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Within an hour of placing an online order with Leapfrog I realized my son had already purchased one of the 5 items I had ordered. I called to cancel the one item and was told that because the order was in process I could not change my order even though it had not been shipped. The supervisor I spoke with at Leapfrog is Reha employee number 942. She said because the order was in process it could NOT be changed and I would have to wait to receive the item, get an RMA # then ship the item back. This is very poor customer relations. I have never had an online so unwilling to work with me on ANYTHING! CONSUMER BEWARE OF LEAPFROG online orders!!!


  • Ju
    Justme22 Nov 15, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Their customer service is horrible!! I was hung up on by a supervisor! My son's Leap Pad Ultra has a nice crack across the screen. It took very little "effort" to crack (a toy car rolled off our coffee table and landed on the screen). I called to see what they can do. The representative told me they do not have a repair center so she apologizes but there is nothing she can do. (silence). I said nothing? Apparently a cracked screen voids the 1 year warranty. I said so that's it? I asked to speak to a supervisor because that is ridiculous. She then perks up and says well she can give me a free app. I said that is $10 and the unit's screen is cracked! I said asked again to speak to a supervisor. She wanted to get more information from me. Asked me what the email was that we used to register the product. I told her and then asked when did we buy it. I said I think a two years ago? She goes, actually, you set it up December 2013. I asked why did she ask me when if she knew? ugh. She asks what kind I have. I said Ultra. She askes XDI or normal. I said I have no idea, isn't that on her screen as well? She didn't answer and went to get supervisor. She comes back and says they are unavailable and are on with another customer. I said ok, I will wait. She said again how nothing they can do. I said I have looked online and found where people had cracked screens, took a picture and sent to Leap Frog and they sent a replacement unit. She said no, they don't do that. I said well, there were many people who said that happened. And I also found a discounts were offered on another unit. She said nothing they can do. I said I really want to talk to her supervisor. The supervisor comes on and I say I have a cracked screen. The supervisor is saying the same canned response how a cracked screen is not covered and nothing they can do. She goes on to say about how my "Epic" isn't covered. I said I don't have an Epic, I have an Ultra. I told her of what I found online. She said the "promotion" for a discount is no longer valid. I said that is horrible customer service that there is nothing they can do to help me. I said I wouldn't recommend them to anyone and that it is a high priced item for children. I again mentioned online and she said the Two Year "Kid Friendly" warranty is only for items purchased from them directly (I bought mine at Target). I said that is horrible service! She then starts saying if that is all, she thanks me for calling. I said you are hanging up on me? and "click". that 's it. Seriously???? I am sorry, but something should have been offered, not just "sorry, nothing we can do, have a nice day". Just horrible they aren't willing to work with you to keep their name reputable. It is a shame because I was going to buy another unit for my other child this year. And if given discount, I was going to buy and replace the broken one. Not anymore.

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  • Ju
    JustMeherenow Feb 10, 2016
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    Another disgusted customer. Stay away from the LeapFrog tablets. Wasted my money on an Ultra XDI. They sent me a defective replacement and now expect me to pay return shipping so that they can "test" their defective product. I will never buy another LeapFrog product. Keep getting told "sorry for the inconvenience.". Apparently not sorry enough that you don't care that you are losing another customer.

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  • Tu
    Tuggy87 Jan 04, 2016

    Terrible devices. And leap frog has absolutely awful customer service. They are over priced as all the apps are too. I would recommend going with a kids fire tablet. Better price, free or cheap apps, and Amazon has great customer service overall.

