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Liberty Power is an independent Electricity Supplier, serving the needs of tens of thousands of business customers in 12 states across the country where there is a choice of energy suppliers. This national coverage provides our customers with the benefits of a strong purchasing team and expertise in understanding the needs of a large base of business customers.

We are proud to help customers control their electricity rates by offering fixed rate plans that remove the volatility inherent in the energy market and protect customers from unexpected and unbudgeted electricity costs. In fact, electricity is the most volatile of all commodities – with market rates changing every second of the day. When electricity suppliers offer a fixed rate, it is based on market prices at a particular point in time. In order to guarantee the price for the contract term, suppliers pre- purchase the energy required by the account for the full term. In mitigating the risk of a market that can swing up and down constantly, Liberty Power helps business customers continue to do what they do best – serve their customers.

When we pre-purchase electricity, we make a commitment to the customer for the electricity they need for the term of their agreement, which is generally 1 to 3 years. If the customer chooses to end the agreement before the end of the term, there may be a fee for early termination. This will depend on when the customer exits the agreement, market prices at that point in time and whether Liberty Power incurs losses from that termination.

For more information on the volatility of the energy market, please see

We hope this clarifies the concern for this issue. We are happy to answer any additional questions regarding early terminations. Please feel free to contact Liberty Power Customer Care at 1-866-POWER-[protected]).

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  • Na
    Nate_Guinness Aug 05, 2010

    When you sign up with a provider for electricity or natural gas they (The Provider) "hedge" that commodity at that day's market rate for the entire length of your contract. If you decide that you want to switch to something else, the provider that bought the power for you is left with that investment. There are obvious damages and therefore you (the customer) are responsible for them. Basically you shouldn't get into a contract if you don't want to hold up on your part of the bargain. Why should the provider lose money because of your fickle decisions? If the provider decided that they didn't want to hold your fixed rate because the market went up, you (the customer) would be damaged and therefore you would hold them responsible. It isn't a double standard. The title should read: Warning Don't Get Into Legal Agreements If You Don't plan On Holding Up Your Part Of The Agreement.

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  • An
    Angelma360 Aug 18, 2010

    My question is why was the bill close to or same as original power company? I just got a cold call from Liberty Power Corp (HARD SELL!) and was pressured to enter into a 24 mo contract and save 1/2 what I pay now! When I asked for an email or website where I could see their terms and conditions, I was told I could only get by FAX and I needed to leave my FAX line free for 20 minutes. I said no thanks, I check your website--which specifically says you don't get the terms and conditions until you sign up, and they are mailed to you. Doesn't feel customer friendly. I'm not inclined to do business with this type of vendor.

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  • It
    itssmek Sep 06, 2010

    Liberty power uses fraudulent means of getting and retaining customers.

    A cold call from a female from Liberty power is trying to tell me that

    1. Since i am a few weeks out of contract with them, the rate went to DOUBLE of what i was paying and she swore it was CON EDISON setting the high rate and not them.
    2. Then she goes on to say that if i renew TODAY, the price drop will start TODAY and not next meter reading.

    This all sounded like BS so i called and spoke with a man that seems more honest. He (her co worker) told me
    that she was not telling the truth. I even called a few other suppliers that told me the same thing.

    I tried to leave a complaint with the manager but never got a reply. Strange.

    On top of this, i get a FAX trying to scam me to renew saying that i am canceling 10 months in advance of my contract which is BS because i was paying the high rate supposedly because i was out of contract! (I switched to a more honest supplier, this is why they sent this confusing scam letter)

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  • Ma
    MariaNJ Sep 22, 2010

    I have the same problem. They promised me a lot of savings and they have been overcharging me an average of $800.00 more than PSEG. To get out of the contract they want over $9, 000 because they said they purchased the electricity when I signed the contract. I am going to call the better business bureau because I can't deal with being overcharged for a year.

