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Lakeside Apartments complaints 3

Jul 01, 2019

Lakeside Apartments - lakeside apartment & condo building

One of the worst places I have ever lived!!! To the new owner Andrew Hayman. Does your house at 2948 Woodland Ridge Dr, West Bloomfield, MI 48323 look like Lakeside Apartment & Condo Building in...

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Lakeside Apartments - big scam bait-and-switch lisle il

Can someone tell me why this company Lakeside Apartments Hayman Company of Lisle, IL is still in business? I moved in 3 weeks ago. They were as nice as pie before I moved in. Well when I called for a carpet repair they said I did it and then charged me on my next rent $240 dollars to fix it. (still not fixed)

The kitchen cabinets don't close right or installed right. Everything in this place is done wrong or just done to get it over with. From the front door to my bed room, every room something is done wrong or just done to cover it up. I have cracks in my front room.

They came out and filled it with caulk and then painted over it looks like a 6th grader did it. My bathroom toilet runs all night, my stove don't match my fridge. The light switches are so old I had a spark come out of the switch when I turned on the light. My microwave doesn't work right. My patio door doesn't close right because there are no wheels on it.

My closet doors don't close or match, every door is different in the apartment. The dishwasher only has cold water and my kitchen sink is old and has dents in it. The kitchen floor is old and looks like it was never changed. Holes in the corners, bugs in my bathroom. Every day I have to kill something.

I have never seen bugs like this. When looking online it tells the story. Even when I was looking at this place they showed me a demo that everything is done right and looks good, but pulls the bait and switch when you pull up with your truck filled with all your sh*t. What are you going to do?

They tell you the apartment we showed you was rented all ready. Really I moved into the sh*t hole I had to take then. Went to the place they showed me and the person living next door told me they do this to everyone. He even told me there was a big flood in this building a year ago. Someone had to call the old property managers AIMCO.

Now we have a company that does the same practice as the last group of a*s holes Don't answer there phone, sent them endless emails to [protected] but when you look on Google, it's the old email from the old property managers company's email [protected] I was told that they wear not working with Lakeside Apartments.

When I emailed George and asked what's going on, he sent me an email asking me to stop asking so many questions which made me start thinking this place is a scam. I can see why this place got a zero on reviews. I had to learn the hard way.

Links to prove the same is still going this company will soon be on the show American greed

Here is a webpage I saw online. Whoever made it, I would love to take them to dinner.


We are a law firm out of DuPage County, Illinois. We are filing a lawsuit against this company Lakeside Apartments/AIMCO/ (Hayman Company) 4800 Lake Trail Dr in Lisle IL. If you or know someone who is looking to be added to this lawsuit, PLEASE have them email us at [email protected]

Thank you for emailing us. We will have one of our US attorney investigators contact you soon.

We made an appointment to look at a 2 bedroom apartment at Lakeside Apartments in Lisle, IL. It took two days for someone to get back to my girl friend. Every time we called, we got a voice mail asking us to email them. We don’t know there email! We were getting ready to go look somewhere else. We got a call from someone from there office, a crabby [censored] that said, Ya when is a good time that you can come and see what we have open. So we made an appointment for the next day. When we got there, it did not feel right. Most people who want to rent to someone would show some emotion. Not even a smile. Maybe she was having a bad day. So she took us to a place that looked great. Really nice, everything looked new. My mouth was open. She let us walk through the whole place. Everything from top to bottom looks great. We have a dog and they take dogs. This is going great I said to myself. So we took a rental agreement to look over and we told them we would get back to them this week. Well when I got out of there, I still felt something was too good to be true. It was, I looked on Google, and Yelp, complaints board and the BBB. I told my girlfriend lets go back and talk to someone who lives in this apartment complex. We did. All we had to do is drive to the place where everyone workouts at and it has some kind of party’s upstairs. Well it does not look like what is on the web page. The room was dirty and I saw the business office they said they have. Its two computers and a desk. Not at all what was on the webpage. I can see my girlfriend was getting upset, so I said forget it. Let’s just leave. There were some people in there, so we asked how it is living here. They told us there lease is up in 2 weeks and can’t wait to leave. They also told us they just got new management called Hayman Company and that they are worse than the first company. So I asked how there apartment was, and was it as nice as the one we saw? They smiled and said would you like to see where we stay? So we said yes. When I walked in this place, the hallways looked dirty and smelled. When I walked in there apartment, I was ready to cry. I don’t know how anyone can live in that place. What a big difference from the one I was shown, but that’s what they do. Show you what you want to see and tell you what you want to hear. Until you find out the hard way. I feel bad for them. They seemed like very nice people. So for anyone looking for an apartment, pass this one up.
We then went to Green Trails. They are very nice, and the workout room looks like a real gym. I don’t have to have a gym membership any more. This place has it all. The rooms were great, the staff was even better. Great swimming pool and the kitchen was so beautiful. Everything was new. I knew I found my new home for my family. The staff said this one is open if you like it. We signed a lease that day. I told my girlfriend that God was looking out for us. She is also 3 months pregnant.