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  • Su
    suberku Oct 05, 2015

    leapfrog is not good guys! ive bought headset and on the left side was a trouble. I call my shop for replacement and the warranty is OK. But after sent the headset back to leapfrog on June 12, 2015 to claim the warranty, is not finished yet until now. How many months do you need leapfrog? We are dissatisfying customer from Indonesia, tell the truth your company has bad services. thanks

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  • Lm
    lmariewill Sep 08, 2014
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    I have noticed almost a complete internet "black-out"on the tag reading systems. I was wanting to find out if I could fix our Tag pens ourselves because they quit working so fast after purchase. Also was wanting to know if anyone knew where the downloaded files were at in the program itself. Was trying to hack it because of poor customer service, plus to put the unavailable books I bought on the new Tag reading & writing system. I have over 12 books that are rendered useless because they refuse to have them available for download. How to put the audiobook files in the program from my other Tag program basically, but can't find anything! They are totally frustrating! I've got way over 400 dollars invested in these people, but no help!!!

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  • Ar
    Artam Aug 26, 2014

    We bought three leapsters and they were great. But then my children didn't use it anymore so, they stayed in a box. Now, when we wanted to give them away, the pen did not work. So now I know that the leapsters are long term toys! And the callibriation does not work. If anyone finds an answer to this, please reply.

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  • Cu
    curtisbr Mar 12, 2013
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    My "Interaction" with "LeapFrog Customer Service" is absolutely ridiculous. It's long. Longwindedness is ingrained in me.
    I know that this is not your fault so please excuse me if this comes across as really irritated, but I am really freak'n irritated. I bought my son a Tag Reader for Christmas and he has used it a lot and earned many rewards. We have 14 books and maps connected to his Tag including the Space, World Map, and USA map. My MIL just got him the Things That Go! book. Only 1 of our books is listed on the Rewards page.

    There are 4 online games that are available and all of them are unlocked but none of them showed up as new they were just there the first time I opened the rewards page. I just spoke to someone at customer service and they said that when Tag World was closed a lot of the books that are supposed to have rewards available no longer are available. That is Terrible. When I checked the website about the closing of Tag World it said that the main things available were things that I haven't heard of and that those things were now available on LeapFrog Connect. There was nothing in the message about books that claim to have rewards not being available. This is incredibly frustrating and kind of amazingly ridiculous.

    I have a parent account set up. I have the account set to the United States. I have a very good internet connection. I have just connected the Reader and only disconnected it after I saw that the Rewards and books weren't available.

    Please Oh Please tell me I'm doing something wrong so that I can feel like an idiot rather than being upset and severely disappointed with a toy that I thought was really fantastic. Every time he earns a reward he gets so excited and can't wait to go get them.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    LeapWorld's main usage for consumers was to download micromods and Pet Pad pet supplies for the Leapster Explorer and LeapPad devices. Based on customer feedback, we've simplified this process and integrated this feature into the LeapFrog Connect application.

    Leapster Explorer and LeapPad owners can now download pet supplies and micromods via the "Rewards - Pet Supplies and Micromods" tab in LeapFrog Connect.

    Additionally, Leapster Explorer, Leapster2, and Tag Reader users can find a new selection of online games available within the LeapFrog Connect application.

    Some of new books are not included on the Rewards tab under the Tag.

    Let us know if you have further inquiries.

    Ummm, that response really didn't address my question. That was just a cut
    and paste of the info I found online about Leap World that really didn't
    answer my question the first time I read it. I even stated in my original
    message that I had already found the information about Leap World on your
    website and that the information wasn't answering my question. "Some of the new books". You mean ALL of the books claiming to have rewards.

    I only know about the prior existence of Leap World because when I called
    your customer support center the person I spoke with told me that there
    were things that used to be available through LeapWorld that aren't
    available now that it has been closed. Although the post that was on your
    website that you forwarded to me claims that everything that could be done
    previously on LeapWorld can now be done through LeapFrog Connect. I believe
    that she stated that LeapWorld was closed sometime in the summer of last
    year which shouldn't be relevant to me at all since we didn't purchase any
    of our Tag materials until October or November.