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  • Ma
    Marc DVX Oct 06, 2010

    My electricity bill in NYC doubled after I signed with Liberty Power in June, I switched back to ConED last month, they all waived the cancellation fee of (0.00) automatically but I had chosen a contract that did not lock rates so I can't imagine why they thought there should be a cancellation fee at all. I'm happy to be out of the contract but feel this mistake cost me $300-400.

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  • No
    No Liberty Nov 04, 2010

    I used to work for Liberty Power and used to sit next to the "Sales" team. Their office is located in South Florida. The company is owned and operated by David Hernandez and his brother who used to work for ENRON (sound familiar)?
    Long story short, the employees are encourage to sell based on any whimsical deal they make up and try to promise their clients. Once clients decide to switch with Liberty Power as their utility company, it is very difficult to go back because of Monopoly regulations that mandate that a certain % of clients to be held by a smaller company like Liberty Power.
    This is a shady part of the deal that Liberty Power does not like to reveal. Futhermore, the number provided above (1-866-769-3799) routes you to an outsourced location (not Liberty Power).

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  • Ri
    ripped off 75 Dec 02, 2010

    Liberty power is nothing more than a scam in my eyes and needs to be shut down !!! My Mother was tricked into signing a contract by a man who came by her business. The sad part is he said oh liberty power could save her $50.00 a month versus what her current power provider Ameren of IL was charging her, but when next month rolled around she was not only getting a bill from liberty power but also Ameren IL. Now my question is why in the heck would anyone in there right mind want to pay twice for the same service. Well to make a long story somewhat short she called Ameren and a Rep from there said they have recieved numerous complaints in regards to this company and has been turned over to the BBB. Since then she has had wrote letters to liberty with no reply back and then a month later she finally recieves a call from liberty telling her that the current bill was 1200 and needed to be paid at once or would go into collections. So with that said please be aware of liberty power and there high pressure scams ... they need to have there doors closed once and for all !!!

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  • Er
    Erica Lanosa Dec 03, 2010

    I am a current employee of Liberty Power and have been selling electricity to my customers for the past year. I was very upset to happen across this blog..after reading the comments above I felt compelled to deliver truth to the public. For starters I have NEVER put my customers into a rate or contract that did not have value to it!!! I do this by knowing my product inside and out and knowing what situation my potential customer is in. I retain billing details from my customers for their home or business and see what I can offer them in terms of an electricity rate. If the rates that they are currently paying are better then what I have to offer I let them know and tell them they are better off where they are but keep us in mind for the future if you start to see your bills increasing. :) The idea of a FIXED rate for electricity is that you are winning 10 out of the 12 months in the year and protecting yourself from market increase that arises, i.e. New York electricity in the Summer typically skyrockets!..the customer can protect themselves from variable market rates by locking into a fixed rate. NOW, with that being said. There are people out there in this industry that DONT do whats best for their customers and dont know the right information and that is why you are hearing complaints. It is also the customers' job to ask how and why they can save money to protect themselves from fraud. I would never tell my customer that they could not see a copy of the terms and conditions of a contract..the above statements are false and were probably a result of misinformation on both the consumer and sellers part. I DO save my customers money and take pride in my customer service...and as a former employee wrote (they were probablydisgrutled) the 866-769-3799 IS our corp office in Florida and the ONLY time you will get an outsourced company to pick up your call is if it is after hours or everyone here is busy, we dont want customers to have to wait. I welcome any calls regarding HOW I can save your home or business money as well as any concerns or requests about entering into an agreement with us..pick my brain about anything!, and I GUARANTEE you that I will be thourough in my analysis right down to your taxes so there is no suprises!! Feel free to reach me directly at 866-769-3799 x6728, ERICA LANOSA, INSIDE SALES. Many Blessings and Happy Holidays! :) Thank you for your time!

