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KinderCare Education Complaints & Reviews

Kindercare / director/supervisors treatment

shidalvn on Oct 10, 2017
I have had my children in the Kinder care in East Mesa Az, for almost a year now. However within the last 7 months things have changed drastically. I had my third baby and I put him in there when I went back to work. I noticed that I always had balances on my account. When I would inquire...

KinderCare Education / management

Mary4567 on Sep 13, 2017
The Director of Kindercare on Buford Highway is a sneaky woman. My child was not feeling well and the teachers informed me when I got there that they informed Katina. I received no phone call from her or her assistant. I think she treats her employees unfairly. It's not the first time she...

KinderCare Education / director and director assistant not reporting abuse

Juli Wright on Sep 6, 2017
On 8/9/2017 I reported Ms Ashley to my director Ms Denise Goetz and Ms Sarah assistant director she was physically abusing the children in our classroom Ms Sarah took notes down as I told her that Ms Ashely had pushed one child bybthe head and yelled for him to sit down he fell and started...

KinderCare Education / unacceptable behavior by center director

Erin Simms on Aug 29, 2017
On August 28th 2017 my child who attends Kinder Care on Parham rd in Henrico, VA was spit on by another child. I went to talk to the center director Alexander Petry about the incident. His response was unacceptable. He was more concerned with the way I reacted to my child being spit on...

KinderCare Education / negligence and overpopulated infant room

RebaCookson on Aug 26, 2017
I was notified by that my 3 month old son was scratched by an older child. I picked him up and found deep scratches all over the left side of his face. The story I was told was that it was a split second incident. However, the scratches look like perhaps my son was left unattended for a...

KinderCare Education / rebuttal suspension

Ms. Harrell on Aug 21, 2017
As an employee of 8 months with KinderCare, you must understand how much it pains me to write this letter today.However, I feel that I can remain silent no longer.I wish to file a grievance against my Center Director, Ms. Ashley Krueger with regards to my suspension on Friday, August 18...

Kindercare / child care/ employee professionalism

Bob32 on Jul 21, 2017
The reasons for my complaint have been ongoing since 06/2016, KinderCare staff have repeatedly refused to provide me with my children's information even though it is clearly their policy to do so upon request. Some of the staff blatantly display favoritism since my ex wife is the one who...

KinderCare Education / children not safe/ nor cared for how they should be

Cathy Sterling on Jul 1, 2017
Over child to teacher ratio every day shifting kids room to room every day instead of hiring sufficient amount of teachers they want more kids more money.rarely ever had enough food for what they were suppose to get in portion size.employees told to come to work even if sick even with dr...

KinderCare Education / my child been injured

Rita Gunns on Jun 18, 2017
My child was injured on Wednesday 14, 2017. His name is Carter 3yrs old and the KinderCare is located at 25005 Middlebelt Rd in Farmington Hills, MI. Someone need to be accounted for his injury. Carter broke his Metatarsal and is in a cass. I was told he was jumping on the cot and they...

KinderCare Education / lack of care for parents/kids/violence/lies

Ashley_B on May 23, 2017
I had my oldest go to the same Kindercare my noe youngest did attend. My oldest graduated on t Kindergarten. My youngest was doing good until she went to the present k room. There are not enough teachers per room per a certain amount of kids. Many wonderful people left. The turn over i...

KinderCare Education / Unprofessional, uncaring staff and terrible environment for developing minds

BlackIce1416 on Mar 27, 2017
My children attend Northside Kindercare in Madison WI. I've been sending my children there for almost a year and the services my children recieve are terrible anymore. In all honest, Teachers started out great, but as time has gone on, I've seen nothing, but degradation of attitude and...

KinderCare Education / Im here to inform and tell you how bad your product and service suck!!!

Patriots16 on Feb 22, 2017
Im Danny Lopez, I ve been using kinder care for the past 3 weeks my daughter just turned 1 years old, i have ran into a couple obstacles these past 2 weeks were my daughter has been has been coming home with cuts under nose, scratches on her head and face, couple days ago my daughter came...

KinderCare Education / Sons health condition / his milk

Maliac on Feb 21, 2017
My Son Attends Kindercare on N Fry Rd, My son has milk that is prescribed to him by the doctor because of his Medical conditions I am a high school student that plays sports I bring my son Six bottles a day which is way more than he drinks I pick him up at 4:35 after practice and hi...

Kindercare / Poor treatment of the children

openbook on Feb 20, 2017
These incidents occurred between Feb 9 - Feb 13 2017. Although I contacted head office they didn't care to look into the matter further. I worked at Kindercare for about a week and in that short time I saw children pulled by the shirt, shoulders squeezed, the director intimidating, shaming...

Kindercare / Service at kindercare

Ishi Patel-Somani on Feb 16, 2017
Recently I went to a kinder care to entropy my 15 month old son. While I filled out th forms my son and MIL waited in my son's classroom. When I returned to the room to pick them up I noticed my son was chewing crayon ball. He had crayon inside his mouth. I asked the teacher if I can...

Kindercare / Alex graeve saul, supervisor, northgate kindercare, seattle wa

Rodney Dupille on Jan 13, 2017
Kindercare Cooperate: Here is a forwarded message from myself to my attorney, Barbara Jo Sylvester, Tacoma, WA: Rod D. 3:18 PM (1 hour ago) to Barbara, Alexandra, All18Pars72, Jennifer, Katie Barbara Jo, Today, my sister and I were in N. Seattle. I emailed Katie several days ago...

Kindercare / Management/supervisor

KiaLove on Dec 15, 2016
I am writing on behalf of a family member that has been a faithful employee of your company for over ten years now. For her employment safety-I will not list her name. Recently she has learned that she is expecting a new addition to our family in a few short months. However, she afraid for...

Kindercare / Employment

Drummer33 on Sep 14, 2016
I am a former employee of kindercare and I had an awful experience. After only a week my hours had already been cut without my knowledge and approval after being promised at enployment a full time position of 8 hours a day. The only change in time I was told about was me having to work...

Kindercare / Communication/knowledge of policy

Psquared on Aug 17, 2016
I have two daughter's that go to this facility. We have all heard the stories about the reputation of Kindercare corporation as a whole, but I swept that under the rug because this particular one seemed very clean and the staff appeared to care for children as if they were their own. And...

Kindercare / Daycare

BriL on Aug 15, 2016
My husband is in the Air Force and after being recently deployed I decided to move in with my parents in Ashburn, VA with my two and a half year old son. Up until this point we had been using the daycare on base, which we loved, but living in Ashburn was too far to make the commute every...

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