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Complaints & Reviews

my pal scout puppy dog

As a new mum I thought I could rely on leapfrog as it's well known!
For my baby's (8month) main Christmas present we thought this would be amazing! A little puppy that can be his friend and help him learn! It also says his name! WOW!!!
Well how wrong was we!
Finally got around to Trying To set this up and even though you type his name in it still says it doesn't understand it! My son's name is Reggie no exactly hard! I even tried typing Reg and still didn't understand!
It also didn't fit my phone connection.
So now I'm stuck with this "best education" toy that my son can not get full use from.
I'm a first time mum with very little income and tried to buy him the best I could by selecting leap frog! I can assure I will never purchase this brand again!
Considering I emailed to explain we'll iver a month ago and still have no reply.
I'm utterly disgusted and disappointed.

leapfrog epic tablet

My son's leap frog epic will not turn on or charge. I followed the directions given to me online on troubleshooting it and it still doesn't power on or charge. I contacted customer support and they suggested to replace the power cord after telling them it's not the power cord that's defected its the tablet because I tried the power cord on my cell phone and it charges me phone just fine. I even tried using the USB cord that came with the tablet and plugged it up to my computer and the tablet still doesn't charge. I explained this to them several times and they still suggested to replace the power cord. This is the worst customer service. ever. I will never buy another Leap Frog product again.

LeapPad Ultra

My daughter turned her tablet on recently and it looked like ink had spilled under the screen. The leap pad cost over $100. It's not a cheap device and I don't want to treat it like trash if it can still be used.

I contacted customer service by email and they are not helpful at all. You made a product for kids that can not be fixed if it is broken. That makes absolutely no sense. I need my device replaced or at the very least to be directed in the direction of getting the screen fixed.

leapfrog epic edition tablet

Good morning,
I would like to file a complaint, and to hopefully get it resolved. My son's tablet of less than a year, does not work. The charging port is completely loose, making charging the tablet impossible, and somewhat harmful to even consider plugging it in. I would like to add that my son is only two, so I was the one in charge of charging his tablet when it was low on battery. I have been searching online to see if this was a common problem with this particular tablet, and to surprise, I found out it was. I would like to request a return or repair, free of charge being that it was a manufacture issue.

leappad platinum


I cant not believe this hasn't yet to been resolved. Below email sent to ceo. No response. I think we should be given a preplacement. When I call the canadian customer service i'm definitely not speaking to a canadian and they do not understand what I require. I'm so upset these pads are not cheap neither the games. What is sad is my daughter cant use it. A part of me feels I should of bought the vtech pad instead.

Leappad platinum
Mon, oct 23, 2017 4:34 pm
Dear john barbour,

Please see if you can look into this.

I've had a problem with my daughters leappad for over 6 months now. 

I feel as though I haven't been given the best help that leappad company could give and I think it's not fair that i'm having to take off time to email head office in hope that this gets dealt with to a quality standard that leappad company has portrayed.

At first I believed the stylus was the reason why her leappad wasn't responding. So I contacted leapfrog and they kindly sent out another stylus. We then realise that wasn't the case but it took me some time to ring leappad again.

I called several times to leappad, they advised me that if a part of the screen was working then it was the apps that were the issue. So they took off the two apps and told me that they will provide me with two apps of my choice and look into the two that I purchased.
So they didn't reply back with the outcome so I called and they advised me that there was nothing wrong with the apps. So I asked if there is nothing wrong with the apps then it must be the screen and they said no. I was very upset as she has just started jk school and I love the doodlebug writing app. So they basically left me without a satisfactory outcome.

So I gave up until now. We changed our wifi password and so now my daughter is unable to connect to leapsearch because everything thing requires a password that we are unable to put in because 1, 4, 9 when press doesnt even respond.
I couldn't get into the parent section to change her usage time either as there is a lock on it. So I can not regulate her time on it either. I then realized that the information that leappad provided me was incorrect. I also find it very challenging speaking to the customer service because I feel they do not understand


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leapfrog table

Hello, I am writing to file a complaint in regards to my son's LeapPad Ultra Tablet. We purchased this in December of 2015 or January of 2016. The screen became non-responsive in one very small part of the screen. This appeared to be a calibration issue, similar to what I experienced with older leap pads that we have from our other children. After spending a full day in June trouble shooting the problem, per instructions on the LeapFrog website, I attempted to reset it (appears there is no way to recalibrate the Ultra screen). Unfortunately, the drop down menu on the screen that has to be completed to progress through the reset occurs in the same spot that is non-responsive in the screen. So now, my sons LeapPad is stuck in the reset screen and unusable. Had I not attempted to reset it per website instructions, he would still have a working, albeit not perfect, tablet. I called customer service and spend quite some time trying to explain it to the representative. It was very hard to communicate with her and in the end she said it was un-repairable and out of warranty but should could offer me some free apps. I was very disappointed in this. I thought the screen would need replacing (although there are not visable defects) or that it could be sent in for repair. And, I will admit that I was a bit angry at being offered apps when I don't even have a usable device.

