisfied customer into one who is extremely dissatisfied by billing me for 2 months of service that you did not render and will be as vocal as possible about my displeasure and recommend alternatives to your service to anyone who will listen.
Harold Myers

  • Sl
    Slayer213anon Jun 18, 2018

    I was placing an order for a system and the person I was speaking with took my credit card number. However, almost as an afterthought, I asked if there were any additional fees for cancellation and reluctantly then informed me that yes there would be a 3 month worth of charge - which would be the equivalent of $150 for the service we were getting - and he talked me into going ahead with it. But then told me there would be a call back to confirm the service. I did not speak with anyone to confirm the service until i called back on Monday (first call was on Friday). When I called back, I was transferred three to four times very abruptly, very rude people and the salesperson I finally talked to (which was the original one named George) was very abrupt and would not accept that I was not happy with the business practice of not informing that you have a a three-year contract until the end of the phone call after you received the payment information. I repeatedly informed him I did not want to receive the service, he was argumentative, making me restate 4-5 times my reason (unethical/bad business practice to not inform your client until asked) and I said, Sir I do not want to argue (as it had already been 10 minutes of me trying to cancel),
    I have not received any product or services and I would like to cancel - I do not want to receive your services. This went on several times and I finally said I do not want your services I will call the credit card company if I have to. He said, " you can go ahead and call the credit card company" then abruptly hung up on me. At which time I called the credit card company and tried to cancel the pending charge of $95 and they said that they were not able to cancel it and I would have to cancel the entire card and have a new one sent out and I said okay let's do that.

    Life Alert was extremely unprofessional, very bad business practices, both in trying to get service and in canceling service, and I would not recommend them for the fact that they do not allow you to know about their charges upfront. I had to ask about it, it was not volunteered, and the representative was hostile throughout the entire call.

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  • Sl
    Slayer213anon Jun 18, 2018

    And i had top completely cancel the credit card to stop the service that I had never confirmed.

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cancellation of policy

On [protected] Life alert was installed. My daughter whom I live with, was there. The installer was very rude. He mentioned this was a three yr contract & I was shocked. I said I...

discontinue service

Trying to discontinue service for 96 yr old loved one who is now in a nursing home is like pulling teeth. First you have to ask nursing home to fax letterhead from them and a...

Life Alert — unable to cancel contract

My elderly mother, who has no business engaging and signing contracts, signed up for Life Alert, almost 3 years ago. The contract was for 3 years. This month she has moved to an...

Life Alertthe entire system

*Initial installation: they showed up almost 2 hours early, and dad didn't let them in because he was confused. They called me and I advised they cannot install when he is home alone because he has dementia. We rescheduled
*Next installation: they did not show up at all
*Next installation: they showed up at scheduled time and my teenage son was there to learn how to use the supplies so that he could show us.
*Notes clearly state he has dementia and should not be contacted
*Dementia is listed on his medical form

It has been 3 months and my dad does not use it. I called to cancel and they said that the installer had dad sign a contract and we cannot cancel it without a dr letter stating he has dementia. It is absurd (and a waste of my time) that I now have to obtain a letter and send it in, when NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE A PATIENT WITH DEMENTIA SIGN A CONTRACT!

The manager I spoke to was rude, and tried to tell me that my father seemed ok to sign it. (he was not there at install, and he couldn't even give me the installers name)

Manager: Jr
Installation person who had dad sign the contract -- they have no record
Cancellation fee : -- no buy out/fee - you just have to pay it

