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My brother made numerous collect calls to my mom's landline, [uninformed of price per call or minute] due to the circumstances she needed to except the call. She has stage 4 cancer, going through chemotherapy, and is on a fixed income. Really needs her home phone for dr.'s phone calls, where we live we have very bad cell phone reception. Anyways when opening her at&t phone bill that's normally $70 is now $1500.00. She tried to make arrangements with them to pay it off, but realistically could not afford to make the payments that were arranged. As of monday feb 21st she now has no phone, thanks to this complete scam and ripoff of a company they call legacy. I feel something needs to be done. Also i can't believe at&t would be affiliated with this scam. My mom has had the same phone number and service for the past 25yrs. I want to take any and all measures to start a class action lawsuit and inform the media of such a scam.. Thankyou


  • Wine Is Good May 17, 2016

    AT&T are not affiliated with them. Your brother became affiliated with them when he used one of their phones to call your mom collect. Once your mother accepted the calls, she accepted the charges. If it were me, your bother would be coughing up the money to pay. Collect calls are expensive, especially those from a jail or prison. For $1500 bill, that must have been a LOT of calls, or a few very long ones. If your brother is still incarcerated, it will be cheaper to either let him tough it out, or put money into his house account for phone calls. That way, if he has no money, he can not call.

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