The device is 1.5 years old with mild-moderate use. Had it lasted longer or we used it more or damaged it in some way I would understand. But neither of those cases apply. So in the end I (as well as my son) am disappointed and will not be purchasing another LeapFrog tablet.

Leap tv games and tag pen

first of all ive never had a problem with leap frog and love their products, thats why im so disappointed with customer service and support. i purchased the tag pen with a dozen books, flash cards and kindergarten activites.my computers usb wont read the tag pen so all the books and stuff are worthless, the games for the leap tv keep crashing right after they start. i called support and that did nothing, i was told the pen was discontinued so there was nothing they could do and the trouble shooting was not working, i tried everything. i bought the leap tv, an extra controller and 5 games so disappointed. i just want to send everything back, nothing works and the trouble shooting for the tv was so difficult for me and didnt work. when i called customer service i couldnt understand the lady i was talking to and was told there was nothing i could do but take it back to the store, well i bought it on zulily, they dont take stuff back. when i told her i was just fusterated with the defective toys and that ive spent hundreds of dollars on leap frog products, that meant nothing. when i asked to speak to someone higher up i was told they was noone and no corporate office to register my complaint, i was told to write a letter but i couldnt understand her while she was giving me the address. i will never purchase a leap frog product ever again, im appalled at how you dont back up your products and how you treat a valued customer. i would send a picture of all the leap frog products we have, but i dont know how. im horrible with technology, it gives me anxiety, thats why i bought kid stuff thinking it would be easier...boy was i wrong. now im stuck with all this stuff that doesnt work, the leap tv makes my kids cry because the games reset 5 minutes into it and i have no idea what to do. my 4 year old is the most upset because the leap tv, tag pen and all the accessories were his birthday present september 1 and he cant play with anything, we just look at it all and think what a horrible waste of money. im a single mom struggling and it took me forever to save up that money, i watched for sales and everything i was so excited about these products. i guess i could sell everything but thats a horrible thing to give a child a gift that doesnt work.

My Pal Scout

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a My Pal Scout either repaired or replaced as it came out of the package at Christmas not working. We thought it was simply the battery but it is not. Leapfrog won't help us because we do not have a receipt. We don't because it was a gift. I have tried several different ways of contacting this company and each way is a different and equally frustrating road block. I will never buy another LeapFrog Product ever again and I will make my voice heard among my friends.

Connect is awful

LeapFrog is the worst company to buy kids electronic toys. There website Connect is nothing but problems, updates never work and computer crashes constantly during the process. This company seriously needs to start from the ground up to redesign their website Connect until that happens we will never buy another electronic toy from them and our friends are doing the same.

Very Frustrated!!!

Crappy Customer Service

I had order a christmas gift for my daughter on black friday. I entered a typo in my address and the product...

Will not give refund

I spent 2 hrs half of which was on the phone trying to download my purchased apps to daughters leap pad 2. I...

Customer Service

Don't ever buy at Leapfrog online store!!!

Leapfrog online store is the worst customer service I have ever experienced! Don't ever deal with them again!!!

I used a coupon during my order, which worked fine all the way through. It gave me the discount I should get---Ok, so I placed the order. Seconds later, I received a confirmation email, the discount wasn't not there! Nowhere shows my coupon. I called them right away, and talked to various people, the answer is "no, we can't cancel the order, we can't change it...blah blah." The only option is wait to receive the order, ask for an RMA number, and send it back--and pay the return shipping on my own.

As a good customer as I always have been, I did exactly that. I waited for the items, called for RMA#, and shipped them back---paid $12 for return shipping. Then nothing happened. No refund, no credit. I asked them again, the answer is they have no record of receiving my items. I mailed with delivery confirmation, it was delivered two weeks ago!!! I am furious! Not only I lost how much I paid for the items, and return shipping, but all these time and frustration dealing with their notorious and shameless customer service. I will never, ever use any leapfrog products, and tell everybody I know to do the same.

website order issue

Warning: www.leapfrog.com is not reliable. I signed up for a new account and was told an account with my email already existed. I then proceeded to login successfully with the same account and the password I created. This was a sign of things to come... I placed an order Sunday night and received the message "Thank you for your order" Click here to continue shopping. After not receiving email confirmation of the order I called today (45 min hold reps with accents) to find out what happened. The order did not go through. Prices went up since Sunday and they would not honor. Mary told me there was nothing she could do and there was no Manager higher than her to speak to. Was told they "would all tell me the same thing anyway". I was told that I should have sent an email to them after 1 hr of not receiving a confirmation email guessing there might be a problem. This information is not posted on their website. So since I am OOL, and this info is not posted publically, please be aware that YOU SHOULD EMAIL SUPPORT IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITHIN ONE HOUR OF ORDERING. Judging from the attitude I experienced it won't help, but that's all I have to go by. Good Luck... Thanks for nothing LF... I see others are not happy either.

did not receive

I purchased comcast services through Leapfrog because they offered $300 in rebates if we purchased all 3...