    It's just incredibly frustrating to have a product tell you that you can do
    something (especially when it tells your small child to expect something
    repeatedly) then not be able to do it and receive no actual help in
    resolving the issue or have any real explanation as to why you are having
    so much trouble. I mean Why in the World would the product be programmed to
    instruct you repeatedly to go online to do something that isn't actually

    Why in the world are none of the books that we just bought at Christmas and
    a week ago available to receive rewards through Leapfrog Connect that claim
    that he is earning rewards when he uses them with his Tag. I have
    downloaded the Connect program. I have opened an account. I have made sure
    that the account is set to the United States.

    I have always loved your products and was really looking forward
    to continuing to buy books for the Tag system and then to buying a Tag for
    my younger son when he outgrows his Tag Junior. I really hope that this
    surprising disappointment and resultant poor customer service response doesn't
    stops me from looking to your products in the future.

    We apologize for any difficulty you may have experienced with LeapFrog. We have carefully read all of your comments, and take them seriously. We will do our best to make as many improvements as we can so that you can have a positive experience in the future.

    You'll need to play the books first and relink the toy your account with these steps to unlock the Online Games:

    1. Launch LeapFrog Connect
    2. Click the Parent account link in the top right corner of LeapFrog Connect and sign in
    3. You'll now be on the "Who plays with these toys" page
    4. Locate your Tag and for any player profile that says "Who Plays With This?" click on that and select the child's name and Save
    5. Click "Finish" at the bottom of the page
    6. Close LeapFrog Connect, then re-launch LeapFrog Connect
    7. Connect the Tag.

    Let us know if you have further inquiries.

    I just got off the phone with a very nice customer service person who told me that the email that I got explaining how to fix my issue was not actually an answer to how to fix my problem. Surprise surprise, because the instructions made no sense what so ever since my sons name was already connected to the account through the parent account and he has used his Tag with All of his books and maps .

    I know that whoever is reading this isn't at fault so I am not angry with you, I feel bad for you that the company you work for is forcing you to deal with something that shouldn't be an issue to begin with or should have a solution. If anyone is reading this, based on the emailed responses it could be a randomly generated computer answer. I mean the answers don't even refer to my issue at all. This is obviously a larger company issue, but it needs to be fixed.

    The person on the phone told me that if none (well 1 out of the 14 is available) of our books and maps are listed on the rewards page then none of them are available. So even though they are telling my son that he's earning rewards (and this has nothing to do with Leap World since we bought his Tag and all of the books and maps in the Fall of 2012) and his face lights up asking if we can please connect his Tag to see his rewards I have to disappoint him every time.

    Other than this (and I discovered recently that I am completely unable to uninstall the connect program, I keep getting a fatal error, I was hoping maybe if I started fresh it would help) I really love your products and so do my children. I hate that my association with LeapFrog has been so terribly tainted by this experience. When a toy that is insanely priced promises your child something (as it promised you the consumer when you decided to purchase the item) it is not the the time to teach them about disappointment in the world. We do that every time he asks for something I'm not going to buy, which is often.

    Fix this LeapFrog.

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  • Do
    Dont Play it on ur PC Feb 20, 2013

    May be a hacker or virus portal, too. Forced downloads when I opened the app and there were random generated names on the profile select screen.

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  • Df
    DFHGOXZHD Jan 09, 2013


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  • Kl
    K la Oct 07, 2012

    Was asked to update the connect program, or else I couldn't reload my sons MyPal. The update wouldn't install as an 'older' version of the connect couldn't be uninstalled. The program cannot be manually uninstalled, and the new program will not install. What a waste of money!

    I will never buy another leapfrog product again.

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  • Jm
    jmath Feb 10, 2012

    We are appalled at Leapfrog.com's customer service and policies when it comes to returns. They charge higher prices, astronomical shipping fees AND return shipping fees for GIFTS!!! In this day and age, this is insane. Customer service was unhelpful and fairly rude. They have lost our business, and the business of family and friends. From now on, if we choose to continue to order LeapFrog items (Which we typically love), it will definitely not be from their website. We will make our purchases at Target, Walmart or Toys R US, where customer satisfaction is valued. Shame on them for taking advantage.