Life Alertcustomer service

I have a huge complaint and problem with Life Alert and would like to have the recorded phone calls, not just the typed account notes reviewed and be reimbursed for fees charged due to being told the account was closed.
I called to cancel our account . The account was closed. Then I got a call and was told the account wasn't closed and that I had to pay a fee to close it or the account would continue to be charged until the equipment was returned. I was charged a $200 fee to close the account even after I was told the account was already closed. I was transferred many times to several different departments. How can I be held responsible for internal issues within the Company and how am I supposed to know who does and doesn't have authority in any of the departments I was transferred to when I'm asking to speak with supervisors.
Oct 27, 2017 at approximately 4:15 pm, I called to cancel my mom's account. I was transferred, and I believe I spoke to Ganadi. He asked me why I wanted the account closed. I explained that my mother could not afford it anymore and that our local Agency on Aging was going to help her. I was told that I need to return the equipment then he would cancel the account. I explained that I did not know where the equipment is. I was told I needed find it or they would not stop payments from our account. I have diligently searched for the equipment. As of yet, I have not found it.
I explained that our local Agency on Aging had gotten my mother a different medical system through a contracted agency due to her disability and low income status. A technician from the contracted company came out and replaced the Life Alert system. He stated that he left the old system at the house. The system has not been located.
Oct 30, 2017 I called Life Alert and was transferred. I believe I spoke to Ganadi again and I asked to speak to a supervisor and told him that I was unable to find the equipment. He advised me to contact the Company that installed the new system and check to see if their technician may have taken it with him. I asked Ganadi if we would be able to cancel the account over the phone with a three-way call between Him, myself and the Technician if he located the equipment. Ganadi said yes and that the system just needs to be deactivated and we could do it over the phone as long as an account holder was on the phone along with the technician.
I called the contracted Company on Oct 30, 2017 at approximately 2:30pm and requested to speak to the technician that installed the new system. They advised that they would contact him. I again called on Oct 31, 2017 and asked to speak to the technician that replaced the equipment. On Nov 1, 2017 at approximately 11:30am, I spoke to the Technician advising him the Life Alert System is not in the house. I asked him to double check and to go through his utility vehicle and tools again to make sure.
Nov 6, 2017 at approximately 10:20am, I called Life Alert again and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to James. I explained everything that had occurred and that I was trying to close the account. James said he would see what he could do. He put me on hold. When he came back on the line, he advised me that he could help me and canceled the account since the equipment was so old and wouldn't need to be returned and asked me to put the equipment into recycling if it was ever located. James said if anyone had any questions, have them contact him.
Nov 6, 2017 at approximately 2:55pm, Ganadi called me and stated that our account was not going to be closed because He won't close it until I return the equipment, not just deactivated. I explained that James had canceled the account and said if anyone had any questions, they could contact him. And, I asked him how can he re-open the account if it had been closed. Ganadi said I could pay a fee of $300 immediately and he would close the account. I told him I did not have $300 to pay it immediately. He said there was nothing else he could do and that James didn't have the authority to close the account. I told Ganadi that who does or doesn't have the authority wasn't my responsibility and that it was an internal issue within his company. I, was told the account was CLOSED. I again asked to speak to a supervisor. Ganadi told me that he was the Account Manager and that I had no choice but to pay the fee. Ganadi set up the continuance of monthly payments until the $300 fee was paid off and said I had no other choice.
Nov 7, 2017 approximately 8:00am I called Life Alert to get ahold of James to advise him that Ganadi re-opened the account. Got the phone-tree and the call was disconnected. I called 3 times.
Nov 7, 2017 approximately 8:20am I called Life Alert again. This time I entered X1333 (I meant to dial 1300) and I asked for a supervisor. I was transferred and spoke to Carlos. Carlos asked why I wanted to speak to a supervisor. I explained that our account was charged a fee after I had been told it was closed. I asked who the supervisor would be and what his extension is. Carlos said James wasn't the authority and there was nothing he could do. He transferred me to Renee. I left a message explaining why I called.
Nov 7, 2017 approximately 2:21 called to speak to Renee, got Jonathan. He wanted to know why. I explained to him that my account was closed and the re-opened and I was charged a fee. He said James wasn't an authority to close the account and there was nothing he could do. I told him the Company's internal issues weren't my responsibility. Transferred me to Renee. Renee said there is nothing he can do and I would still have to pay the fee even though I was told the account was closed. Again, I stated that the Company's internal issues aren't my responsibility and I shouldn't be charged an additional fee, since I was told the account was already closed. I asked for a different supervisor. I left my contact information with Renee to give to Erica.
Nov 7, 2017 approximately 8:50 attempted to contact James again. Unable to leave message.
Nov 8, 2017 approximately 10:30am Erica called my cell. I was unable to answer due to being t work.
Nov 8, 2017 approximately 12:10pm attempted to contact James. Unable to leave message.
Nov 8, 2017 approximately 12:14pm called Life Alert again to contact James. Got Sandy and asked to speak to James. She transferred me. The phone system transferred me numerous times and Juan answered. I explained to Juan that my account had been closed and reopened and I was being charged an additional fee and how can I be held responsible for the internal issues of his company and that I have asked to speak to a supervisor multiple times. Juan said there was nothing he could do, that I would have to pay a fee even though I was told the account had already been closed, and put me on hold. Juan said he would transferred me to Junior who is a Contract Supervisor at 12:55pm. Junior asked if he could call me back so he could review the account notes.
Nov 8, 2017 approximately 1300 Junior called me back. I explained what was going on and that I was told the account was closed and then was told it wasn't closed and that I would be charged additional fees to close it. And, how can I be held responsible for internal issues with who does or doesn't have what type of authority when I have been transferred so many times and have no idea who everyone is or what departments I've been talking to. Junior said there was nothing he could do and that I would have to pay the $300 fee to close the account even though I was told it had already been closed.
I told Junior that I keep asking to speak to Supervisors so I can get this resolved and every Supervisor that I have talked to tells me that "There is nothing I can do". I told him that is ridiculous, Supervisors have the ability to make judgment calls, that's why they are Supervisors! He told me he would call me back.
Junior told me I should pay the $300 fee since my mother was getting a FREE service now for her medical alert system through the contracted company with the Agency on Aging. I advised Junior that the Agency on Aging stepped in to help with a medical alert system because my mother is disabled and on a fix income. I told Junior that we have been loyal customers for 5 years and how can they charge me a fee after I was told the account was already closed. Junior said he would call me back.
Nov 8, 2017 approximately 1328 Junior called back and said if I pay it off immediately he would only charge me a total of $200 fee instead of the $300 fee. I paid the Fee under protest.
I do not feel that I should be charged a fee after I was told our account was closed by anyone in your company who closed it regardless of their authority or non-authority. Internal company issues are not my responsibility and I shouldn't be held responsible. I called in good faith and explained what happened to try and resolve this issue.
Apparently, Life Alert doesn't care about ethics and don't stand behind their word. They are in greater need of a $200 fee than a disabled senior citizen on a fixed income.

