Lancomeeyeliner and makeup service

C Apr 04, 2018

I decided to get my makeup done at Limeridge Mall in Hamilton, Ontario Canada for my daughters wedding. I told the lady that I wanted a natural look. She proceeded to put blue eye shadow on my eyes, which I told here I did not like. She then removed it. In order to get my makeup done for free I needed to purchase two items. I purchased the Le Stylo Waterproof eyeliner and a lipstick which I didn't like the colour of but the sales person insisted I should get (probably because there was a shortage of choices...their stock was a choice of maybe 10 colours). I did not use the lipstick and returned it only to find they still did not have any more stock. I ended up getting a lipstick for my sister-in-law. ( That cost me $45). I use the eye liner but I am disappointed because it leave a smuggling on my eyelid. I told the sales person that I had oily skin. I think I would have been better off doing my own makeup for my daughters wedding and saved myself a lot of money.

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