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  • Ma
    MariusSmith Oct 07, 2011

    I bought the LeapPad, with this awesome marketing on the net. They indicate that they have over 100 apps available for download assisting your child to start reading and writing. Pleay games etc. They never indicated allmost all apps would be for your own account (Did have an incling though). The real kicker is that because we are not from America, we can't order the content, ... not even via credit card and then just downloading the content. If that's the case, .. why export the rubbish to South Africa. This thing is utterly useless without being able to buy and install new software titles for your child. They did respond to my complaint by directing me to the same stupid website where I cannot purchase anything online. WHAT A TOTAL RIP-OFF!!! I now sit with a device that I piad for (worth over R1, 000), and it's just lying on the table. Please do not buy this product! It's a total hoax!

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  • Qu
    quatromoore Jan 21, 2011

    I have never dealt with such poor customer service in my life!! I called LeapFrogs customer service only one hour after placing an order for an item that I found out was not compatible with my niece's older leapfrog system. So when I called to hurry and cancel I was told they could not because their warehouse is so efficient in processing orders. Really? My order wasn't processed and sent out for another two days!! Then when I received it I spent over 45 minutes on the phone waiting for customer service to give me a return authorization number before I mailed it back. I am still awaiting a refund over a month later! The worst customer service ever!! Do not put yourself through this. Do not buy through the company. You will really regret it!!

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  • Wh
    What3 Dec 15, 2010

    I have had many problems they stole almost 200 dollars of mine. Sold me a broken product 2 years ago and have not replaced it nor refunded me. Have filed a BBB complaint and no reaction at all. Their customer service has no clue what they are doing. Have written to their executive office and again no reply. They just don't care. Just take your money and after that they take no responsibility. They surely should not be selling children's toys with that attitude. Obviously they don't care and have no intentions of making the customer happy nor supplying good product their only purpose is to make a quick buck.

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  • Ke
    Kelly1234 Dec 07, 2010

    I have been waiting on hold for phone support for 2 hours!!! The response from email can take up to three days.. NO THANKS LEAPFROG! This kind of service sucks!!! Im returning this item now! As a mom I dont need the hassle or have time for bad support.

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  • Na
    Natalie6446 Dec 01, 2010

    I was just charged 3 x too! They put me in the negative on my account and all they could say is that it would be taken care of in 3-5 business days. But that's not all, I submitted an order two weeks ago, I was charged but the order and received no confirmation email, so I called and they swore up and down that it was delivered last week. They said they would get back to me, but they didn't so I called the next day and I had to ask THEM to confirm my address. They were dealing with someone elses account with the same name from someone else across the country. So they said my order was lost...So they were going to get back to me to make sure I was ok to place another order since mine was lost, and they charge me three times. I called back to speak with a supervisor and they did not have much to say. I'm furious!

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  • Cu
    CUADRA Nov 27, 2010



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  • De
    DevSysJB Feb 12, 2010

    After installing leapfrog connect and trying to run it. It will prompt with error; Unable to start leapfrog connect and then when you click ok on that error, it will erase the installation folder automatically as if it was never installed.

    That is how crappy the programmers are at leapfrog and that is enough to inform me not to use their products ever again.

    Sincerely, DevSysJB

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  • De
    DevSysJB Feb 12, 2010

    Leapfrog Connect software isn't working on windows XP.
    I have XP Home and XP Pro here at my house and i can't get Tag Junior leapfrog connect software to start. It will install fine but soon as i initiate the shortcut to open leapfrog connect it will say an error; unable to start device.

    I followed the intructions correctly and it wouldn't work.
    I also tried extracting the plugin files into a folder and installing device manually but still same results. Unable to start device.

    I even used a short usb cable, i used the usb jack on back of computer* which doesn't matter what usb jack you use but i tried everything suggested from technical support in the forums.

    P.S. I'm a programmer and pc technician.

    Don't waste your money on CRAP PRODUCTS such as LEAPFROG brand.

