Lids.comcustomer service line is pathetic please help

C Jul 02, 2019

On June 30th I called Lids and spoke to a representative that told me she could cancel my entire order as it was delayed by an extra month. With Raptors recent win I wanted to get my order sooner as they had not been shipped by June 24th. One item needed an escalation request. On July 2nd I get an email saying the order has been shipped with the one item she had to escalate to cancel. My first call to customer service today the representative makes fun of me and my email and then hangs up the phone and tells me to "have a nice day" because I ask for his name and to speak to a manager. The second call with a representative she tells me that it's my fault that the order has already been shipped even though when I spoke to the representative on June 30th she said it could be cancelled. Now having being hung up on the first time and now having a representative antagonize me I ask yet again to speak to a manager. She claims I need to calm down. Keep in mind I am calm then she tells me to be quiet and cool down. I'm confused as to why the staff pretend to have fake conversations instead of actually helping customers. I am now left with an order being delivered which I have already purchased alone with additional shipping fees being charged. I am going to share this experience with everyone unless I am fully refunded and the staff I spoke with is reprimanded for such disgusting customer service.

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