Horrible service

Their sales staff were horrible. I was very impressed with this company's website as well as their staff.

poor customer service

Within an hour of placing an online order with Leapfrog I realized my son had already purchased one of the 5...

Horrible service!

I purchased a Leapster L-Max online after having a hard time finding it in the stores after Christmas. It took over 2 weeks to arrive, then the touch screen broke within 5 days. I called and they said they would ship out a return mail slip to pack and send it back. This took 2 weeks to get just a return slip... Shipped it back to them same day on 1/29. We still didn't receive a new one or hear anything so I called them on 2/15. Rep confirmed they received it on 2/4, but had no idea what the status was, where it was at, when a new one would be shipped. Said we should receive it within 2 weeks... I said cancel the order and credit my card back and went to Target and bought one that night. Thinking that was the end of this, a month after I called to cancel, guess what I get in the mail?? A replacement L-Max. I called customer service again and asked them why they shipped me a new one when I canceled my order, why they didn't credit my card back. They gave me some BS answer that they already sent the shipping information to UPS... Then she wanted me to pay out of my own pocket to ship it back to them or wait and they would ship out a return mail packet. I finally got to the manager and she said they would ship out the return mail packet by end of week... To be continued if they keep screwing this up..

I work in the e-commerce industry with merchants all of the time and this has got to be THE worst company I have ever seen from a service, billing fulfillment and customer service perspective. It is pretty standard when you ship anything out nowadays to always include a return slip (it cost the company about 3 cents to do this..). When a customer returns something, you should be able to track it from the first second you get it until they sign for the new replacement. That is just basic e-commerce 101. When someone returns something, don't take 2 months to replace it. Stop outsourcing your customer service to India. etc. etc.

Lesson learned here, DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY DIRECTLY. If you like their products, go to Toys R Us, or Target, buy them from there and pay $8 for the replacement plan!

  • Ma
    MARTIPANTS Dec 25, 2009


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Terrible customer service!

The toy was great and my son loved it, unfortunately the quality of his L-Max was not. I have received...

Going on 4 months for a $20 refund!

On 11/18/07, I ordered a Leap Pad for my niece for xmas. Discovered she already had one so begins my ordeal of trying to return this sucker. Apparently, you need an RMA# to return something to Leapfrog so I called to get one. Customer service told me she would escalate it and someone would contact me. Go on vacation for 1 week, and there are no messages or emails from them. I then emailed for one and get an automated reply saying I will get a response in 48-72 hours. A week goes by and I reply and ask again. Still nothing. This is now mid-January and I write off another note blasting their lack of professionalism and customer service and I finally receive a reply with an RMA#. I mailed it back (with delivery confirmation b/c I just don't trust them) and it's now been 4+ weeks and no refund and no responses to my inquiries. Reported them to the BBB but not hoping for a resolution. Mind you, it's only $20 but I've never seen such a lack of customer service for a supposed reputable company.

  • Pa
    Paula Mar 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a similar yet worse story. Purchased 4 Leapfrog gifts in Nov. for X-mas. (L-Max, Brightlings Station, Fridge Phonics, Walker). When my kids opened them on X-mas a.m., #1&2 did not work (I had also purchased a number of cartridges & add-ons for them). After numberous emails and calls, days gone from my life, w/crying kids, I finally get an RMA 3 wks later. Now #3 no longer works. Send back #1&2, get #2 2 wks later and #1 is not in stock, but due in 3/3. I was promised by the customer rep my L-max would be the first off the truck (her words not mine). Still no L-max, just got the RMA for #3. Each time I call, same thing - ph# & order #, no resolution and a rep that sounds like they're reading off a card and in India! They just repeat what I already told them, just much slower. VERY FRUSTRATING.

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  • An
    Another scammed by Leapfrog Mar 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also feel very scammed by Leapfrog. I bought the Pentop Computer for my daughter and nowhere on the packaging does it state that it does not work with a Mac...until you open it up and try to install it. Of course, then, you cannot return the product. The program is compatible with Windows XP, but only on certain brands of computers....Mac is not one of them. Further, customer service is HORRIBLE and after spending all of the money on the package, even more money on the 'special' notebooks ($10 each), Leapfrog wouldn't even consider refunding or crediting any portion of this money. This is FALSE ADVERTISING at it's finest and it is absolutely disgusting! I would discourage anyone from purchasing any product from this company. They do not disclose the limits of the products and then, when they don't work, they will keep your money and not care one bit. This is a terrible way to do business in this economy...people work way too hard for their money Leapfrog!!!

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Wrong pricing, rude comments

Purchased Learning Leapfrog Tad on 12/4/2007. Was physically marked 19.94 on toy. Several other...