Las Vegas Athletic Clubs (LVAC)membership renewal

N Aug 11, 2018

Earlier this week I received a call from an employee at the LVAC central office to renew my and my husband's membership which would be $210 each. I asked how much it would be to switch to a lower package which I was quoted $144 each. I said I would call back so that I could discuss it with my husband. I called back later that week ready to pay $144 for myself and $144 for my husband to renew our memberships. To my surprise I was told that I would need to pay $35 each to downgrade our membership. I was never informed of this downgrade fee from the employee I first spoke with. Even the notes that LVAC keeps don't mention that the fee was informed to me, according to the second employee I spoke too. I really want to renew our membership at $144 each. I was misinformed and strongly feel that we should not have to pay the downgrade fee.

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