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  • Ji
    JillianMT Dec 13, 2010

    It would be nice to see someone have something positive to say about Liberty Power other then employees. It is a scam and my Company cancelled a week after signing. However last week (two weeks after we cancelled) We recieved a call asking if we got our welcome packages. I told the lady we had cancelled and she said she had to look into that and would call me back. Wondering if we are going to get screwed some how. They will probably say that we never cancelled and apply charges. Lets wait and see

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  • Na
    nauraa Feb 17, 2011

    I was looking into Liberty Power and it seems as though there are some benefits if one is patient enough to understand how their processes work.

    There way of doing business with their customers appears to be similar to that of a cell phone or satelite company where a contract for services over a certain period of time is executed.

    With any contract you consider what would be the reason for a cancelation and a charge for canceling. SO I asked why they needed a time frame agreement and why a cancelation fee if I chose to cancel...well the truth is that they purchase electricity from a generation facilty and it is in bulk (similar to Costco or Sams club) and this purchase is based on estimated or historical usage for each business that decides to sign up with Liberty Power. The idea behind the bulk purchase is as most may know is to gain a savings on quantity. That savings is then passed on to the end user...the customer in this case.

    So why the cancelation it is explained to me...the electricity purchased by Liberty Power in advance for its customers and there is no way to "store" extra electricity if it not being used...therefore it is a waste. This makes sense to me.

    In reality their service is no different than a 2 yr contract with a cell phone company or 2yr contract with your satelite provider. And even I have been upset over my contracts with my cell phone provider before and have felt stuck in a situation that I was no happy with so I can understand views from both sides of a negotiation. But I have learned to Educate myself and do some research prior to executing contracts with companies who are providing me a service.

    After reading everyones coments here I feel confident that Liberty Power is not in fact a Scam but a company that is providing a service to businesses who need savings in there electricity costs.

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  • no one ever bothers to blog about positive experiences, that's why there arent positive remarks you idiots.. they have been in business for years in like 20 states.. If it were a scam that wouldn't be possible. quit complaining and learn more about the industry you ###s.

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  • After having the misfortune of selecting Liberty Power as my provider, I paid my bills on time and in full every month. However, I switched to Blue Star Energy and the service was much better as well as the rates being better. It would be nice if that was the end of the story. Almost 6 months after switching companies, I received a statement for Liberty Power informing me of a credit I had with them in excess of $14, 000.00. A couple of months later, I received an invoice informing me that I owe them money. Keep in mind, my invoices were always zeros (never an outstanding balance). A month later, I received a letter informing me that I owe them in excess of $3000.00 for "under billing". My question is: has this happened to anyone else and is anyone interested in joining me a others in a class action law suit?

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  • Tr
    trmg Apr 15, 2011

    I signed a contract in the middle of march, switching to liberty power. I explained to the sales person that the bill was in my landlords name ( i own a small business) and that i didn't think I could make the switch. He explained that as long as I was paying the bill that I could. My landlord had a fit so I called my rep several times but he never answered or returned my calls. The number that he told me to call only had a busy signal so I faxed the company telling them that I was not authorized to make the the change. I finally called a different number and explained the situation and was told that they would terminate but I would have to pay over $1, 000.00 to cancel. Now keep in mind, this is days after I signed the contract and never started with Liberty Power. My contract was to begin in April but never did. I received my Electric bill and Liberty was never on it. I received a call today and was told that the termination fee is $1900.00!!! but they would negotiate a price.Who are these people? My contract was cancelled weeks before it was to start . I was also told that I should have known that I wasn't authorized to make the switch even though the Liberty Power representative told me that I could. I'm with the Law suit!!

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  • Ot
    OttoN Apr 20, 2011

    If you get a call from "Liberty Power", hang up.
    csr Tony will lie to you.
    Floor training ofc Leo Wilson will be rude and lie too.

