Lenovo Sl510bad product and customer service

A month ago, I ordered a sl410 from lenovo and they told me that it takes 2 weeks to arrive. I was desperate about having the computer hence calling them to ask about the progress of my order. The salesperson told me to wait for another week and try calling again. I waited for another week and I called them, I was told that my computer takes another month to arrive. They said that they were expereincing delays with my order and hence my shipping time has been delayed. As a student to live without a computer for a month is just ridiculous hence I cancelled my order. Then I decided to buy the sl510 computer from their business partners called technoworld. On the next day after I ordered the laptop, my laptop arrived. After 1 month (On the 28th day) the laptop stop fuctioning and shows the blue screen of death it was on a friday night and I had to call them on the following monday because they dont open on weekends which is fair enough. What made me frustrated was that I tried calling lenovo several times and they made me hold on the line for a long time. I hang up the phone and try calling again imagine the amount of money that I will have to spend on my phone bills just on calling them. After getting to speak to one of their techical support staffs, I was told that they will send me an an engineer on the next day (Tuesday) as I have got the 3 years on site warranty service. Lenovo asked me to perform several test on my computer before they could actually send a technician which is fair enough, I did it. The results came out to be the memory failure hence I reported that to lenovo. Then lenovo took note of that and said that they will send an engineer to replace my ram for me. I did warn them that they might be more than 1 problem with the computer. They said according to the test it is just a memory problem so the engineer will only come with the ram. The engineer came on the next day (Tuesday) and found that it wasnt only the memory problem it was the hard disk and software that were crashed as well. I told the techician to report to thier company that I will need them to come on the following day to come and fix my hard disk then. The technician actually promised to give me a call back as soon as he gets a response from lenovo. I waited and no one called. I called lenovo technical support department again and they said they have ordered my recovery discs and hard disk and these products will only arrive next day (Weds) so they can only come the following day (Thursday). I was pissed off because I did warn them that it wasnt only the ram problem and they insisted that it was only the ram problem. Now that there are further delays with the repair of the computer, it is such an inconvenience for me. What I bought is the next day on site service and this is not even next day. Fine I waited. On weds I called again and warn them about it might not only be the hard disk as have experienced earlier, they say if there were other problems, the test that I performed earlier would have detected it. The test is clearly a failure because it initially said it was a memory problem then the technician came to me and say it was a hard disk problem. I called them on weds and ask them what time will the technician be coming on thursday. Then they say I am sorry you have been scheduled to monday. I was extremely pissed because they didnt inform me of any changes not until I call them and ask. This is how irresponsible lenovo is. I called on tuesday and they say they cant come on wedsesday because they cant get the parts ready by then and hence they will definitely be coming to thursday. Now that they say I have been scheduled to monday without informing me. I called their service manager personally and said that it is so irresponsible for them to make changes without telling me. The service manager said that they did not actually schedule me on thursday which is not what his staffs has told me on tuesday. I will never ever buy lenovo ever again and I strongly strongly do not recommend anyone buying their product or services.

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