Lancomelancome beauty products. unethical behaviour


Message: On the 5th of December 2017, I wanted to purchase some products
from Lancome San Francisco international airport, I approached an
assistant and asked for a dark shade of foundation.To my utter shock,
the shop assistant responded by saying that that particular outlet does
not stock dark shades!I can not begin to explain how insulted I felt by
this!San Fransisco is the hub of diversity! for a shop assistant to
actually say that dark shades are not part of the stock, in this day of age is completely wrong on all level.I felt insulted and discriminated against.
The Lancome shop assistant at the duty-free departure section did not show any understanding of delivering good service. She was extremely careless with saying that the shop did not stock dark shades!she absolutely did not understand how wrong voicing such a statement came across!
I boarded my flight back to back to the UK, without my products and in a complete shock scratching my head trying to comprehend how a Huge international company like Lancome that I believed was ahead with being diverse and inclusive would not stock dark shades in the departure section in an airport that is known to have diverse clients!

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