    Liberty Power Holdings
    publicly gives the same address as
    Liberty Mutual Group, Inc. - 1-617-357-9500
    175 Berkeley Street
    Boston, Massachusetts 02116

    Supposedly SunCom Energy is a subsidiary of Liberty.
    It is a scam by Steven H Saiz.
    SunCom Energy (800) 557-8480
    1410 NE 26th Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

    They must represent themselves as
    SunCom Energy a partner of Liberty Power Holdings.
    Liberty Power Holdings is authorized to sell electricity to businesses in PA.
    But SunCom is NOT.

    Please report them to the better business bureau.
    Report them on complaint boards so others can easily search for this info too.
    Report them to the PA Public Utility Commission.

    By the way, SunCom & liberty prices are robbery!

    Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
    BUT they do not follow the Lord. They lie, just like the devil.
    The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.
    to buy their energy and use their product, honors satan, not God.

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  • Liberty power sucks it's funny how we have to pay two electric company. We have Atlantic city electric and now liberty power. We were supposed to be saving but liberty power has done nothing but charged us more than our primary electric company. We have rental property and added most of our buildings to liberty power. Because of the extra cost for electric we have lost tenants in most of our property. This is crazy, do not get liberty power.. I can show you proof if needed about how much more you are going to pay...

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  • Ci
    cirrus9 May 27, 2011

    To "The Only Bloger With a Brain": If you really had a brain, you would know that your name is spelled "Blogger".

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  • Ba
    bappysue Jul 22, 2011

    Liberty Power tricked my son into a contract for my company, then wouldn't talk to me about it until my son added me as an authorized person to the account. So I called my current provider and told them that I had not authorized the change. They immediately cancelled the change to liberty. Now I get a notice from liberty saying I owe them money for early termination. Since the person who signed was not authorized to make the change I have no intention of paying this of course, but I will certainly be reporting them to the BBB for their dirty practices.

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  • Te
    techtre2003 Aug 09, 2011

    I signed my company up for Liberty Power for a year. We have 2 office building so I started with one office. The bills we were getting were quite a bit lower. After that year was up, I signed up our other building and signed on for another year on the original building. Three months later, they send a letter stating we were billed short, it was Ameren's fault, and we owed over $2, 000. Rather than getting screwed another year, I cancelled the contract; which cost over $1, 200. I reluctantly paid it all because our company can't afford to have any bad credit. Stay Away from Liberty Power!

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  • Te
    techtre2003 Aug 09, 2011

    Actually mistated the "undercharged" amount, it was actually over $3000.00. Also forgot to mention that when I went back and looked, the meter numbers on the Liberty Power bills and the Ameren bills matched up, but the beginning and ending hours weren't even close; it was like they just made up numbers.

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  • Ri
    Rice joe Aug 16, 2011

    what happend if i did not pay the early termination fee? Is anyone did not pay?

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  • MikeJRYB Aug 17, 2011

    Liberty IS a good enough company if you ask the right questions, people.
    I am not a Liberty rep, nor do I have any plans on switching to them, but I am not going to bash them.
    To the people complaining that you are "paying for two services", yes and no. You pay your local distr company (utility) and the energy supply company for the actual generation for electric or gas. I have seen Liberty save countless customers, big and small, a decent chunk of change. The ones that get locked in with crappy rates deal with either: bad market conditions, an awful sales rep, both. If you get bad service off the bat, try a different company. Always be aware what you are buying. If they won't show you the terms and conditions, walk away, kick them out of your store, hang up the phone, etc. Call your utility or read your bills for the current price to compare and go with that. Be mindful the price will change throughout the year, and it depends on which state you're in. Examples like PSEG or ConED, will change every month. PPL and Nstar utilities change less often.
    As mentioned in other thread about another company, a good way to do your savings is set up to float on index for a while, then lock your rate when you get favorable market conditions. That is the tricky part. If you don't know how to do this, find help. Ask your sales rep. Never jump right into an agreement without researching first. Also if you don't want to "pay two companies" look for the suppliers that consolidate their bills with the utility bills, that way you are only writing out one check each month if that's what floats your boat.
    To some with written complaints about terrible sales rep, I am sorry that you went through that, but Liberty is a legit company, just a few bad eggs in the bunch. Never be afraid to ask questions, that's part of your reps job. And like I mentioned before, if they don't like it and are way pushy about getting you to sign, just shop elsewhere or find a broker.