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Nov 14, 2017

    I wouldn't hesitate to side with Life Alert off they had just been upfront with the fact the $300 fee was charged for their equipment. If you can show the agreement was made to just cancel the account, you may want to simply follow the fair debt reporting and collections acts. They'll simply be forced to cease any contact with you unless the want to pursue the debt in court.

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Life Alert — life alert

We contacted Life Alert on behalf of our aunt who had signed up for their service. After years with them, she had to be transferred to a care facility. We notified them within a...

Life AlertLife Alert System

I subscribed to LIFE ALERT for my mom's safety and use. There have been issues since DAY 1! LIFE ALERT first assured us their equipment was not interfering with my mother's cordless telephone. We made changes to Mom's home to move her phone, then bought her a cord phone, which restricts her use. THEN Life Alert sends out a notice that their equipment 'may' interfere with cordless phones. Next, my mom had issues with her computer. Again LA says their equipment can not possibly be responsible. Last but not least, Mom started getting interference with her hearing aids when near the LA equipment. So - I called Life Alert. Tried to cancel TO NO AVAIL! Of course - THEY SCREW the consumer!!! CRAPPY equipment and customer service, yet the consumer MUST honor the 2 year minimum contract! I spoke with LA rep yesterday, informed her I was shutting off equipment. Funny... Mom's computer is now working GREAT and her hearing aids have magically corrected themselves! Coincidence? I think not! LIFE ALERT IS A SCAM!!! BEWARE!!!

Life Alert — Scam of employees

Life alert is a scam sign up with companies that do not require contract, I am an ex employee and worked there I know what I am talking about they prey on the elderly Management...

Life AlertI can't cancel the contract, because the rep kept silence

I signed the contract with the company, while my mother was in hospital, but my father was alone at home. But recently, they both moved to home for elderly people. I called to the company and asked to cancel contract, but the rep told that they needed to speak with me in person. I tried to contact the rep again, but he hasn’t reply to my phone calls. Strange situation and the behaviour of the rep.

  • Mi
    mistered Oct 20, 2017

    To cancel the service, they require you to speak to their 'Customer Retention Department'. Based on my repeated calls, I believe it is a department of one and that person never answers the phone. I've called 10 times over two weeks and am bounced around always ending up with Edwin Garcia. I think he only exists in voicemail because that's all I ever get. Needless to say the voice mails are never returned. Extremely frustrated and actually considering canceling my checking account so they can't keep taking money from me.

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  • Ka
    Karen Allyson Scott Mar 05, 2018

    yes, they are easy to get a hold of to sign up. Impossible to cancel with. I faxed letter from my dad's primary explaining that he now had 24/7 care and was on hospice. Also emailed the same day, saying I faxed letter. No response. Now am told "it didn't go through" and to repeat process. How surprising--not. All of this while we are going through more than enough upset and turmoil. Horrible company. There are other services that have no contract, and are even cheaper. But thought I was signing up for the best for Dad. So disgruntled.

