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KinderCare Education Customer Service

79 Reviews

KinderCare Education LLC

650 Holladay Street, Suite 1400
United States - 97232

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KinderCare Education Complaints & Reviews

Denver Kinder Care / unprofessional assistant director

Gaby Jimenez on Oct 10, 2018

I'm very disappointed, angry and upset, how this assitant director is so unprofessional, today when i went in to sign a paper and grab my last pay card and my cds along they also put pictures on there and i refused to take the pictures with me so instead i thre them away in the lobby trash...

KinderCare Education / unsafe workplace environment

Ms.Teacher on Sep 25, 2018

I worked at Ledgeview KinderCare for about one month. During my time there, the director was very unprofessional. She often gossips with employees about other employees and about families. She also swears very often, and sometimes in front of the children. She also made many sexual joke...

KinderCare Education / workmans comp employee

Lynn0203 on Sep 21, 2018

During the last 4 months 2 employees in your corporate office have been having a sexual affair. One named Christine Moore in the workmans comp department. She does not positively represent KinderCare, but gives the company a bad name by her behaviors about the hidden sexual relationship...

Kindercare Torbett / lack of care and supervision

sinnthia on Sep 17, 2018

After a very brief tour and meeting one teacher (My daughter 2 years old) she started attending KinderCare in June 2018. The first day she started I packed her with a sleeve of diapers roughly 70 . after 5 days of her going they "used all the diapers and need more" which seemed oddly...

KinderCare Education / silver lakes kindercare, pembroke pines fl

ENJ on Aug 28, 2018

I am writing this complaint in hopes of resolving an incident that happened at my child's daycare. Her regular teacher is phenomenal, but she was out sick last Friday. When I picked up my two year old daughter she had not one, not two, but three marks on her face. One under her right eye...

KinderCare Education / Management does not care about employees or children

Ms.RR on Aug 3, 2018

I've been working at KinderCare for about 3 months and all I can say is PLEASE DO NOT WORK HERE OR PUT YOUR CHILDREN HERE. KinderCare in Herndon, VA on Locus st is VERY unprofessional. The director there Sam Jirdly is very rude disrespectful and threatens you like he owns KinderCare. I...

[Resolved] KinderCare Education / they doesn’t care about the safety, looking for help about behavior. office management fail.

Ms. Vazquez on May 30, 2018

When I decided to transfer my grandson to Kindercare, I did because I used to worked there. At that moment the Director was fine and help me about my grandson. He start in the 3 yrs old class. No issues. But They changed teacher like crazy in that classroom. When He start in VPK everything...

KinderCare Education / kindercare management and safely for children

Fmtershak16 on May 21, 2018

I've been with this company for 3-4 years. The longer I have stayed the more I've seen. This company is very unprofessional, dirty, cuts corners, unsafe, and not consistent with managers or employees. There is more turn around with management than regular staff. The company...

KinderCare Education / abusive teacher

michelle smith on May 15, 2018

Hello I am not sure if this is the right department I should be writing to however I have a concern. many years ago maybe like 5 my sister had a child enrolled at kinder care learning center in corpus Christi texas on everhart rd. Her child was there for maybe a year or so in the proce...

KinderCare Education / director unprofessional behavior towards pregnant teacher

Nonbully on Feb 9, 2018

Im reporting on the unprofessional behavior by the center director. Im a fellow employee and i havr watched the director leslita reed treat a toddler teacher who is pregnant very unfairly yet she gives others more lead way. The teacher is a hard worker she comes to work everyday very...

KinderCare Education / the company does not seem to care about the safety of students nor employees

Esoreiram on Jan 5, 2018

All of the KinderCare's in Michigan seem to have this rule that they are not allowed to close the centers no matter what. I find this to be troubling considering the fact that, here in Michigan, we have been having extreme below zero temperatures where everyone is advised to stay home, and...

KinderCare Education / unprofessionalism

adivam on Dec 6, 2017

The Fox Valley KinderCare in Aurora ran by Ms. Ashley is very unprofessional. I have a child that attends this daycare and I am aware of the rules and regulations and know that they are not being followed. Finding which classroom your child is in at the end of the day can be a challenge a...

KinderCare Education / lack of respect and being lied to by directors of center

Tam49 on Nov 29, 2017

When I first started at KinderCare I was hired to be a temporary cook in the kitchen and as soon as the other cook was to come back from maternity leave I was to go and be a floater.. I was also not told how much lifting I would have to do and when I started the job one of my first days in...

Kindercare / director/supervisors treatment

shidalvn on Oct 10, 2017

I have had my children in the Kinder care in East Mesa Az, for almost a year now. However within the last 7 months things have changed drastically. I had my third baby and I put him in there when I went back to work. I noticed that I always had balances on my account. When I would inquire...

KinderCare Education / management

Mary4567 on Sep 13, 2017

The Director of Kindercare on Buford Highway is a sneaky woman. My child was not feeling well and the teachers informed me when I got there that they informed Katina. I received no phone call from her or her assistant. I think she treats her employees unfairly. It's not the first time she...

[Resolved] KinderCare Education / director and director assistant not reporting abuse

Juli Wright on Sep 6, 2017

On 8/9/2017 I reported Ms Ashley to my director Ms Denise Goetz and Ms Sarah assistant director she was physically abusing the children in our classroom Ms Sarah took notes down as I told her that Ms Ashely had pushed one child bybthe head and yelled for him to sit down he fell and started...

KinderCare Education / unacceptable behavior by center director

Erin Simms on Aug 29, 2017

On August 28th 2017 my child who attends Kinder Care on Parham rd in Henrico, VA was spit on by another child. I went to talk to the center director Alexander Petry about the incident. His response was unacceptable. He was more concerned with the way I reacted to my child being spit on...

KinderCare Education / negligence and overpopulated infant room

RebaCookson on Aug 26, 2017

I was notified by that my 3 month old son was scratched by an older child. I picked him up and found deep scratches all over the left side of his face. The story I was told was that it was a split second incident. However, the scratches look like perhaps my son was left unattended for a...

KinderCare Education / rebuttal suspension

Ms. Harrell on Aug 21, 2017

As an employee of 8 months with KinderCare, you must understand how much it pains me to write this letter today.However, I feel that I can remain silent no longer.I wish to file a grievance against my Center Director, Ms. Ashley Krueger with regards to my suspension on Friday, August 18...

Kindercare / child care/ employee professionalism

Bob32 on Jul 21, 2017

The reasons for my complaint have been ongoing since 06/2016, KinderCare staff have repeatedly refused to provide me with my children's information even though it is clearly their policy to do so upon request. Some of the staff blatantly display favoritism since my ex wife is the one who...