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  • Le
    Let the truth be known Oct 13, 2011

    I have had nothing but good results from the consultant representing Liberty Power (in person). I signed up five meters on my properties and all five have significant savings compared to the Utility. Also, the consultant came back when I received my first bills to be sure I was getting exactly what was don't see that kind of service much anymore!!!

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  • Ne
    NECHAI03 Nov 29, 2011

    I live in East St Louis, IL and liberty power tried to switch my service with out my consent. One of there Agents came to my door and told me he was from Ameren Illinois power and that the company was giving every one a discount. this man take my account number and switched my service with me knowing. I am so out raged, why would i want to deal with a company that is give out misleading information and who agents or going around lying to the people. THAT IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO GET NEW BUSINESS!! AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW NOT TO SWITCH OR DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. WE ALL KNOW THAT WORD OF MOUTH IS THE BEST ADVERTISE!!!

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  • Gr
    Grog Dec 07, 2011

    I was contacted today by someone from Liberty power. Problem was, they did not mention that until much later in the phone call. They made it sound like they were from the utility company I presently use. I became suspicious when they began using my business name on the account instead of the name the electric account is really under. I also raised the question that the rate they were quoting me was more than I was currently paying. They said they were going to give me a $10.00 visa card to "offset the difference in the current cost". Now, I could have signed up for a more expensive rate, without the permission or knowlege of the person who the account is currently under (my wife) and would have had the problems that people report. They are taking account changes on accounts that people are not authorized to make changes too. That is illegal.

    Thankfully I was able to get a word in edgewise, and gave them the not interested. Bottom line, they use deceptive business practices to try to get you locked into a rate for electricity. I asked "What if the price goes down?" They had no answer for that. Apparently, I would be stuck paying the higher price for at least two years. That's what I figured. I can see as how many older people might be caught up in this (my term) scam.

    Electric prices do go up and down, but save your money, and keep your current supplier, or do your OWN shopping around. Don't respond to one of these "cold calls" wanting to save you money. As you can see from the people that were scamed, sometimes it doesn't save you anything.

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  • Lu
    luckster Jan 24, 2012

    I got a call and the guy actually talked me into signing..(like an idiot) and I know better! But I did, then 2 days later, realized I better check into it. He flat out lied to me and said Amerens rates were over 8 cnts per KWH and will be going over 10 cts per KWH in June and I better sign up now. The bills are impossible to read, so I trusted him. It was a company for goodness sakes. Come to find out, I pay less than 5 cents per kwh and about 4.5 in summer. I am trying to cancel now. I put a stop to it with Ameren, but the guy said it would be a 10 dollar cancellation fee. That's what he said, but I am really starting to worry since he lied about everything else. I filed a complaint with the FTC and thats where all your complaints need to go. She said she is receiving calls constantly about LIberty.
    please file with the FTC as they are handling the complaints against these unruly and lying companies. It's a shame that the telemarketers are ruining the company if in fact, they are honest. I am really upset, AND, IF THEY DO charge me more than the 10 dollar cancellation, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be on Fox news ..I am pissed

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  • Je
    Jersey Small Business Feb 14, 2012

    Many of the companies providing power don't have a cancellation clause in their contracts. Liberty seems to be one of the few that does. I run a small business. Their cancellation fee is a hardship for me. If I had understood what I would have to pay, I would never have signed with them. They deny that they can waive the cancellation fee, but then admit that someone in "senior management" decided not to. Don't do business with these people.