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  • Da
    Dawn Josephine May 08, 2018

    If they force you not to cancel this is ILLEGAL - who are they GOD? If you contract (3 years) has been fulfilled and if wanted another Alert system, you can cancel with Life Alert with your Parent's approval since you got it from them. And if they do not cancel it - you can always tell your credit card company not to allow them to charge the money. No one can force you - but if you have 3-Year contract and you cancel you will be penalized instead.

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  • Ki
    Kirina Khodorkovskaya Feb 08, 2019

    My Mother signed up for a 3 yr contract just recently without realizing she was signing a contract. Now she wants to cancel and they are saying you can't cancel the 3 yr contract. My mother is old and a foreigner and she doesn't understand everything, she said no one mentioned it was a contract that she thought she was signing papers for receipt of equipment that they came to install. She didn't know it was a contract. And now they are saying there is no way to get out she should have known.

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  • Mi
    Michael Parkermic Nov 05, 2019

    Regarding cancelling Life Alert service contract, let me know your thoughts cancelling the credit card used to purchase the contract and making monthly payments. I'm assuming Life Alert counters by reporting the User to credit bureau. However, if User is at a very senior phase of their life in their late 80s, I can't imagine good credit reports are high on their needs list. Thanks for your time, Michael in Ashland VA.

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Life Alert — disconcerting the account

I got life alert for my mother she lives in alabama and i stay in michigan. She had it for two years when she had a stroke and had to be put in 24 hr care . I am unable to retrive...

Life AlertTV comercial

I find the TV commercial EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. It begins with a pitiful wailing, pleading for help. A camera pans through a house while the call goes on. Then at the bottom of the basement stairs we see an elderly woman lying on the floor.
This commercial is a SCARE TACTIC and in very poor taste. I think it equal to showing a dead baby commercial to pregnant women.

  • JKWilliams Aug 23, 2014

    Hon, I was putting in Pergo on Thursday, plumbing my kitchen sink on Friday, and up on the roof repairing a leak on Saturday. Sunday afternoon I got up from my chair to get a pencil sharpener, my leg felt awkward (weak) and I fell to the floor and worse, couldn't get up no matter what I did. Hearty, healthy, HWP, and hale for 60 yrs, and then that (stroke) happened - just like that. I think that's what the ad addresses. Yes, it does happen. When you least expect it. Chill out.

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  • Jf
    JFaden Sep 09, 2014

    I don't find it offensive, but I don't think they needed to take it to this level either. The company may have felt that people were not taking their old commercial seriously, but this is a bit much. I do understand that the exact scenario can happen and that falls are serious. They are depending on this getting a reaction out of people and it does. My reaction will be to change the channel when I see this commercial coming on because I don't want to be bawling my eyes out each time, just because they think it will sell their product. You can still get your point across without making people feel totally horrible. Take it down a notch, Life Alert.

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  • Ir
    Irith Hayblum Oct 06, 2015

    I totally agree. I'm an ex of Life Alert and have been with them for about 8 years. Would like to be in touch with you.

    Email: [email protected]



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  • Sh
    Shelly Moore Apr 10, 2016

    I am disturbed by their ads because I already have anxiety issues anyway and the beginning of the latest one looks like a friggin horror movie. I don't like it. And most of us wish we could afford this for out loved ones.

    Bad taste

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  • La
    Lawgal Nov 06, 2018

    Hate this commercial. My 9 year old grandson had nightmares from seeing/watching this commercial.
    Yes, I mute this commercial or turn the channel. I think this is a scare tactic for elderly people.
    Someone should start a lawsuit to have this commercial taken off the air and for mental distress. I’m sure this commercial does affect elderly people mentally and they are stressed by this commercial. So wrong! There are different ways to promote a good product!!

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Life AlertBe careful with them

I bought medical alert system from the website It broke after 3 days, when I really needed help, but before it I haven’t used it at all. I contacted the seller and told to solve the problem, but he only gave me empty promises and excuses. He did nothing, and I wouldn’t recommend you to deal with such people. So be careful if you use this website or leave comments if you had horrible experience with this seller.

Life Alert — They pester EVERYONE!

My Mother in Law had set up for Life Alert a while back. One of her sons found another company that was cheaper and better, so she cancelled. They have called everyone on her...