This place is a [censored] hole. Me and my girlfriend have been here for 2 years. Don't even think about moving into this place. They don't tell you that the workout room and the laundry room is in the same area, great! You’re working out and some jackhole is washing clothes. The cardio systems are very old. No TV or music on the cardio system. Last year someone took the big screen they had. So there is nothing to watch. But the person washing clothes, your working out and they are smoking cigarettes. The pool 4 times had to be drained for some one taking a [censored] in it. Drug dealing 24/7. They say this is a smoke free apartment complex. My hallway smells like pot 24/7. Garbage all over the place. Used to have dog bags for all the [censored] all over. They took that away too, so be careful where you step and I lost count how many times someone has tried to break into my car. It has been towed away and I got a sticker, but no one can read either in this place. Your dimed to death. Everything just like a house. What they don't tell you is your sharing your bill with the entire building. Great! Some [censored] jacks up his heat and everyone pays for it. Scam! There is no hot water ever. One week I had to shower at my mom's house because the water heater went out. It took 10 days to get it fixed. The door in my bathroom don't close right. There are two different hinges and no stoppers. My freezer leaks all the time, my kitchen sink water pressure is weak. The dishwasher smells because of the well water that is used. We had the water tested. DONT DRINK THE WATER. All of the water, toilet water is all flushed through the same system. One time I wanted to make coffee so I filled up my pot. It looked like someone pissed in my coffee pot and the smell of the water! I had to open a window. Showering also is the worst. You have to hold your nose and clean your [censored] at the same time. The ring around the toilet is rusted. I put tidy bowl in it to hide it, but again the smell is like a dead skunk. Speaking of skunks, they are all over the place, with the dead dog [censored] all over the place. You can't even walk in the grass. The spots are sprayed in with green paint. I guess that's easier than getting a strip of grass to put down and be over with it all ready. Everything is done like Laurel and Hardy in this place. Painting, you should see my hallway, wall cracks in my ceiling and walls. The carpet in my hallway is as thin as paper. Dirty, smelly, if someone comes over they see the cable box with wires all over. The stairs are full of dirt. I can't find one thing done right. You name it, it is done wrong and sloppy. Who built the stairs to this place an 8th grader? Weak as [censored], no paint, looks like a drug dealers house. I don't even have my family stop by, its embarrassing. The porches are weak to, so sitting outside on a nice day is out of the question in this place. The pool to sucks, dealing drugs, trying to steal your [censored], no life guard, it is dirty. I don't swim but would love to lay out without having to be asked if i'm looking for some drugs or have my girlfriend feel like a piece of meat. This place has got to go. New owners, new workers, new everything. Don’t learn the hard way like I did. I saw there reviews on Google. WOW

Feb 03, 2011
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Lakeside Apartments - Lakeside Apartments LIsle IL

The complaints from the Lakeside Apartmentsin lisle IL tenants are fairly typical: bed bugs, broken windows, leaky roofs, cockroach infestations and mold, among other problems. What is alarming...

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