KinderCare Educationlack of respect and being lied to by directors of center

T Nov 29, 2017

When I first started at KinderCare I was hired to be a temporary cook in the kitchen and as soon as the other cook was to come back from maternity leave I was to go and be a floater.. I was also not told how much lifting I would have to do and when I started the job one of my first days in that first week was putting away a large shipment. I went and spoke to the director at the time and had expressed how my back could not handle away the shipment every week without some assistance. She assured me. Day that she would tried to get me some help in there but reminded me that that position was only temporary. In the next following weeks I did not get any assistance but once and then I found out that the cook had come back from her maternity leave and was made a teacher. I tried to speak to the director again about this problem and she boarded out to me that I knew that this job was not temporary that it was permanent and I reminded her that no she had told me that this was a temporary position and did I would go in as a floater teacher when the other cook came back and the other cook had come back and I was still in the kitchen. Of course I didn't found out that our director at the time was retiring and we were getting a new director from a nother KinderCare that have been closed and that the cook from that school was supposed to be coming in and taking over the kitchen so then the director decided to go ahead and put me in as a floater teacher. But when the new director from the other KinderCare came in with her cook that cooked did not want to be a cook anymore she wanted to be a teacher so I was talked into going back into the kitchen. I have expressed to the new director that I had a bad back that I never had any problems with my back with any job since I have broken it at age 18 and would like to continue not having any problems. She assured me then that she would get me help in the kitchen at least when the shipment came in on Tuesdays. I got very little help if any, I actually only got help once or twice and that was because of the wonderful assistant director will come in and try to help me occasionally. The new director actually seem to try to help me at first but then she grew very hateful and very resentful of my asking for help I expressed to her the pain I was in. Then I had an accident I was not allowed help one Tuesday and I was trying to put the stock away and I went to lift up a box and it was way too heavy for me and I dropped it. This cause my back extreme pain and agony I said something to the director and she said she was very busy. That week I did try to talk to her about it and ask her if she's going to write up an accident report but she didn't told me that it was too late to write up an accident report that she had to do it. Day of the accident or it would be questioned questioned. So I was told I could not have an accident report written up or anything done about it. I continue to ask for assistance on shipment days and continue to expressing how much pain I was in and I even ended up dropping a box for the second time. But I was continuously told I could not have assistance I was continuously expected to overwhelm myself and to deal with the pain. The pain grew worse Weed Everyday to the point that there were times I could not even walk out to my car barely and sitting down would cause me such extreme thing that I would scream.. I would go home every day holding on to anything I could walk into my home and crying. Just cause me so much stress and so much agony I started getting really depressed and my anxiety started up and I became very anxious and very emotionally distraught. I would have many crying spells not only at home but even in the kitchen at the KinderCare. I got to the point where I felt like the new director was no better than the last director before and no matter what I asked of her to resolve for me are needed to talk to her about, she was not available and was not acknowledging. I tried to several times the week I quit talk to her about issues and the pain that I was going through and how I could not continue in the kitchen. I understood that she was going through a lot with the assistant director who had just put in her notice because of the in consideration and lack of respect that she was also receiving and how miserable she was. But I did try to talk to her another times but found that she had left early or was not available to talk to me. The overwhelming situation became worse and worse and sadly I did not feel comfortable going to her and actually talking to her about it I felt like her door was not open. The the disrespect that I felt that I got and many others also received was very sad. The whole situation as I can you care was stressing me as it was. The kitchen was very nasty when I started there and I was fully trying to clean up each little spots that I can reach and had time to clean on when I could. But when I first started at that job the first director would not let me work past a certain time so I never had time to do a good throw cleaning like the kitchen needed. I was managing to clean some before I left the job with the new director but it was still very hard to get some things clean by myself I had asked for assistance in that but was told I couldn't get any at the time. I did not feel that this was as clean as it really should have been. But while I was there I did my best to try and straighten it out. I dearly miss all the children they really made my day and most of the time they helped me get through my pain hearing those children your name and come and run and give me hugs and tell me how much they enjoyed my cooking made me try to continue job. I know that I probably cannot file an injury report now because it has been almost about 6 months since I got hurt but I did want you to know that there are issues and the KinderCare in Golden Colorado. Because of the job as I Canna Care I am now suffering would my back where I never have before in the past. You in and out of bed everyday is a struggle and working a job on a daily basis is even more of a struggle. I hope that someone will check into that KinderCare and the treatment that's so many employees sometimes get. I also would hope that you would consider that sometimes the shipments that come into the KinderCare are very extremely heavy shipments when you have a huge box full of apples and you are to put that box on the Shelf you should not have to be lifting it by yourself. Getting paid only $10 an hour to work such a strenuous job sadly he was very good at but cost me a lot of pain is not worth it. $10 an hour it was a joke the director claimed when she hired me that I did not have to do as much as I did. And that I could not get more than $10 an hour because I did not have teachers experience. But working in the kitchen is not being a teacher and I have a lot of experience working in the kitchen. So I should have gotten more than $10 an hour and was told when I asked about it again that I could don't. And to be putting away the inventory by yourself should not be happening. There are plenty of times that there is so much heavy shipment that it should be taken care of by two people on that day. And there is no reason that a lack of respect like I received should ever happen and KinderCare ever again. And I hope you also make sure that the KinderCare there is now cleaner in the kitchen. I'm not sure if they ever finish cleaning up that Kitchen but I hope they did. Sorry I never had the courage before now to speak up. My emotional stress and frame of mind was took scared to before. Hope you will look into and improve this Kindercare. Thank you for listening.

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