Life Alert — TWO WARNINGS regarding Life Alert.

37182 <b>TWO WARNINGS regarding Life Alert. Warning #1</b> is for anyone considering a Sales Position with this company Life Alert: Management will promise you (at the...

Life AlertTrue Story

I'm not complaining about Life Alert's services or products, only narrating an encounter with Life Alert.

I am an EMS professional and work for an for an undisclosed ambulance service in a city in the US. (I don't want to risk violating HIPPA)

One early morning dispatch radioed my ambulance of an apt address and that Life Alert called because a necklace was alerted. We ran hot to this call and quickly made it to the room; however, the door is locked. I pound on the door; calling out to see if there is anyone else in the room to unlock the door. Nothing could be heard from the inside of the room. No moans, no scuffling, nothing. Time still ticking, we managed to retrieve a security guard to unlock the door. Oxygen ready, I rushed into a completely dark apt room. I yelled that 911 was here in an attempt to help me locate my patient. Guided by the hallway lights I found the bedroom to find an elderly women laying on her side in her bed. I confronted her and told her 911 was here. To my surprise this women jumped up in fear. She quickly asked who I was and what I was doing here. Shocked, I paused for a second and blurted out, "did you call 911?" It was obvious that this person was sleeping and was suddenly confronted by 4 fire fighters and 2 EMS personnel. Realizing that we are not in the correct room we quickly apologize and leave the room. I radioed the dispatch center asking for a repetition of the apt address and explained why the room we were given was incorrect. Sure enough the records Life Alert gave our dispatch center matched the door in front of me. Dispatched called back Life Alert to ask for the address again. Still waiting, dispatch radioed to me that the address I was at is the one Life Alert has on records and told us to hang on. Knowing that we're at the wrong place we proceeded to to the elevator and took it down to the first floor, still unsure where to go. On the way down dispatch radioed they (as in dispatch) found the patient's ACTUAL address by Life Line disclosing the patient's name and then matching that to the company's 911 log. However, the new address was over 3 miles away and a closer truck we send to respond. I never found out what the patient's condition was when the ambulance arrived.

I don't know about the newer models but whatever necklace she had on did not have gps. If the patient was able to actually dial 911 then her location would be instantly traced and someone would of been there very quickly. Since she moved Life Alert only had her previous address. I don't know if necklace wearers are suppose to notify Life Alert if they move but for whatever reason Life Alert's records were not up to date.

Life AlertFraud and scam

It wasn't until I tried to cancel the service and transfer it to another family member was I advised that the unit I have is "outdated and not worth returning" to them. Also, I was told when the service was started, 6 years ago, that Mom would OWN the unit after the 3 years of monthly payments & the family could transfer the service to someone else after she passed away, without it having to be immediate, lie, lie, and lie.

I'd like to warn anyone that has had a unit for over 6 months to call Life Alert [protected]) and request a free upgrade, ASAP. Be patient because you may be transferred several times, but the only way you will get an upgrade on your "rental unit" is to ask for it.

You would think after paying so much money for the unit and the service monthly, under contract, they would be required to advise the consumer of technology upgrades necessary to maximize the service to them, but no, they did/do not.

I also had to fight with them about getting a credit back for services they charged after Mom's death. They were very unsympathetic, cold, and uncooperative until I insisted they give me the information I required to get a credit. Purchase with caution!

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    firesisle Mar 26, 2015

    Their "collections" people can be rude and arrogant when you're trying to explain what happened. First call: my wife told them we needed to cancel. It took a long time, and while she was on hold, she got sick and needed to vomit, so she hung up and ran for the bathroom. She got a message back from one of their agents rudely advising that if she needed to get this completed, she needed to stay on the phone longer.

    There is hope, however... ask for a supervisor; if they say they are a supervisor, ask for the next level supervisor. I found this to be successful. The next level assisted me wonderfully, took care of my problem, and then transferred me to the General Manager, where I advised him of exactly the problem I was having with a particular agent, and he listened, and in general it ended as a good customer service contact. It shouldn't be necessary go to the GM to get satisfaction though...

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    Tander3287 Dec 06, 2016

    I have had almost identical issues with my mothers account. I have called the GM 6 times with no response.

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Life Alert — It's a scam

I was interested in Life Alert for my grandmother. She is 80 years old. So I ordered it for her. From the way the sales man described it, sounded really great. Well I ordered it...