    I alone have wasted over $100.00 on different leapfrog products.
    I even bought the leapfrog kiddieland car for my daughter for $50.00 and it's front mechanical parts broke in the first week of normal use.
    Although my complaint is about the leapfrog connect software which is obviously garbage and does not work; i feel that the chinese leapfrog company should be banned in the united states for ripping off our economy by millions of dollars if not more !
    Leapfrog should be sued for their actions. Think of all the victims whom cannot use leapfrog connect to download their new books data. We have these books, yes we can read them but the kids want to use the readers. That is the whole point of the product and that is why it was purchased.

    Goodbye Leapfrog!

    Sincerely, Programmer DevSysJB

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  • Le
    LeapFrog Hater Jan 01, 2010



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  • Kb
    kbennett51770 Dec 30, 2009

    My husband and I purchased leapfrog Tag Junior and the associated books for our 2yr old for Christmas and I have had nothing but a run around since it got unwrapped and I tried to download the leapfrog connect software. The software window says it will take 4-5 hours to download onto my computer ( not real happy about the time frame but I tried) and after the first hour I was bumped off the site with an error message saying my internet connection was interrupted but I had other website windows up and running. I tried the download on 5 different occasions with the same results. I tried their alternate download twicw to no avail so I emailed customer support and had to wait 3 days before I got a reply but all that said was too bad so sad (in a nutshell). Immensely irritated I phoned customer service. The only number I could find was for internet shopping and was informed being that the product was purchased in store they could not help me. All I wanted was for the darn thing to work, thats it. Is that too much to ask? In this economy and the cost of the product I think my expectations were fair.

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  • Jt
    JTM24 Dec 23, 2009

    My daughter received the Fridge Farm for her 2nd birthday last week. One of the pieces included in the product was defective (the magnet is broken and thus won't stick). Unfortunately, we did not have a receipt as it was a gift and the giver did not provide one. It was suggested we contact LeapFrog directly to get a replacement part.

    I was instructed by the first call center representative (and it should be noted their call center is in the Philippines), to submit a photo of the defective product to the email message she had sent. After sending this photo, I received a message back from LeapFrog that the email address from which the photo was sent is not the email associated with the issue. I called back and confirmed with another associate that the email address was correct and resent the message. We waited to confirm receipt on their end. After 15 minutes of waiting and talking with the representative, we hung up, and literally not 1 minute later I received the "invalid email" message again.

    Contacted LeapFrog Customer Support a 3rd time (4th over all, as my wife contacted them last week and was told they would return her concern with 1-2 business days), and spoke with a "supervisor." Esther and I were on the phone for nearly an hour trying patiently to get this issue resolved. Part of this time was spent helping the "supervisor" debug their own system. We tried a different email address from which to send the picture. Esther confirmed that the picture of the defective product was received, however, there would need to be a copy of the receipt of purchase in order for them to do anything. It was explained to Esther that the receipt did not exist as this was a gift and therefore the reason we are calling. (if there was a receipt to begin with, we would not have contacted the company). Esther offered me her "deepest" apologies, but confirmed for me that there was nothing they were authorized to do for us. She did however, in recognition of our inconvenience, offer us a 15% discount on our next purchase of a LeapFrog product!!!

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  • Da
    Dayski Jun 23, 2009

    I agree leapfrog customer service is dia. Ive emailed them via their info email 5x, no response. Emailed the support email, they deny making the item im asking questions about, i sent them a picture and have been ignored for the past week. Phoned their customer support, on hold for 10 mins until i gave up and rang head office, got a ring back but the lady again denied the product saying it was a branded product and therefore i had to ring hong kong to get an answer about a product bearing their TM. I will avoid in future, not impressed at all but it seems the norm at present for companies to offer poor CS once you have spent your money or signed a contract.

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  • Ka
    Kara Smith Dec 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, Leapfrog sucks. I am currently in phone hold hell waiting for a return merchandise code. I'm so annoyed at this company I won't even ever again purchase one of their toys!

    How any company can operate like this in the 21st century is absolutely beyond me.

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