Liberty PowerFraud, Illegal Use of Personal Information


On July 23, 2012. Liberty Power Corp sales representative Samira Siedge (Rep# 8013) approached my mother at her residence and offered to sign-up for a special program that would allow her to receive a discount to electricity bill. Siedge said that Liberty Power Corp is an affiliate of PECO Energy and provides a discounted program to the residents of Philadelphia county on behalf of PECO.

After I carefully reviewed the copy of the contract I realized that Liberty Power Corp is not affiliated with PECO Energy and that they signed up my mother for a much higher rate than PECO provides. I have chased Siedge down and asked her to return the account agreement and the PECO energy bill that she took from my mother. Siedge refused to return the account agreement even though the contract specifies that it can be cancelled within 3 days without a penalty.

When I asked her to return the account agreement again and said that I am going to call police she called her partner (black male, did not have identifying badge) who had threatened to physically injure me if I will attempt to call police. Then they both left the apartment complex.

I have immediately called Liberty Power Corp customer service line and notified them not to process this account. Their customer service representative said that my request was processed and gave me confirmation number: 1-[protected]. After researching customer complaints on the web, I am pretty sure that my request will not be processed.

I strongly advise you not to provide any information to Liberty Power Corp representatives. THIS IS FRAUD.

For those who already suffered from Liberty Power, we should collaborate to file a collective complaint and report Liberty Power to the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Here is my contact information, if you want to get in touch:

Daniil Krivov


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