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M Sep 09, 2018
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I purchased a Kubota 2650 with turf tires 72-in belly deck and a front loader. When they brought the tractor to my house they never told me how to run it they dropped it and left. I fired up the tractor took it to the lawn engage the blades to see how it was going to cut and it was cutting funny. I then shut it off raise the deck and took it to my garage when I got to the garage I had found that the tires was hitting the mower deck enough to where it wore the paint right off the deck. I was not happy I contacted the dealer he told me to bring it in and they will adjust the deck and then I could pick it up when they're done. I stated that I want the deck touched up because it's metal-to-metal and I do not want to rest when I went to pick the tractor up I was told by the technician that I should have never been able to buy this tractor because the tires will hit with a 72 inch deck on it I was never told that. When I bought the tractor. When I pick the tractor up the deck was not touched up and I was upset. I filled out your survey and gave low ratings I asked for Kubota to contact me back and nobody did I asked for the dealer to contact me back through Kubota and nobody did I spent over $27, 000 for a tractor that I thought I was getting good quality and sold properly to. I am not happy and I would like for somebody from Kubota to contact me my phone number is209 323 0413. I would really like a return phone call from Kubota about the situation thank you mr. Stine

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    One thing I did not state is I never should have been told to bring the tractor back up to them. They should have picked it up repaired it and brought it back to me when I told the gentleman my trailer was not usable at the time he told me I could come and get one of theirs. I understand that because there are Rent-A-Center and I'm not going to pay more than what I already had to do I don't feel I was properly taken care of or by Kubota for not contacting me back

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