Kindercareteaching the kids to fight while in daycare


It is terribly sad that these daycare centers hire these uneducated, thuggish, rude, abrasive, violent, and emotionally damaged women to staff their daycare classes. These women are from rough neighborhoods and they are probably victims of domestic violence and control-freak mothers. They bring their mixed up, screwed-up value systems to work with them at Kindercare in Mobile, Alabama. The center will give them the title of "Daycare Teacher" when they have no qualifications to teach anyone anything. They bring their own beliefs into the classroom with them. They learned in middle school (and probably even earlier) that if you get picked on, the best way to defend yourself is with violence. They learn to be bullies in order to protect themselves from all the other thugs at school. Then they bring these values to Kindercare and they teach their little students to use violence to defend themselves against their classmates. When the cameras are rolling, they'll see one kid hit another kid. They'll call the victim over to them and they whisper, "Go over there and hit him back." The kid will go over and smack the other kid in retaliation for being hit. The daycare workers see each other doing this and they don't say anthing about it. It's easier to fight Fire with Fire, as they say. An eye for an eye, as they say. This is so wrong.


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    GRCMA Friend Jul 02, 2012

    The problem with posting complaints like this is that the owners of the business will blame the complaint on a mad former employee. They call it slander and they will fire someone on their staff for allegedly posting this so-called lies. Please don't waste your time complaining on this site. It won't help the problem.

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