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  • Ri
    rivvlee Feb 16, 2012

    I was contacted in August 2011 and the woman told me she was from my electric provider. She informed they had to provide me with help picking a electric provider because of deregulation in PA. She stated penelec was no longer going to produce power. She said her job was to find cutomers the best rate to lock in. She said liberty power was the lowest rates locked in for three years as penelec was going to have dramatic increases. I signed up my five accounts and my bills increased dramatically. Penelec told me they never contacted me, thier rates have decreased. Found out it was a salesman for liberty that conned me. $800 per account to early terminate. The PUC should investigate these PIGS. bob in PA

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  • Da
    DanHHHH Feb 22, 2012

    They sure lied to me and now I cant get in touch with anyone to get me out of the contract I signed. Even the first day I called back to cancel when i found out I was going to be paying more for my power then with the company I'm with. They flat out lied to me. Now I'm trying to get in touch with a Byron White and have left messages and he won't return my calls.. This company Sucks!!! NEVER, I SAY NEVER, Do business with them.

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  • 1p
    1patience Mar 02, 2012

    Liberty Power needs to first learn customer service skills. I really hate to generalize, but after dealing with them approximately 10 times, there was only one person (the last person who was pretty high up) who was very understanding and courteous. After helping the owners of a restaurant that I worked at deal with this call, I made the mistake of giving them my cell number. The owners, who knew very little English, called me after I had stopped working there for several months to ask if I could deal with it. I agreed. From then on, they have pestered me, even after saying several times, "We are not interested...please do not call as we are not interested...please put our numbers on a 'Do Not Call' list..." wording it in numerous ways hoping to get the message across.
    They did not, and one day managed to call me repeatedly about FIVE times. I had it, and called the customer service line. My memory becomes muddled at about this time, but I either called up a specific person (could've been Erica, mentioned above) who directed me to someone pretty high up, or called customer service and got directed to this person. I told her everything that had happened. They even called me at a time when most (if not all) people do not want to receive phone calls.
    She apologized, and when I said I don't even want to deal with them again due to this bad experience, she said she would put me on the do not call list.
    Fast forward about a year later...
    I get a phone call from them, but this time for my residential electricity. I was confused at first because they first said they were calling from Liberty Power. I did not have a good vibe, but did not quite remember. I asked if they were working with PECO, and they said yes. They then asked if they could verify a few things, and then asked if they could fax a contract. PECO did not ask for any kind of contract to be signed, and this was when I felt increasingly uncomfortable. Plus, at the time, I was rushing to leave the office, and when I said that I'll take care of this later by calling PECO, they HUNG UP. No "OK. Would you like us to call you at a more convenient time?" or "OK. Our number is XXX-XXX-XXXX, and we are assisting customers from 9-5, " or even a "Goodbye."
    Seeing how 9/10 times I've had an unpleasant experience, no matter how cheap they are (which doesn't seem like it from the looks of these comments), the name 'Liberty Power' will forever have a bad stain in my memory. And if they improve on their customer service skills, it better be damn good or else it won't be enough to wipe that stain.

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  • An
    aniteowl Mar 08, 2012

    We received a thank you from Liberty Power, for switching our service.
    We DID NOT switch. I'm having a hard time even contacting someone there to make sure we are NOT switched. I sure hope we don't have the same type of problems I'm reading about.

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  • Ac
    A concern person Mar 14, 2012

    Luster, I agree I am still having problem cancelling will will do what you recommend and count me in to get on the news especially because they did that to my daughter who is mentally ill.

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  • Ri
    rivermen1 Apr 03, 2012

    Anyone that needs clarification on how these programs work and why they didn't work for you- let me know. I am a Independent Broker of over 30 electric companies. My platform has total transparency. I will show you how the program works and how the pricing works. The problem most people have is they sign up over the phone with a call center person that has no interest if you are being ripped off or not. I am an Independent Broker- just like a local insurance broker- and my income rests on your happiness. Let me know if there is any questions. NEVER SIGN UP WITH A PERSON ON THE PHONE THAT DOESN'T TAKE THE TIME TO SHOW YOU THE PROGRAM AND EXPLAIN IT. A PRESSURE SALE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A RECIPE FOR DISASTER.

