Legends Car & Van Rentalsservice

Gt Apr 12, 2019

I called to reserve a Mustang for what I felt was an important day to me and I wanted to just ride in a nice car with the top down all day. I originally rented a Slingshot from LA Exotic Car Rental. When I arrived to 3607 Pacific Ave Marina Del Rey the business did not exist. Having caught 1hr 15 min Uber ride there I was super pissed. So on my ride back home in Uber I decided to reach out to Legend Car Rental in Los Angeles to rent Something not as cool but cool. They were so pleasant over the phone. They made the reservation over the phone with me and sent an email for me to confirm the lease agreement. They told me all I would have to do was click on reserve and submit payment. That option wasn't available when I received the email so I just opted to do it in person. I arrived 20mins after I made the reservation and immediately felt profiled. I tried to break the ice by sharing with them my already horrible experience prior to arriving. The Caucasian guy was being very rude. He had an attitude and was like your going to have to wait at least 30mins for us to clean it, then he asked the young lady working for them to call and verify my insurance. Needless to say, it was taking them a very long time to verify insurance and to prepare the vehicle. The young lady kept going to another room to talk to the Caucasian guy, it was an extremely uncomfortable feeling and I was already late for an event that began at 10:00 and now it is 11:15. I had been in there office since 10:30 and the event was over at 12noon. After the event, I wanted to ride in style. They claimed they were waiting for a fax from the Insurance company. I thought when you rent a car you can choose to use your insurance or theirs. Any ways this place and the other place totally ruined the day I envisioned having. I truly feel that I was profiled and that is why they were dragging this thing out. I won't ever spend my hard earned money with them or will I recommend anyone of color to them.

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