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12:00 am EDT

Libby Mixed Feelings About Libby: A Personal Perspective

As someone deeply passionate about reading and audiobooks, I have had a mixed experience with Libby. While the concept of accessing ebooks and audiobooks from public libraries for free is fantastic, the execution leaves much to be desired. The transition from Overdrive to Libby has been met with frustration by many users, myself included. The search and filter functions are lacking, making it difficult to find specific titles. The app's dependency on a constant Wi-Fi connection for audiobooks is a major drawback, limiting the flexibility of enjoying content on the go. Additionally, the recent issues with overheating devices and battery drainage have been concerning. As a dedicated reader, I long for the simplicity and reliability of Overdrive. Despite its shortcomings, I appreciate the effort to provide access to literary resources, but there is certainly room for improvement in the user experience offered by Libby.

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12:52 am EDT
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Libby Very convenient

This is a great source where everyone can enjoy listening to the audiobooks. I like listening to such books especially when you are busy doing something else.

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11:31 pm EDT
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Libby Great App

Get library eBooks and audio book loans or place a hold on a book from your library. Choose from 100's of books.

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  1. Pros
    1. Free access to eBooks & audiobooks
    2. User-friendly mobile app interface
    3. Wide selection from local libraries
    4. Offline reading and listening feature
    5. No additional device needed
  1. Cons
    1. Limited selection compared to competitors
    2. Requires a library card for access
    3. Availability varies by local library
    4. No ownership of purchased books
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Libby Libby is good

It is very nice there is not a thing you could change here is list of good book's emma and the blue genie roman diary

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Libby Easy to work with

I give Libby 5 stars. It was so very easy to work with, so easy to figure out. I never had to request help from the library staff. Search is easy too.

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Libby Perfect audio book service

I actually prefer listening to audio books because it seems to me that it's more interesting and you can even do whatever you want. If you need to go somewhere just remember that you have to take headphones and phone with you. There are lots of services which offer audio books listening, nevertheless I have decideto stop at this company. Books here are awesome and the subscription isn't very expensive. It's pretty cheap. The quality of the audio is very high, so you don't need to bother that you will not understand things that dictors will explain you.

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About Libby

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Libby is a digital platform offering access to ebooks and audiobooks from local libraries. Users can borrow titles via the app, which syncs across devices. Features include offline reading and adjustable playback speed for audiobooks. Membership to a participating library is required for access.
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