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  • So
    sophia71 Apr 18, 2012

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. We own a small restaurant in Brookline. They sent a smooth talking sales rep in get an employee who was not authorized to sign contracts, to sign an agreement with them. The representative assured the employee he would speak with the business owners before submitting contract. He never contacted us, so now we are locked in to a long term with above market rates. This is a scam, and the PUC will not assist you in dealing with these energy companies.

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  • No
    No_BS Apr 25, 2012

    Buyer Beware. Liberty Power uses outside sales channels who call you and try to get you to switch. They will tell you anything and everything to make their pitch sound appealing. 90% of the time they won't save you any money, and may actually cost you money. As a business owner, don't make a impulse decision, and commit over the phone. You have to do your research and actually make the determination if switching will save you money. If your bill is less than $500.00 a month... it probably is not worth the time to switch.

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  • Ba
    B.A.S May 16, 2012

    I am also a sales rep, I work for a marketing group that sells suppliers all over the country (its called deregulation) it pays the bills, and also offers people a price for the electric for anywhere from 12months to 36months. If you don't want a set price or cancellation fees don't enroll its that simple. Sincerely GettingPaid.

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  • Or
    orna Jun 12, 2012

    Scoundrels & Thief's! Multifaceted lairs. Representative told me I was switching to green energy & I had 6 weeks to cancel with no fee. I STUPIDLY signed up then did some research. So a week later I tried to cancel it is $200 fee. THEY TOTALLY LIED ABOUT NO FEE TO CANCEL WIThin 6 WEEKS !!

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  • Ho
    House Fixer Jun 20, 2012

    Feel free to reach me directly at 866-769-3799 x6728, ERICA LANOSA, INSIDE SALES.
    I called her today and the line disconnected after 1 ring. I called customer service and was on hold for 20 minutes when I hung up. I've sent 2 emails to them, no reply.

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  • Co
    Concerned Kid Jun 21, 2012

    A representative showed up at my 92 year-old mother's house and got her on the phone with the company headquarters in Florida. My mother told me that the whole time she believed she was dealing with Com Ed. She did not sign anything, as far as I know, but must have orally agreed to something on the phone. When I went to her house I saw her Com Ed bill on the table with two pieces of paper folded up behind it. One was a Customer Terms And Conditions form and the other was a Notice of Cancellation form which I promptly faxed and mailed back. I don't know how they justified the change of service when the utilities are in my name; not my mother's. I put the utilities in my name in order to avoid this type of deceptive marketing.

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  • Iv
    ivan13 Jun 26, 2012

    Hey guys so my dad didn't know about all this he signed the agreement with them, they told him that we wouldn't pay for some extra taxes. I did some research because this look to suspicious and i found out is a fraud what should we do any help?

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    surfmom1 Jul 03, 2012

    hmmm they have been calling me daily, and say the the BGS-1 part of the ameren bill will be completely gone, no rider charges, and .06 flat rate. i asked them (after looking at 6 mos. of bills) how that would help me, because i do not notice any large chgs. in my rates - non summer is aprox. .024 and .0168 on the ds-1 part (which would change to the .06 according to the rep) but the BGS-1 (which they SAY will be gone) is .056 and .057 (ie under .06, but if you add the DS-1 and the BGS-1 parts, it is actually then over .06) it just sounds too good (as i told them) and the first guy said that after 12 months, you get a new reduced rate, (after telling me he could not send me any hard copy paperwork to verify all this) and the second guy said that i would get a package immediately, which would give me a 10 day option to cancel if after reading it i did not want to keep it. i keep thinking if it sounds to good to be true - ...

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