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I retained KEL attorneys in June 2014 on a family law matter, they charged me $4, 000 and informed me they where very successful. They took advantage of my emotions desperation and helplessness. After countless emails and phone call and never responding, They passed my case around from one attorney after another, with little to no information on who is handling my case. And charging me for the consultation every time. I was given a mediation date after countless complaints. They send me an attorney that I never met and had no family law experiences and caused my case. the Head paralegal was very trashy and had no clue about customer services or family law. they asked for more money and I ask why? they never did any work from the 1st $4, 000 I gave them and at the last minute, they withdrew from my case. now I have to look for another attorney to help me. the money I gave them was an investment I had for my daughter's future. and now I have nothing and have to start all over. I hope no one choose this firm. they will not go to work, they take your money and run.

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